Mini-Patch 14.0.5

01 September 2018 (20:22) by Tussia Thor

Patch Notes

Monster Essences
Enabled Party Mode (A random party member will receive the essence)
It's now possible to absorb essences from surrounding tiles
Archlight Token essences will no longer appear for creatures that yield low experience
Improved visibility and responsiveness

Regeneration System
Fixed an issue where certain regenerative abilities never appeared (i.e. Evocation)

Accessory Bonuses
Fixed inconsistencies with how bonuses applied to your character (i.e. Losing health, mana, skills or even power)
Re-activate Aura bonuses the next time you login

Unable to use beds if you aren't the house owner (This does NOT apply to Guild Halls)

Chat Channels
Renamed Advertising to Trade
Added a new channel called Looking for Group

Login Bonuses
Fixed an issue where players lost their progress whenever the day changed and they hadn't logged out for a while

Fixed an issue where some trees never got restored

Wild Bosses
Fixed improper Yeti & Sand Dusk Scarab teleport locations

Guild XP Contribution
Properly apply contribution XP for trading in your items to Lorial (NPC)

Learn Spells
FIxed an issue where promoted vocations were unable to learn spells (i.e. Lich Form Abomination)

Properly apply buffs granted by your equipment (i.e. Monster Essence FindEnergy Reduction et cetera)
Removed the ability to polish Goldencrafted Shields

Siege Wars Prizepool Doubled!

31 August 2018 (23:53) by Gamemaster Ninja

Further Guild Siege Changes
After alot of discussion with many players, staff, and testers, we are making some additional changes to Guild Sieges (More may come as well after tomorrows first siege!)
We have doubled the prize pool to $2500USD/week (Total $10,000USD/month) in rewards.

All participants in a Guild Siege will now split the siege token rewards, instead of all going to the Guild Leader (Who then would be expected to split the rewards themselves). Any excess Tokens that dont split evenly (Example; 8 members, 50 Siege Tokens, each get 6 tokens, the additional 2 would go to the Guild Leader, he/she can then decide who those go to based on contribution). 

Each Participant in a Guild Siege will now receive 250 Honor Points, as well as 2 Siege Tokens just for participating.

Players will receive 1 small bomb in their inventory every 15 seconds once the event begins.
Players will receive 1 small wooden wall in their inventory every 30 seconds once the event begins.
Players will receive 1 arbalest in their inventory every 120 seconds once the event begins.
These free inventory items will only apply for the first 2 guild sieges.

Please Note: MC'ing in this event will be strictly monitored and punished, idle characters will be removed from the event and if reason to be, punished as well.

August House Contest Winners!

30 August 2018 (19:07) by Gamemaster Ninja

August House Contest Winners!
Congratulations to the following 10 House Contest Winners for the Month of August!
We will be doing another House Contest giving away another 10,000 Archlight Coins & 10 House Contest Swords in September!

Orb Auras!

25 August 2018 (00:00) by Gamemaster Ninja

New Orb Aura's Released in Patch 14.0.4 (Tomorrow)

These Auras will currently be available until September 8th.

Patch 14.0.4

23 August 2018 (02:36) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 14.0.4 - Coming Saturday August 25th
Archlight Siege Wars Released & Changes & Prizes

Archlight (Guild) Siege Wars will open in this Patch. Guilds will have 24 hours to bid to obtain a spot in the Siege War. The first Siege War will occur on September 1st. 
Every week, up to 6 guilds will be able to win their share of up to 1050 Euros in In-Game Rewards from Siege Tokens! 
We have increased the spending power of Siege Tokens, where siege tokens will be able to be used for Packs of 5 Archlight Keys (1 Token), Legendary Keys (2 Tokens), Random Enchantment Boxes (5 Tokens), Various Regrade Keys, and more to come in the future (Siege Specific Cosmetics, Outfits, Mounts and Aura's). 
Minimum Guild average power required lowered to 2000, minimum combined power 20000.

After several full run-throughs, including bug fixes, rebalances, and more, we have reworked guild sieges in dozens and dozens of ways... too many to list. We have fixed dozens of bugs as well. This is a massive event, with many many moving parts. We are working hard, as we do with anything new and ambitious we attempt (like an event this size) and if there are further issues/imbalances, we will of course address them.
Keep in mind. Bombs and Structures are your friend in this event. They're meant to be strong, they're meant to give weak players the ability to contribute just as much in construction and sieging as a strong player. 

We have re-posted how Siege Wars work, in the post right below this for the Thousand+ new players we have this Expansion!

ArchCasino Opened!

Welcome to the Archlight Casino, Sharptooth himself will be your host. The ArchCasino will be accessible anywhere in the Archlight World, simply from your client UI. Clicking the Casino Icon will enter you into the Casino Hub, where you will be greeted by Sharptooth and be able to pick from any of our Casino Games. Currently we only have 2, Blackjack and Roulette, however we will be adding 4 more games within the very near future including Dice Rolling Games and more.
You are able to gamble with two different in-game currencies, Archlight Tokens and Gold. 

