Winter Update and Era

11 November 2016 (21:17) by Gamemaster Ninja

Winter Update and New Era
Archlight Online will be releasing a massive winter expansion and new Era on November 25th. This means that on November 20th Archlight Online will go offline for 5 days to prepare for the new expansion and era.

Why have we decided to do a new era with the large content expansion?
Archlight Online is currently one if not the frontrunner custom open tibia server. Being the most played non-rl map server in most of 2015 and 2016. We have grown immensely since where we first beta test back in June 2015. We have celebrated Halloweens, Christmases, Easters, and even a Birthday together.

The past year and a half has been an amazing experience for our team. We began with a solo developer, myself (Knightera) to a very strong developement team 18 months later. We would like to thank all of you players, for your support, activity, community, and ultimately becoming the Archlight Family! You all have allowed us to make this small project become a legacy, and continue to be an ever growing and expanding project!

We have an insane amount of plans for Archlight, changes, balances, additions, for the upcoming expansion, and we hope you take a moment to read a short teaser on just some of the things to come for Archlight Online.

First we’d like to address a large reason why we are doing the fresh Era with this Expansion
Online count has been very high since the launch of Age of War. Actually exceptionally high for a project this deep into an Era, daily we were still reaching numbers we reached 1 month into the Era, with dozens of new players joining daily. However, we feel the gap between long time players and new players has become too large and it is increasingly becoming difficult for new players to feel relevant in Archlight.

To address this, in the new Era we will be lowering the overall experience rate on Archlight by around 60%. Additionally we will also be increasing the cost of prestiging by about 60%. (This is the compensate for the valuableness of leveling and prestiging with the exp change). Ultimately prestiging will feel about the same price, as the levels will be more hard fought as well. Additionally, higher prestiges will slightly lower a players experience gained. This will help keep the player gap smaller, while still allowing players to fight and progress through content. Additionally, Specializations will now only require Prestige 1. We are changing this as with us dropping experience rates and increasing prestige cost we feel it will balance roughly the same.

We have maintained a very large and active community from start to end in this Era. The vast majority of projects die within 1-2 months after launch, and reset after those 2 months. We have grown Archlight into a game and community that remains strong far past these initial 1-2 months where most projects die out. We are very happy to how far we have come in the past 18 months, and especially this era seeing a community this strong 6 months into an Era. We believe with how strong the community hows grown, and active player base, that a new Era, with all of our mentioned changes would allow for some insane player counts and for this project to really explode for the future to come, and that's what is most important to us in the Archlight Team.. The present and future.
Rewarding your character progress from this Era
Something important to us is that every one of you is rewarded for your character progress this Era for the fresh start. The way we will be doing this is by giving every account a reward based on the highest prestige of a character on that account. What this means is your account will automatically be given a reward to your !shop command for launch based on the prestige you obtained on your best character. The cutoff for this is actually not until the 19th! What this means is you can still powergame on your character until the 19th to earn the highest reward possible for the new Era!
The Rewards are as follows -
Prestige 1 - 25% gold nugget find relic
Prestige 2-3 - 40% gold nugget find relic
Prestige 4-5 - 55% gold nugget find relic
Prestige 6-7 - 70% gold nugget find relic
Prestige 8+ - 100% gold nugget find relic
*These relics are permanent and last forever*
Prestige 20 or higher - Shockhead Mount (Only obtainable from this bonus)

