First Ban Wave

30 September 2018 (22:25) by Gamemaster Ninja

We just put through our first full "Ban Wave". 64 Accounts have been permanently banned from Archlight for Buying or Selling in-game items / points for Real life money, or any currency off of Archlight. These were all tracked through logs over the past couple weeks, many times we will catch players real time, but now we have the ability to look back and catch people retroactively as well. Roughly 50 of these accounts were from the same player, attempting to split the items over many accounts, unfortunately for them it's easy for us to track this now.

Over $2000 of value of points as well as MANY items were seized on these accounts. Please understand, generally what these scammers will do is donate when they find a buyer, and offer to either sell the points cheaper, or buy items and sell them with the points, ultimately knowing that when the Era ends, they keep that money, and get ALL of their points back that they donated for. This is why we STRICTLY PROHIBIT buying/selling of items/points for real life items. It's very sad the lengths some will do to scam a few less educated people. 

Heaven & Hell Limited Editions

29 September 2018 (20:51) by Gamemaster Ninja

Heaven & Hell Limited Edition Outfits

From now, until all limited edition outfits run out, players will receive Faith Tokens, instead of Cosmetic Tokens, which can be used to purchase any of 2 Limited Editions outfits (as well as Male or Female). Each outfit is 2 Faith Tokens.

For those who dont know how limited editions work, after purchase, these limited editions are stored on your MyAccount Panel, forever, and will be given back to you in the event of any future new era's. 

Each outfit is only available for the first 20 people to purchase them, at which time they will never be available again.

Both outfits will passively reward the player with;
+50% Artifact Experience Earned (From any source that provides Artifact Experience) (Applies for both Factions)
+1.5% Hp/MP
+5 Skill Value

Additional Patch 14.1.0 Notes

27 September 2018 (01:13) by Gamemaster Ninja

Additional Patch 14.1.0 Notes 

2 New Ingame Obtained Mounts
These mounts have additional movement frames as well making their movement extra smooth ;)

Forgotten Widow

Forgotten Widow is obtained by having 5000 or more Forgotten Islands Reputation.

Siege Stegatortoise

Siege Turtle is obtained by having obtained 50 or more Siege Tokens from Siege Events. (This will start tracking from this patch forward).

Accelerating Respawn Timers
Respawn rates of all spawns on Archlight will now accelerate based on the amount of players online. The more players online, the faster creatures will respawn.

Buff Essences removed from Monster Essences.
These didn't feel they had a proper place on Archlight, and thus you will have a higher chance at Gold, Experience, AT or Loot essences.

T5 Quest Boxes
As previously mentioned, T5 quest boxes will now drop Relic Stones, but also, the chances of receiving Awakened Stones has doubled.


Fixed a Bug with Archer Soul Rune providing more attack speed than it should.
Fixed issues with backpack location and the perks from your backpacks.
Exiva removed from Guild Sieges.
Levitate removed from Arena.

Upgrade Stones have been added to Token Seller for 5 Archlight Tokens

Below is a teaser of what each artifact does, for your class, to help you decide which Artifact you would like to focus on. Reminder, you are able to obtain both artifacts, and level both to max, however, they are leveled by completing content (missions, quests) for the respective faction. All Artifact Spell Enhancements scale by 10% per level of the Artifact up to level 15.

Strong Flurry Of Punches - Slows the target for 3 seconds.
Heaven; Absorb Spirit - Increases the potency of all absorption benefits.

Vortex Breath - Deals a second amount of damage to all targets hit after 1 second.
Heaven; Strong Evocation - Increases damage dealt by user for 10 seconds.

Quad Shot - Slows the target for 2 seconds.
Heaven; Aim - Increases users movement speed for 3 seconds.

Cannon Barrage - Increases the frequency of waves.
Heaven; Bottle of Rum - Increases the corsairs overall damage dealth for 10 seconds.

Merlkin Form - Restores mana every second for 15 seconds.
Heaven; Frost Grenade - Slows targets hit for 3 seconds.

Bard Wave - Applies a Damage over time to all targets hit.
Heaven; Regeneration Hymm - Increases the damage of the player healed for 5. seconds. 

Sunfire Missile - Bounces to an additional target (a third if it's awakened).
Heaven; Raise Shield - Heals the user every 1 second for 5 seconds.

