Hiring Video Producer

30 April 2017 (04:59) by Gamemaster Ninja

Hey Archlighters! 

So we have been blessed with having such a talented community, in which we have found several Archlight Staff from internally, who have excelled and grown with our team. Once again, we are looking to you guys first for a paid staff position!

We are looking to hire a youtube video producer/editor to essentially clip broadcasts we do, setup small trailers for new content, create a good (simple and clean) intro, and edit small guides we will be creating. This will not be a heavy workload, but will require someone who is able to be timely.

If you can do these requests, send us an application with examples of your work that you have done displaying the things we are requesting. We will go into more detail with you on the position if your application is accepted.

Send your application to ArchlightOnline@gmail.com

Dracona's Lair

29 April 2017 (02:06) by Gamemaster Ninja

Players Awaiting the opening of Dracona's Lair

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None Survived

Dracona's Lair Patch

28 April 2017 (00:23) by Gamemaster Ninja

Dracona's Lair Patch
Live at 11:00am PST 04.28.17

New item added - Tome of Refreshment

Refreshes the cooldown of ALL your dungeon boxes. This item can only be used once every 23 hours. It is consumed on use. This can only be used inside the depot. 2% droprate from Archlight Lootcrates, Available in current bundle special (mentioned below), Has chance to drop from Dracona.

~New Promotion~

Additionally, for the next 7 days we will be running a promotion in which players will receive 3 FREE Tome of Refreshments AND a FREE Dracona's Goblet (Relic - +10% healing to Elixirs and Runes) whenever they donate for the 159.99 coin package! This is a free bonus gift ontop of the other regular bonuses.

Water Guardian Tomb Dungeon Open

Dracona's Lair Open

New Boss Added - Dracona - Boss loot system (everyone who helps is randomly allotted loot based on how much they contribute during the boss fight (damage and healing)).
Killing Dracona gives the entire server a global loot and monster essence find buff for 1 hour.
Dracona's Lair opens every 6-10 hours for 60 minutes.
Dracona drops exceptional rares - T4 gear, T5 shield - Shield of Dracona, to PvP honor tokens, stat stones, upgrade stones, Tome of Refreshments and many other very rare items.
Shield of Dracona - T5 Drop

Misc Patch notes
Great shield stats have been changed - as it was rift shield not meant to be T4
Necromancer Shield is now the T4 shield
Mastercrafted Shield Archlight Bar cost increased by 10. Stats of shield increased by 15%.
Draptor Scales + Blazing Bones removed from Scarlet Key required items to craft
Draptor + Dragonling tasks no longer give the scales and bones as a reward
Silver and Golden Regrade keys will now properly be craftable again
player summons will no longer be able to deal damage towards to the player’s other summons

Thank you!

21 April 2017 (23:34) by Gamemaster Ninja

Thank you Archlighters!

The summer expansion and Era has been a massive success! Archlight continues to grow, Era after Era, which is something we as developers, and us as a community, can be hyped on!

I want to thank all of you, the players, for your support to our growing project! It has now been over 2 years since we started developing Archlight. Some know, some dont, but it began as myself (knighter) as a solo developer, which has grown to an amazing developement team now 2 years later! We couldn't do what we do without your guys support. Your support to our project and team allows us to be as active as we are on adding content, patching existing content, and overall growing Archlight and it's community! We have big goals and dreams for the future of Archlight, and we want you guys to be apart of that every step of the way!

We got alot cookin right now in the pot, including a full Dungeon Finder System (instead of the event que that happens every 2 hours). Upcoming Friday Dracona's Lair will be released, what we think will be the most fun and interactive server based gameplay you guys will have ever played!

~Archlight Developement Team

Upcoming Patch

21 April 2017 (08:54) by Gamemaster Ninja

This patch will be released in the next couple days

Following Monsters have had immunities reworked (now have far less element immunities)
Sub Zero Giant
Cult Brain
Zombies, Book of the Dead, The Deathbringer and their hardcore dungeon versions
Vicious Fiend

Water Tombs Dungeon open (prestige requirement changed, now simply requires level 2000+)
Anni will now properly summon hellfleshed demons and allow players to enter multiple times for the 6h chest

Patch 04.19.17

19 April 2017 (20:36) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 04.19.17

Druids heal will now properly heal a % boost based on the players health, not the casters health.
Anni quest and DHQ have been revamped to be mid level quests, the monsters inside have been revamped, the rewards have been revamped. I wont spoiler the rewards, but part of it is yes repeatable!
Dungeon chest in Hardcore Hurac fixed
Typo with Sand Scarab spells fixed
Few other misc behind the scene issues
Necromancer Healing Ritual Level Scaling buffed by 20%
Grasping Roots and Guardian Soul Rune now only stun in pve, and instead paralyze in pvp. Guardian Soul Rune heal increased by 20%
3% Monster Essence Find added to Refreshing Rings + Amulets (Promo token items)
New companion added to revamped quest

PvP Gallery

19 April 2017 (11:35) by Gamemaster Ninja

Some pictures of some PvP Today

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Upcoming Balance Patch

18 April 2017 (20:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

Upcoming Class Balance Patch

Evocations nerfed by 25%

Druid exura sio now heals a bonus of 3%/4%/5% max health
Druid merlkin form now 40% increased magic level instead of 30%
Blossom delayed burst heal increased from 50000 > 100000 flat amount

Wound cleansing now heals 1% of the berserkers max health pool
Berserker auto attack damage increased by 35%
Berserker Donation Weapons attack increased from 73 > 75
Berserker Rift Weapons attack increased from 76 > 85

Necromancer heals reworked to still be the same strength lategame, but now stronger earlygame where their healing was far too weak.
Monster + Item Balances
Dragonlings, Draptors, Exiled Fighters, Exiled Priests, Exiled Rogues "Special Attack" chance lowered by 400%
Mastercrafted Boots now give +40 speed