100% of points purchased given back
One crucial thing for Archlight is that through any Era, we ensure that every player knows every dollar they spend in support of our project will never be lost. We are proud that every single dollar donated for since our first launch in August 2015 is still in the account of the player who has purchased those points. And years from now it will remain as so. Additionally promotion tokens will be compensated based on points donated. What this means is even for the players who did not donate 80 euro donations but multiple smaller donations, you will receive promotion tokens for the thresholds you have donated for (REJOICE).
Reducing the Strength Gap
This is something that we will be doing that will essentially help close the gap between top tier/long time players and newer players. Our theme around this next Era is giving new players the ability to not catch up to a 5-6 month long player within a week or two, but allow them to be relevant after a week or two. What this means is that newer players who join Archlight deep into an Era will not have a feeling of no-worth or no-impact on the world around them. Dont worry, progression will still remain very important in Archlight as we feel the progression system we have is very unique and motivating/intruiging. However we do feel that newer players have no chance in being relevant up 6 months into an era to the players from day 1 and will address this! We are very excited about the changes coming and feel they will be beneficial to everyone and further growing the community and essentially Archlight Online.
Winter Hits Archlight!
Along with a depot + inner city revamp in a christmas theme, we will also be adding in some of the classic raids from last christmas including Eskimo Knighter and Archlight Grinch Goblins! This will come with 2 Achievements and some festive items. Additionally we will have a twelve days of christmas event giving presents to all Archlight Players during the holidays. We are very excited about the holidays and spending it together with the Archlight Community <3

New Mappers Joining Archlight Team
We are very happy to announce 2 New mappers have recently joined the Archlight Team.
The first being Andreew who joined our team a month ago to help supply content for the new Era. We have already displayed some of his work but if you missed it here it is again!

Now the mapper Bump has also joined our team. We are very excited to bring him on full time to our mapping team and developement team. He did the winter inner city revamp and will be making tons of new content and dungeons for the new Archlight Era!
We are very excited about the further growth of our developement team and the possibilities a stronger team opens up for the future!
Reworked Daily Task Turn-Ins!
We are very excited to announce our full rework to the farming, mining and fishing shard tasks! From now on each NPC will have daily recipes. These daily recipes will require different items from their respective craft! By completing their daily recipes they will reward you with mining, fishing or farming shards. These recipes are repeatable throughout the day! We are excited about this as these tasks became a chore that players more or less had to multi-character complete. We feel this will further reward players who put more time into their craft, without the need of having to multiclient multiple characters. This is another step we are making to making Archlight a more dynamic and entertaining server.
Changing Achievements To Make Them More Interesting
Achievements have become essentially something you feel very encouraged to afk bot for days to earn the achievements for their fitting benefit. This has made them very dry and almost like an errand instead of something fun to research and complete. Because of this we have decided we will be changing all our achievements to now requires 10% as many creatures slain to unlock them. Additionally, achievements will give a lower reward for their completion as it is likely most players will complete the vast majority of achievements. We will also be reworking alot of achivements to not be a repetitive killing of weak creatures, but instead more dificult and exciting creatures/bosses.
Donator and non Donator Gap.
Archlight has done a great deal to close the "pay to win" gap this era and we feel we have been hitting in right on the head. With the additions of weak stat stones, stat stones from completing dungeons, adding the test of strength daily stat stone quests and adding stat stone quests in the majority of spawns and now we have also added weak stat stones and 2x normal stat stones to make them that much easier achievable! A donation gap will always exist between two players who play the same amount of time. In the end of the day, we are a professional project that runs itself as such, most of those who work on this project work full time on it and thus need to pay for food and rent. However we are continueing to work on closing that gap as small as possible and made massive jumps this era. We appreciate the heck out of all of you for all your support and are working hard to continue to deliver you a emersive and long lasting project for years to come!
The Warzone
This is something we have wanted to bring into Archlight for a long time. About 9 months to be exact. We have done multiple polls over the past almost-year about making Archlight a PvP-E server. Most polls slightly won agreeing to keep it normal PvP but showing a very large and increasing interested in a PvP-E aspect. This lead us to design the Warzone.
The Warzone is a PvP-Enforced area with 4 castles. These castles have a chance of spawning a boss, killing this boss will not only increase your characters damage while in this event, but it will also stack a 6 hour experience boost to your character. You can stack as many of these experience buffs from each boss throughout the event. So whats the catch? Well, only 2 bosses will be spawned at once. These bosses will create conflict, as players will be hunting for your skull for their taste of your experience. When a boss is slain, another will spawn in a random other castle. The Warzone will have other unique mechanics that make it a viable form of PvP-E for any level and any class. Will you sneak boss kills and stack up an experience bonus for after the event? Will you reap kills on opponenets to steal their experience and levels? That is for you to strategize and decide.
Class Balancing - Making A Place For Every Class And Playstyle
Lucid and Black have flagshipped a new way of balancing every class in Archlight in every stage of the game. They are currently and will be balancing every class off a DPS/Sustainability system using over 60 different test knights to accurately balance every close over the next 2 weeks until the launch of the new Era. This ultimately will mean the classes that are currently severely underpowered/overpowered at a certain point in the game will most likely see a very large rework. We are very excited about the future balancing to Archlight reaching a level that allows for players to play whichever class they wish without feeling a sense of missplacement or uselessness.