Refactored Boss Damage Maps
Our damage map for bosses (world bosses, quest bosses, dungeon bosses, etc) has been completely re-done, this will help with issues of where players would randomly not get credit for contributing to a boss (generally healers who did very little damage).

UI Revamps & Improvements

Awakening Stats Max Increased
We have increased the capacity of awakening stats from 50 to 75. This is because as we increase the amount of tiers of content, and the longevity of awakening, the capp has to also be increased (so these stat points arn't irrelevant as players progress).

World Boss Changes
Players will now be able to obtain multiple world boss bags based on their contribution to the World Boss Spawning. What this means is, for every sacrificial item you turn in during a world boss raid, it will give you a chance to receive an additional bag. Without getting too technical, the more sacrificial items you turn in, the more bags you can earn, after turning in enough sacrificial items, you will be guaranteed an additional bag assuming you help kill the world boss. You can earn several additional bags and a chance at more based on your contribution to the World Boss Raid.

Multiple Revamped Spawns!
To keep up with our much larger and growing player base this Era, many well known old spawns have been revampped & expanded! Including the following: 
Sand Dusk Scarabs, Ogres, Yeti's, Ancient Dragons and Ancient Tortoises & Ancient Blood Crabs (This will be added as a 1500+ spawn now, and will not be force-spawn (non-botable). These creatures will have a slightly better HP/EXP and HP/Loot ratio than many botable creatures.

More revamps and expansions will come ;)

Test of Strength Added Back & Changes
Test of Strength NPC Added to Monster Spawn room
Test of Strength will now give you a random task based on your total power rating (this is the highest power your character has had - to ensure people do not abuse this system). 

Completing a Test of Strength will reward you with 3 stat points for any stat between 0-40, 2 stats for any stat between 40-80, and 1 stat point for any stat between 80-120. Currently, you cannot use one of these stats for a stat over 120.

You are able to spend 25k * your total base stat points (Not including Awakening Points, Boosted Stat Points - Food, Furniture Buffs, Etc) to reset the 23hr Test of Strength Cooldown Timer instantly. 

Monster Essence Buffs & Improvements
Archlight Token Essence added to Monster Essences
Item Essences now will give you a chance to receive a loot item from the creature the essence dropped from, if you collect all bounces of the essence. You are not garanteed an item from their loot table (in addition to the other items you usually get), but it will increase the chance of any item from it's loot table by 10%.
Awakening Experience Essences now give roughly 75 creature kills worth of experience.
Gold Essence buffed by 50%
Archlight Token Essence Added - Vexclaws give 3-4 AT's from an AT Essence, stronger creatures will yield more AT's (like all essences, it's based off the experience of the creature).

Experience Removed from Dungeon Bosses, World Bosses, Quest Bosses
This is to prevent the massive potential exp/gold you could get from a rare RNG essence from one of these (as it's not split within a group, etc). We have simply removed experience from these bosses as they're their for the quest, dungeon, world boss rewards, not their individual expereince.

Sliced Fish
The fish turn-in NPC will now allow you to turn in fish for Sliced Fish, at a rate of 1 sliced fish per 5oz of turned in fish. This will round down to the nearest 5oz when turning in. 
Sliced Fish will replace the rare specific fish needed for cooking recipes, making cooking fish recipes much easier and less specific.

Arena Scaling (Bosses had more attack & health than intended).
Enrage Scaling (Bosses dealt less damage after enrage).
Cooking Enhancement (Resulted into abnormal boost durations).
Addon NPC (Correct Comb ID).
Events (Some players were not able to join events).
Regeneration (Some secondary heals never went through).
Magic Fields (Don't allow players to push other players onto fields that deal damage).
Fishing (No longer possible to fish on non-water objects).
Companions (A few companions were unsummonable).
Soul Items (Experience didn't carry over to the new level).
Special Effects (Labelled as Miscellaneous from now on).
Kraken (Increased the number of tentacles to 8 [from 6], and locations where they can appear to prevent players from not taking any damage during the raid).
Dungeons (Added a confirmation window to exit teleports).
Death Protection (Release active DOT's so you cant die after "dying").
Fixed an issue with the arena(s) where it sometimes could start multiple rounds simultaneously.
Fixed T3 Clear State Enchantment
Fixed an issue with the duo arena where your partner could enter an infinite number of times

Misc Improvements / Changes
Bed Sheets (Return current bed sheet(s) to the player upon leaving/losing a house).
Ability to wrap/unwrap furnitures.
Bank NPC now can store/deposit/withdraw your Archlight Tokens.
Ability to deposit/transfer/withdraw Gold/Archlight Token from within the client.
Ability to purchase online boost through a client UI icon instead of having to run to the temple.
Leaderboard (A new category called Cosmetics where you can see which players has the most outfits, mounts, wings, auras & companions).
Walkthrough (Protected players will be able to walkthrough non-protected players from now on)
Sand Dusk Scarabs Gold Drop increased by 25%
Absorbed Gold & AT from essences will be deposited to your bank from now on.

