5x Legacy Crystals!

07 May 2018 (20:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #4

07 May 2018 (20:32) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #3

04 May 2018 (19:50) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #2

04 May 2018 (01:22) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scrolls Discovered

03 May 2018 (03:38) by Gamemaster Knighter

5 Lore Scrolls have already been discovered, one will be released each day for the next 5 days forward, but many are yet to be found, will you be the one to find them in the future on the Forgotten Islands?

May House Contest!

02 May 2018 (03:36) by Gamemaster Knighter

For the month and may, we will have one large house contest. We will be selecting 10 Houses to win 1000 free Archlight Coins, and also a House Contest Winner Blade in Stone (Can be used as Deco to show you have won the house decoration contest)! That's 200 Euros of Points!

You do not need to submit your houses for this contest! CM's + Council will go around town at the last day and pick 30~ houses, from there, staff will all have a chance to vote, with Knighter having the final say. Please note, it's not about what's inside or the items worth, but the decoration of the house itself! Clever themes and ideas are always taken highly into account!

Houses must be finished decorating by Saturday May 12th!

Winners will be chosen on Monday May 14th posted on our website!

Get to decorating and goodluck!

Patch 12.2.1

01 May 2018 (20:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Bug Fix Patch 12.2.1

Our new <70mb client tests have gone well, meaning future client builds will now be <33% the size of our old client builds! This is very exciting especially for those with slower internets moving forward :)
Sharptooth Final Quest Box Fixed
Dozens of minor map bugs reported have been fixed
You can now right click on an NPC to begin a conversation with him instead of saying "hi"
Necromancers can now use Lifeleech Enchantment T1/T2 on their staves
You can now use Auto Loot when you are in a party, each time a creature dies, the corpse will roll for all party members and the loot will be given to a random member.
Feat Reset Token now available from Arch Store (Will reset all of your feat points to be allocated in new feats)
Enchantment Box now available from Arch Store (Randomly contains 1 Tier 1 Enchantment)
Power Rating (225) has been added to all the new custom trinkets (Hunter's, Stoneskin, etc)

Content Timeline!

29 April 2018 (02:06) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hey guys! So I thought i'd take a minute to update you guys on currently what our team is working on, and our planned flow of upcoming content!

So the past few days our team has really been focusing on overall bug fixes, quality of life improvements and adding depth to current existing systems. This is our primary focus for the next at least week. However, of course, our mappers are hard at work developing new content, as well as our animators! Below is a bit of insight into our upcoming plans and releases, so you can see what we're currently working on and what's coming soon! 

These are in order of our planned release order :) (We no longer include dates unless we are 99% certain on them, as if we miss a projected date, or add more to a specific patch and delay by a day, people Reee)
Everything below is 100% subject to change..

1. Bug Fix Patch - Monday - This will include fixing the sharptooth quest, fixing dozens of minor map bugs reported, adding a Feat Reset Token, and adding Power Rating to the new Trinkets.

2. Client Functionality Improvement + Content Patch - 3 New Solo Dungeons Added, 5 New Ritual Lords Added. Solo dungeons will now randomly give you you a dungeon when you queue, Another World Boss Added to Forgotten Islands (The Weaponmaster), 2 Tiers of new weapons added to Forgotten Islands (Dropped by the Weaponmaster). Bracers released for 2h Weapon Users.

3. Content Patch - Forgotten Island 4 released.

4. Content Patch - Castle Sieges and Node Wars released. Lumberjacking and Woodworking released (Forgotten Islands Only Professions - Used to create siege weapons and defense structures) 3 MORE new solo dungeons added, 6 new greater dungeons added, 3rd Forgotten Islands World Boss released.