Cracking Down on Botters and MC'rs with a strong team of community managers.
What has become more and more important to us over the past couple weeks is the need for a more monitored playerbase. This means punishing abusers first and foremost. We will have a strict ruleset set out on the archlight website under community tab for launch. This will include some basic rules that our new Community Managers will be enforcing in the next Era.
For many we understand they do not wish to use a bot to hunt, but things such as achievements have put them into a corner in which they must use a bot to stay relevant. This is a big reason we are reworking systems such as achievements and will continue to try to make gameplay more and more fluid and exciting for the playerbase.
Additionally, things such as MC trains in dungeons will not be tolerated and will be cracked down heavily in this Era. Multi-Clienting on Archlight is allowed for players. We do not restrict a players desire to play multiple characters, train multiple characters, have multiple people in a household playing etc. Our only restriction has always been with players MC-Training quests and dungeons. This next Era Myself and our new Community Managers will be actively seeking out and banning players abusing this.
Events and Raids More Often/More Rewarding!
Something that is becoming more and more important to us is to continue to make actively playing more valuable and rewarding. To accomodate this we will be making events every hour, instead of every 2 hours. Additionally, events now will give a 30 minute experience boost upon completion. We will also be adding many more dificult and challenging raids with better rewards for participating.
Teasers will be released on our Facebook Page, Website and Discord for the new Era and Expansion. Additionally we will be giving out points every single day on our Discord community to active members from November 18th-Launch. You can easily join the discord with our website link and join the Archlight fam <3
We the Archlight Team want to thank all of you for the continued support in making Archlight the most played custom project on otservlist. You the players allow us to follow our passion and develope this server, create storylines, and watch a community be built and grow together.

Archlight Online Wiki

29 October 2016 (00:08) by Gamemaster Ninja

Some of you may have noticed, the tutors have started putting together a wiki page for players to use for looking up items, quests, addons, or anything they need to know about Archlight. You can get to the wiki by clicking the link on the side panel of our website -

However, to continue to provide more info to the wiki page we need help from you guys to contribute! Got an item that isn't documented on the wiki? Add info about it! Got a quest that hasn't been detailed on their? Post about it! Essentially this wiki allows everyone to come together to help fill out an info source for newer players and existing players!

To help encourage contributions to the wiki, every contribution you make to the wiki will give you 1 "Ticket" to a monthly prize for contributors. What this means is if you make 60 contributions, you will get 60 Tickets entered when we make the draw. This means any amount of contributing, small or large, will give you a chance to win! However the more you contribute the more chances you have!

We will do 5 draws and in order those 5 contributors will receive the following rewards -
1. Promotion Token + pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
2. Pack of 5 - 100% experience boosters + 520 points
3. 520 points
4. 520 points
5. 520 points

Ultimately though, we hope this is only one motivator, helping contribute to the wiki will only help grow and strengthen the server for years to come. We appreciate everyone and anyone who has this page open and adds little info or large info here and there to contribute :)

To contribute you simply must make a wiki account on that page, and then message me or Sajgon in our Discord group (with a PM) with your wiki username and we can approve you to make edits. Please have your username be the same as your name in Archlight so we can easily distribute contribution rewards!

Lets Continue To Grow and Build Archlight Together!