Client Improvements
Ability to wrap/unwrap furnitures.
Ability to purchase online boosts by double-clicking on the **Boost Points** text.
Display Gold/Archlight Token Balance in Player Information Panel.
Ability to deposit/transfer/withdraw Gold/Archlight Token by double-clicking on the icons in the **Player Information** Window.
Minor Creature Box Fixes (Stretched out images).
You cannot use MC's in a Siege War like any other event. If you are caught, you will be banned.
Additionally, you cannot use a second guild to also enter the Siege War, or even just to "Tie up" a bidding slot. IE using a second guild to try to take up a siege spot or increase average build price. Use common sense here if you dont know all the examples we are referring to.

ArchBot Improvements
targeting will now switch to a different target once the previous one runs out of set range
targeting will now attempt to attack the closest target when the player is surrounded

Siege Wars

23 August 2018 (02:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Siege Wars
Siege Wars is a new, weekly event coming to Archlight. Each Sunday, Guilds have 24 hours to bid to enter the Siege War, the top 6 highest bidding guilds will receive a position in the Siege. Once the bid has closed at midnight PST, guilds will have 5 days to prepare for the Siege. A bidding guild must have a minimum average power of 4000 and combined power of 40000. 

Siege Wars will take place on a 6 guild war sized map, with 13 Captures points, 4 Graveyards, 4 Small Creature Camps, 2 Large Creature Camps and what many different Viewpoints and Changing World Styles.

Each Guild will have 60 seconds to build their defense for their Capture Point, after which time the event will begin.

Guilds receive 10 Capture Points every 30 seconds that they control a point, increasing for each Capture Point they control. To take over a Capture Point from another guild - players must attack, and/or use siege weapons to destroy the holding statue, by destroying it, theirs will replace it and can now be defended to earn the guild Control Points.

Guilds will receive their share of 150 Siege Tokens based on their placement in the Siege Wars.
1st Place - 50 Siege Tokens
2nd Place - 30 Siege Tokens
3rd Place - 25 Siege Tokens
4th Place - 20 Siege Tokens
5th Place - 15 Siege Tokens
6th Place - 10 Siege Tokens

Siege Tokens can be spent at a shop containing the rarest of rares on Archlight - Including Regrade Keys, Enchantment Scrolls, Legendary Archlight Keys, Awakening Stones and more.

Date & Time: Guild Sieges will take place at 1:00pm PST / 4:00pm EST / 22:00 CEST every Saturday.

Guild Castle Sieges soon to come as well ;) 

A list of all siege weapons and defensive structures can be viewed below.

Siege Structures & Weapons
Over a dozen Siege Structures & Weapons have been added into Archlight. Full list of Siege Structures and there purposes shown below (These can only be used in Siege Events).

Siege Defenses/Structures
Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a small amount of health.

Sturdy Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a moderate amount of health.
Reinforced Wooden Fence - Constructs a fence with a large amount of health.

Caltrops - Caltrops are invisible to opposing guilds - When stepped on, deals 20% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.

Spike Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals 50% of max health / mana (whichever is higher) damage to the target.
Fire Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, deals damage to all players in the area for 10% of their max health / mana (whichever is higher) for 5 seconds.
Ice Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, slows all targets in area for 5 seconds by 50%.

Binding Trap - Traps are invisible to opposing guilds - When triggered, binds a target in place for 5 seconds.

Siege Weapons

Ballista - Once placed, this will attack random enemies until it is destroyed.
Catapult - Once placed, the catapult can be used by any player or guild to throw a boulder with a 3 second Hit Box Warning, dealing massive damage to that location.
Battering Ram - Once placed, will deal damage to the tile infront of it for 30 seconds.
Explosive Keg - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a large amount of damage to tiles around it.
Explosive Barrel - Once placed, counts down from 5 seconds then explodes, dealing a massive amount of damage to tiles around it.

Misc Structure

Capture Statue - This is placed with your guilds color to show possession of a Capture Point. By destroying a Capture Statue, you gain control of it and replace it with your Statue automatically. This is now your capture point to defend.

ArchLauncher Improvements

16 August 2018 (03:33) by Gamemaster Ninja

We have made big strides further improving our ArchLauncher, a new version has been released on the website, simply uninstall your old one and install the new one (in the near future, we will also be giving away free points and codes via our launcher :)

Improvements to New Launcher
-Changed default installation directory to Local App Data folder for preventing administrator right issues (where hitting play after updating would not do anything, and other issues)
-Fixed problems with client not opening/working due to wrong read/write/administrator permissions
-Faster unzipping of new client downloads

Quick Poll!

14 August 2018 (23:33) by Gamemaster Ninja

Another quick poll to get some additional feedback for our dev team! -