Patch 04.17.17

18 April 2017 (00:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 04.17.17

All creatures now deal 50% more damage - This is to accompany the change we made by increasing all player health pools this era. We have found creatures do not deal a proper amount of damage for the health pools seeing DPS vocations able to tank some dungeon bosses etc.
You can no longer "tag" a low level boss to boost your group through a different boss door.
Fixed several minor map issues
Task experience raised by 300%
Fixed several minor dungeon issues
Fixed other confidential issues.
Monks Quick Prayer and Prayer now heal a % of their base health (1% and 5%)

Patch 04.15.17

15 April 2017 (22:40) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 04.15.17

Fixed up several Dungeon Chest/Script Issues.
Archers Grace now no longer shares cooldown with Divine Heal
Depth Galea now properly applies adaptive stats
Several other misc issues fixed up.
!dungeontimer has been removed, you can now view chest cooldowns in your questlog

Doorbuster Exclusives!

14 April 2017 (02:36) by Gamemaster Ninja

Click Here For Age of Dracona Doorbuster Exclusives!

04.13.17 Patch Notes

14 April 2017 (02:12) by Gamemaster Ninja

04.13.17 Patch Notes

Elixir Changes

All Elixirs now have a 5s cooldown
Stronger Elixirs now additionally give a heal over time healing the player for % health and mana every second for 5 seconds after elixir use.

Strong Elixirs - 1% health 1% mana
Great Elixirs - 2% health 2% mana
Ultimate Elixirs - 3% health 3% mana
Supreme Elixirs - 4% health 4% mana

Companions are a new system added to Archlight. Companions are pets that you can find, loot or purchase that will permanently increase a different aspect of your character. When the companion item is used, the buff is gained and the companion is added to your !companions list. These companions can be summoned one at a time (chosen from your list) but serve as only cosmetic when they are out. They are very fast, cannot attack, cannot tank, players walk over them instantly. They are purely to show off if you have a rare one or want something with you while hunting/chilling in depot :) More companions will be added every week~. The first wave of companions other than the 3 doorbuster one's will be released in the first patch (First Friday after release).

These three dragon companions will be available in the Age of Dracona Doorbusters

The green dragon companion will give you a permanent passive bonus of +1 to every stat (all 10 stat categories).

The ice dragon companion will give you a permanent passive bonus of +5% monster essence find.

The red dragon companion will give you a permanent passive bonus of +2 to every stat (all 10 stat categories).

Tutorial Changes
You can now simply walk to the next tutorial section and begin that task, instead of being forced to do them in order
You can now leave the tutorial whenever you want
Signs added to tutorial for added information
Energy given during tutorial
You now get a free upgrade stone, stat points and energy for completing the tutorial

Misc Changes
Added PvP Equipment NPC
City switched back to Summer Archlight :) Goodbye snowmen
All little issues with dungeons reported have been fixed
2 new big game spawns + tasks added.
Deepling squelcher stats fixed
Monster essences chance fixed (was applying bonuses oddly)
!character list cleaned up and has more relevant information
Experience essence now give you experience based on your experience stage.

Points Ressurection!

13 April 2017 (23:54) by Gamemaster Ninja

One crucial thing for Archlight is that through any Era, we ensure that every player knows every dollar they spend in support of our project will never be lost. We are proud that every single dollar donated for since our first launch in August 2015 is still in the account of the player who has purchased those points. And years from now it will remain as so. Additionally promotion tokens will be compensated based on points donated. What this means is even for the players who did not donate 80 euro donations but multiple smaller donations, you will receive promotion tokens for the thresholds you have donated for (REJOICE).

To prevent flooding of the market we, like in every era, give back points over a spread time. This helps even the playing field for all the new players on Day 1 especially. We have had the opportunity to test this 3 different ways now, and have decided on what we think is the best way for the new incoming player base and the returning one. Essentially, for every 1000 coins you get redeemed, you will receive a promotion token that can be redeemed in game for bonus rewards.

The time table that coins will be "resurrected" is shown down below! 

1 Hour Before Launch - 2000 Coins Unlocked + 2 Promotion Tokens!
48 Hours(2 Day) After Launch - 3000 Coins Unlocked + 3 Promotion Tokens!
5 Days After Launch - 4000 Coins Unlocked + 4 Promotion Tokens!
8 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
11 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
14 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!

All points after this will be unlocked at an accelerated 2-4x Rate

Legacy Rewards Unlocked
All Legacy Rewards will be unlocked on May 1st. Two Eras ago we introduced Legacy Rewards about half way through the Era. The reason we are releasing all the legacy rewards at one time on the 1st like last era is due to the fact that it is an added boost of items that was more balanced in the middle of an Era, not on launch day. 

19 Hours until launch from the time this is posted! Get Hyped Archlighters! Age of Dracona approaches!

Patch Notes - Post Open Beta

10 April 2017 (22:57) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch Notes - Post Open Beta

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When players prestige their task storage will be wiped (so they cannot "bank" a task, and turn it in right after they prestige.
Essences will no longer spawn in unreachable locations
Platinum Coins, Archlight Tokens, earned from monster essences will no longer have stacking issues
Unclaimed stat points will now give the player a reminder to use them
Experience Essences will now give experience based on your current Experience Rate, so if you are low level the experience essences will not give much more experience.