Shadowfang - Increases the users attack speed for 5 seconds.
Heaven; Shadow Clone - When the clone disapears, it heals the user.

Strong Spinning Blade - Spins an additional time (a third time if its awakened).
Heaven; Wound Cleansing - Heals the user an additional amount after 1 second.

Reapers Touch - When cast, casts a weaker underling at the same time on the target.
Heaven; Healing Ritual - Heals the user every second for several seconds.

Patch 14.1.0

18 September 2018 (23:45) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 14.1.0
September 29th

Heaven & Hell Content Released

Heaven and Hell is without a doubt the largest content drop we have ever done... Consisting of over 10 Unique Missions, 2 Gladiator Arena's, 6 Bosses - Including the Archangel and Bialzhar, Artifacts (New Slot Type), 40 New Creatures to battle and a massive new world to explore while you navigate through a story of war between Heaven & Hell. 
Requires Completion of Misty Mountains Quest


When Heaven & Hell releases, players will be able to obtain two different Artifacts, each being obtained after completing a small amount of introductory progress in their chosen Artifacts Quest Line. Artifacts can be equipped in your Character UI Panel Artifact Slot (Beside the Trinket Slot). Artifacts will enhance one of your vocation specific spells, based on the Artifact Equipped (Each Artifact enhancing a different spell). This Artifact can be leveled from 1-15, increasing it's effectiveness for each level it has. 

The Heaven Artifact can be leveled by slaying Demons, as well as completing the Heaven Quest & Mission Chain.

The Hell Artifact can be leveled by slaying Angels, as well as completing the Hell Quest & Mission Chain.

You can complete both Artifacts and Quest Chains. 

World Raid Bosses Rewards Enhanced
The Kraken, Sarandiel, and The Forgemaster will all now give a Kraken, Sarandiel and Forgemaster Shard to all contributors that help in the Raid, not only to the top contributor. Multiples of these shards will be able to be turned in for their respective items (Kraken Set Pieces, Sarandiel Pet, Forgemaster Weapons). 
Because of this new system, we will be HEAVILY monitoring all world boss raids, database side and in-game. If you are caught MC'ing a world boss, like other content, you will be banned.
We feel this system will further reward all contributors of the World Boss Raids, not only the top contributor.
We will also be further reworking the probability chance to the top contributors at receiving a loot list item from the respective bosses. We are still working on a best solution for this, we will likely have that solution posted here before the patch, if not, that will come in a future patch.

Azmar Sands Island & Forgemaster World Raid Released

Azmar Sands will now be available to travel to, in which players will find new challenges, including 25 new creatures, a new World Raid Boss (The Forgemaster), a new end-game weapon set, as well as various tasks which will return the user with Extra Forgotten Gold for spending instead of Forgotten Reputation.
We have added multiple new available purchasables at the Forgotten Gold Trader for end-game focused players.
Forgemaster Weapon Set Released

Forged by an expert, a master of crafting weapons out of the densist ores on Archlight. The Forgemaster has been discovered on Azmar Sands, slaying him will offer killers the chance to obtain a rare Forgemaster Weapon.

New Misty Mountains Quest
Completing the Misty Mountains Quest unlocks access to the Heaven & Hell Content
Misty Mountains can be accessed by Captain Highsails but requires having 1750 Exploration Reputation (Forgotten Island Reputation).

Forgotten Islands Changes
Added additional information when greeting to Bounty Hunter NPC. 
Amount of kills required for the following tasks has been lowered - Pirate Captains to 25, Bloody Carniphilia's to 80.
Forgotten Gold Turnin Reputation Rewarded Increased from 5 > 10 per 50 Forgotten Gold Turned In.
Completing Awakened Hideout Quest will now also give you 25 Exploration Reputation, as well, Awakened Sharptooth Quest will give you 40.
Required Reputation to access the following places has been lowered;
Myrefall - 1000 > 500
Blackridge - 100 > 50
Rumrunner Bay - 1000 > 500
Treasure Cove - 2000 > 1500
Azmar Sands - 5000 > 2500
Awakened Hideout - 1750 > 750
Awakened Sharptooth - 3500 > 1250

We will likely be adding special perks to having higher amount of forgotten island reputation, rewarding those with a surplus of reputation, while still streamlining the gameflow of forgotten islands.

Rift Changes
2 New Power Tiers have been added for all Rifts. 
New Power Tiers:
Power 0-3000
Power 3000-5500
Power 5500-7500
Power 7500-9500
Power 9500-10500
Power 10500+

Quest Box Changes
Tier 5 Quest Boxes now have a chance to drop Relic Stones.

Dungeon Box Changes
We are also looking at reworking the Exp Scaling for higher tier players, as well as the creature dificulty. 
Ancient Stat Stones now drop in T25+ Dungeon Boxes (Increasing drop chance in higher Tier boxes)
Dungeon Set Pieces will no longer drop from High Tier Dungeon Boxes.
2 Stat Companions have been added to T35+ Dungeon Boxes (Rare).

Guild Siege Changes
Power Balances Added to Guild Sieges, as well as other events. More Information about this to come before Patch 14.1.0.

Siege Trolls added to Siege Event

These trolls will spawn in 5 Locations on the map, 2 Troll Bosses will spawn on the North and South End of the Siege Map, as well 3 Minor Trolls will spawn in the center area's of the map. Minor Trolls will give reward the killing guild +5% Health/Mana or Damage, or +10% Movement Speed for 2 minutes. These trolls will respawn after 2 minutes. Troll Bosses will have a 5 minute respawn timer, and will give the killing guild +12% Health/Mana or Damage, or +20% Movement Speed for 5 minutes. Minor trolls will also drop various temporary siege supplies that can be used to aid your team in battle. Troll Bosses will drop rare temporary siege supplies such as reinforced walls, catapults, explosive kegs.

As mentioned, we will be slowly phasing out/limiting the amount of siege structures/defenses you get automatically from the event, and requiring guilds to produce/use their own supplies to maximize their potential of winning a Siege War.
Time to obtain temporary (single event specific);
Small Explosive Barrel increased from 15 > 20 seconds.
Wooden Fence increased from 30 > 40 seconds.
Ballista increased from 120 > 150 seconds.
Explosive Barrel Damage Increased by 50%. 
Explosive Keg Damage Increased by 50%.
Construction Cooldown lowered from 5 seconds to 3

New Achievement System
After 3 years of the current achievement system, we are scrapping it out the window and completely overhauling it. We are modelling this off of our Seasonal Achievements we introduced a little over a year ago, but have added tons of depth to the system itself.

Now, players will have a long list of possible achievements to complete, each with tiers 1-10 and a respective medal and Achievement Points Earned.

Achievement Points are unlocked by completing achievements, more being rewarded based on the achievement and/or the achievements rank. 

Achievement Points, unlike the previous system in which you got a flat buff to your character, are able to be spent on any achievement perk you want to purchase (similar to how the guild perks is set up). Allowing you to further customize and curve your characters path/role.

There will be over 25 different unique achievements for players to complete, with 250 total tiers. These achievements include; Players Killed In Events, Events won, Essences Absorbed, World Bosses Slain, Energy Spent, Honor Obtained, Gold Looted, Professions, and much more. We will also be introducing some hidden achievements as well (discovering unique areas, etc).

Now this is where it gets a bit more complex, however I will explain it in full detail. Achievement Points will be the major indicator of a players progress moving forward for any End-Of-Season Account Rewards. At the end of a Season, Achievement Points will become account bound Heirloom Points. These Heirloom Points will simply replace the past confusion of Legacy Crystals - In which players earned them from donating, as well from progressing in past eras. We are simply splitting the two, so it's more clear which comes from which. Legacy Crystals will continue to come from donating, and Heirloom Points will be rewarded based on your Achievement Points (1:1) at the end of a season, in which players can spend those in the event of a New Season for a Head-Start Boost & Buy some Limited Cosmetics only buyable with Heirloom Points. 

Heirloom Points shop will be setup virtually identical to the Legacy Shop in terms of offers, however will have a few more additional unique offers. 