Characer Creation Open!

10 April 2017 (20:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

You can now create your character for Archlight - Age of Dracona!
Releasing April 14th
(10:00am PST/18:00 CET/19:00CEST)​

Patch Notes - Age of Dracona

08 April 2017 (21:18) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch Notes
Age of Dracona

Upgrade Stones Change:
Upgrade stones are now 5x more expensive to buy from the token shop, however they have a 500% higher success rate. This is to get rid of the repetitive nature, and time wasting of upgrade stone spamming.
Upgrade stones now can get your armor, weapons and wands to +15. Legendary Soil from +16 - +30.
Equipment Changes:
All Equipment now uses a Skill Value Stat. This will appear different when you "look" or equip a piece of equipment based on the vocation you are. Example: If you are a guardian, it would show and give you shielding, if you are a mage, it would give your magic level. Because of this, all sets are now the same for all vocations.
All "PvE" equipment now has a new stat called Monster Essence Find. This stat increases your chance of finding monster essences.
Professions now give a permanent stat boost (this can exceed your stat over the 100 capp)
Stat boost table can be seen here:

show spoiler
Fishing = Intelligence + Luck
Farming = Vitality + Prosperity
Alchemy = Brew Master + Arcane
Jewelcrafting = Haste + Precision
Smelting = Runemastery + Restoration
Smithing = Strength + Focus
20 Skill = +1 Stats in both categories
40 Skill = +2 Stats in both categories
60 Skill = +3 Stats in both categories
70 Skill = +4 Stats in both categories
80 Skill = +5 Stats in both categories
90 Skill = +7 Stats in both categories
100 Skill = +10 Stats in both categories
110 Skill = +15 Stats in both categories
120 Skill = +25 Stats in both categories

Gold earned from Lootcrates, Dungeon boxes, Fishing have all been nerfed by 50%
Lootrate in general nerfed by 50% (this is to balance out the increased gold/loot from monster essences)

All donation sets have become 1 donation set (Prismatic). You can choose which weapon you'd like on using the donation doll.
One mastercraft set now (Golden Set)

3 PvP Sets added ingame (Obtainable from PvP)

6 Crafting Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Crafting)

4 Dungeon Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Dungeons)

4 Monster Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Monster Essences)

Awakened Armors have been removed. The best armor in the game will be Mastercrafted.

Stats Change:
Three new stat categories added to Archlight:
Brewmaster - Increases health and mana restored by elixirs.
Luck - Increases your loot rate.
Prosperity - Increases your chance of finding monster essences.
All stat categories now yield 50% less benefit, however stat stones are now 2x easier to obtain.
Reconstructed Spells Table (!spells)
All prestige spells will now be shown in their own subsection on the list. This was something very confusing for new players, looking at a mass amount of spells, most which they cant even use for 1 week down the road.
Many class heals now heal a % of their base health pool. This is to allow better proper scaling of healing for all classes to make it more balanced. The amount of % changes based on the class.
Archer Changes:
No longer have Lifesteal
Class Heals boosted by 150%
Druid Changes:
Mass Healing Removed
Bard Changes:
5 of their party heals removed and replaced with Healing Tune.
This spell will heal everyone around them for a small base amount, but then 5% of their max health and 2% of their max mana every second for 5 seconds. Additionally Songwriting Bards can learn Harped Healing Tune (a stronger version of Healing Tune).
Regeneration Hymn will heal for a small base amount on a single target, but then 3% of their max health and 1% of their max mana every second for 3 seconds.
This will not only make bard slightly more challenging, in terms of having to maintain these regen buffs on multiple players as to not waste it by stacking it, but also allow them to serve a more vital roll in AOE healing to combat the new boss and creature AOE mechanics.
Bard Wave aoe size increased.
Auto Loot Added:
/autoloot - to view all commands, simply add,remove,show,clear from your list. Any item (using their item name!) will be instantly looted if they are on your add loot list!
PvP Honor System Added + PvP Vendor
POI, DHQ and Anni have been turned into high level quests and will yield different rewards on launch.

Events - Minimum Level added to PvP events to limit very low levels joining.

Archlight Tutorial Added (Optional, but yields you free stats and upgrade stone)

Tasks now give 20% as much experience as before, however killing creatures gives 500% more experience.

Prestige Rank 1 Now slightly cheaper than before. Prestige Ranks 2+ remain the same.

Over a dozen spawns revampped/expanded.

PvE - 6 New Dungeons Added in the 1000-2500 Level Range. These dungeons cannot be accessed through the dungeon room, but only by finding the dungeon in respective hunting spawns or through the dungeon finder. (These are not added in the beta)

Raids - All Raids redone to be more interactive, exciting, and teamwork oriented. (These are not added in the beta)