Legacy Crystals - Earned from reaching new legacy tiers when donating to support Archlight
Heirloom Points - Obtained 1:1 based on your Achievement Points at the end of a season. 50% of these points will remain on your account forever, adding up every season of Archlight you play, giving you a unique edge the longer your history on Archlight.
Achievement Points - Obtained by completing Achievements

Please note; the existing achievements players have earned, and the ability to earn them, will remain until a new season occurs

Hall of Fame Leaderboards
Heirloom Points will now have their own Hall of Fame Category, in which players will be able to show their dominance on Archlight from not only the current Season, but all past Seasons as well. 

In-Game House Finder & Auction System
We have added a new House UI, which will allow players to search through all the houses on Archlight, to check for available, unavailable houses, house sizes, house locations, and more. This will also introduce our new House Auction System in which players will be able to bid on a house which will start a 2-day bidding system or players can buy-out a house for 5x the initial bid value. This will better allow players to find available houses and have a more proper bidding system for said houses.

Patch 14.0.7

15 September 2018 (11:33) by Gamemaster Ninja

Siege Changes/Fixes
- Added various broadcast messages to make it stand out more
- Several minor bug fixes (primarily ballistas)

New Guild Perks
- Two new types of guild perks available: AT & Monster Essence Find

Misc Changes/Fixes
- Re-open previously opened containers upon login
- Use bank balance whenever there are not enough gold/AT in your inventory
- Tiny fixes regarding accessory bonuses
- Underling will now self-explode if it doesn't reach its target in time
- Changed profession boost for Vitality & Luck from Fishing to Woodworking
- Fixed an issue with bank transfers regarding recipient names

A Quick Poll!

10 September 2018 (19:47) by Gamemaster Ninja

Quick Poll! - Take a vote :)

Patch 14.0.6

08 September 2018 (02:03) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 14.0.6

September 8th
2x Referral Rewards!
From now (9.07.18) > (9.15.18) all new referrals will receive 6 days of free premium instead of 3, as well, the bonus coins You & The referral is doubled to 10% (20% total!)

Sponsorship Deal with Tibia Streams
We have set up a partnership deal with Tibia Streams moving forward, excited for his community of over 200,000 monthly views to experience about Archlight!

Autumn Event

For every 250 energy points you spend, you will receive 1 Autumn Leaf 
Every dungeon box you open will give you 2 Autumn Leaves x2
A Living Token can be exchanged for 100 Autumn Leaves. x100
These leaves can be turned in with the Magicial Oak for various rewards listed below

Blazebringer Mount

Tier 4 Health & Mana Mount (+3%/+3%)
1500 Autumn Leaves

Autumn-Light Statue

This Statue can be used to increase your monster essence find by 10% for 23 hours. (24 hour cooldown).
750 Autumn Leaves

Autumn Relic

+10% Healing to Rune Emblems & Potions
500 Leaves

Catch-Up Bag
5 Leaves

Legendary Key
50 Leaves

T1 Enchantment Box
250 Leaves

Large Stat Stone
50 Leaves

Tier 4 Regrade Key
50 Leaves

Tier 5 Regrade Key
150 Leaves

Global Booster
75 Leaves

Catch-Up Bags
These bags can then be opened to receive 3, of 1 of 7 different catchup items:
Catchup Stat Stone - This item cannot be used if you have over 500 total stats, or in any category with 80 or more stat points.
Catchup Upgrade Stone - This item can only be used to upgrade an item to +20
Catchup Soul Stone - This item can only be used to upgrade a soul rune to +12
Catchup Rune Stone - This item can only be used to upgrade a rune emblem to +8
Bronze, Silver, Golden Regrade Keys!

Siege Event

- Participants will from now on receive temporarily items during the event. They will be removed from a player's inventory when the event is over.
- Added map marks to display the locations of graveyards, capture points, bosses, and mini bosses.
- Added bosses and mini bosses to the event area. Killing any of these will grant the entire guild a temporarily boost (damage, health, or speed).
- Added a new sub-category to Leaderboards called Siege Rating.
- Fixed an important issue with movement & invisibility as well as other miscellaneous issues.
- Construction Time Lowered From 5 > 3 Seconds

Class Balances
- Monk Auto Attack Damage Increased By - 40%
- Kicks damage increased by 30%
- Knockout Punch damage increased by 15%
- Min Flurry of Punches damage increased by 18%
- Flurry of Punches damage increased by 20%
- Strong Flurry of Punches damage increased by 22.5%
- Cooldown on Kicks & Back Kicks lowered from 3000 > 1250 (global cooldown remains at 1250)
- [Spiritmaster] Back Kicks damage increased by 20%
- [Brawler] Kamakazi Punch damage increased by 30%
- [Brawler] 1000 Fists damage increased by 27.5%

- [New Spell] Underling - Summons an underling that explodes once making contact with your target, dealing a small AOE of damage. Level: 20, Cooldown: 2s.
- [New Awakening Spell] Summon Mastery - Increases the health and damage by of your summons by 5% per point invested.

Other Changes
- Bards, Druids and Sorcerers can no longer use the summon creature spell

- Two new games has been added, Slots & Dicer Game.
- Overall improvements has been made for a better experience.

- The crafting stations beneath depot has received a brand-new interface that is much easier to use.

Client Enhancements
- Added a new character window that is meant to replace the current !character command.
- The maximum stack size for items has increased from a modest 100 to a whopping 1000.
- Fixed an animation error with mounts "walking in air" when you wore an animated outfit.
- Added a Deposit All button to the new bank.
- It is now possible to lock/unlock windows at their locations by pressing a button.
- A white border will appear around mini windows for less than a second when first opened.
- Added two new menu options for items, Deposit All (Only for Gold & Archlight Tokens) & Add to Auto Loot.
- It is now possible to turn around properly with CTRL when using WASD mode.
- Quick Target has received a minor workaround, it will no longer target monsters that are unreachable.
- The transfer functionality has been re-added to the store.
- Containers (bags, containers, depot lockers et cetera) can now appear on the left side if there aren't enough space on the right side.
- Options has received new Creature settings as well as a setting for Keyboard Delay.
- Hiding the Battle List will now disable the entire module which in turn should result into a smoother gaming experience.
- Added tooltip to stamina bar as well as different colors depending on how many hours/minutes there's left.
- You are now able to hide Health & Chat window (by holding down SHIFT while double-clicking on the window) as well as lock/unlock their positions (by holding down ALT while double-clicking on the window).

- You can now see the weekly rent of a house by looking at its doors.
- The push delay for creatures has been lowered.
- Fixed an issue with water elemental corpse.
- Display how many normal, charged & overcharged gems an item has.
- Fixed soul regeneration for awakened players.
- You will no longer receive any experience from monsters if your stamina is zero.
- Added a new Necromancer spell called Underling. Summons a suicidal gozzler that detonates when it reaches its target.
- Added a new passive awakening spell for Necromancers called Summon Mastery. Each point increases your summons damage & health by 5%.
- Added a new entry (Duplicated Spawns) to the Quest Log which displays how much time there is left.
- Added Spec as alias keyword for specialization to the NPC Rare Goods Collector.
- The broadcast NPC will from now on only send messages to the Broadcast & Looking for Group channel.
- Fixed Precision Throw bleeding effect.
- Fixed an issue with orb aura tokens.
- Archlight Tokens will from now on be picked up automatically, and deposited to your bank (from corpses).

Game Designer Position

06 September 2018 (19:38) by Gamemaster Ninja

We have one position open for someone interested in an Junior Game Design position. This position would be half pay half apprenticeship. We have a short apprenticeship period, in which after you would be fully paid for the position. Monthly pay will be discussed once/if your application is chosen, however, this is not a high paying position, we are looking for someone who has drive, passion, and motivation towards Archlight and is interested in Game Design.

What will you receive:
1. Experience with a fully operational and veteran team.
2. Consistant feedback and help improving game design abilities.
3. Monthly Wage

What the position entails:
Designing future content, which often will involve working with a mapper/artist/programmer.
Improving current content depth and flow.
Working with other staff on game design aspects.
Helping with misc small tasks for the team.

If you are interested in a Junior Game Design position with Archlight, please send in an application to including the following:
Awakening Level on Archlight:
Power on Archlight:
Since when have you played Archlight (month/year if possible):
Why do you feel you would be fit for this position:
What do you feel you would contribute to our team in the Junior Game Design Position:
Any relevant experience if any, if none, simply put N/A:
List of MMORPG's you have played in the last 5 years, and roughly how long on each if possible/you remember:
Hours a week you would be available for the position: