Mini-Patch 21.2.17

21 February 2017 (02:19) by Gamemaster Knighter

Mini-Patch Notes

- Necromancer DOT (damage-over-time) spells will no longer stack.
- A bug which allowed Monks & Necromancers use exclusive summons has been resolved. It will now require you to learn summon spells like usual.
- Wild Bosses should no longer be convinceable.
- Missing addon(s) during gender change will be restored upon login.

The Future of Archlight!

21 February 2017 (00:58) by Gamemaster Knighter

The Future of Archlight

In Collaboration With Shiva Shadowsong

And Utilizing Unity

We are very happy to fill you in on a part of the bright future Archlight has and is preparing! We are currently working on and supporting the developement of our own client built through Unity. This new client will allow for full UI customization, Ingame video tutorials, and other unique features. Ultimately though, moving on to our own client will burst open the doors for new and unique content from our team. We have over 10 sets (over 200 total weapons and armors) custom sprited for Archlight prepared and loaded. Additionally, dozens of custom sprited creatures, up to 96x96 (for reference, a demon is 64x64), dozens of custom spell animations and explosions, unique character outfits and even unique environments. We are in collaboration with Shiva Shadowsong, a top tier pixel artist known across the OT scene and he is/has created some amazing art for us and will onward with additional patches.

We cannot express the benefit of this to us as developers, as the limited cipsoft sprites does exactly that, limit us as developers. It restricts the amount of sets we can put in the game (for example, adding a set inbetween the jump from donation gear to mastercraft). Understand that this doesn't just mean one flood of new sprites and that's it. We plan to work with Shiva and additional spriters frequently to provide unique creatures, item drops, equipment and animations in future patches once our new client is released.

But i'll stop rambling there, time for some teasers.... ;)

Please note - All sprites are copyright and property of Archlight Entertainment

We're so happy to all of you that have been with us whether from 2 years ago in our Alpha/Beta days, or if this is your first Era playing! The future is very bright.

Patch Notes 2.17.17

17 February 2017 (23:55) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes - 02.17.17

Streamer Vouchers (3 days of free premium to be given out to stream viewers, watch someones stream whos streaming Archlight if you want one ;)
Duo-Task System (Explained in developers notes)
Archlight Ring Added to Promotion Trader

Bug Fixes/Changes~

show spoiler
Descriptions on 45 items changed to be more accurate and informative.
Broadcasts altered to be more accurate
Fixed players able to logout in bloodtombs + premium anni reward room
MC mage armor now properly gives its buffs
Charging mountain gems now properly gives charged mountain gem not a diamond.

Content Release Schedule!

16 February 2017 (06:29) by Gamemaster Knighter

Content Release Schedule!

Hey Archlighters! We try to not give dates to the release of certain things, but rather just say they're in developement, until we feel confident we can release them on the time frame mentioned. The following schedule is when some things are going to be released to you the players!

Friday February 17th
Streamer Vouchers (3 days of free premium to be given out to stream viewers, watch someones stream whos streaming Archlight if you want one ;)
Duo-Task System (Explained in developers notes)
Several bug fixes and map fixes

Friday February 24th
Easy/Normal/Hard/Heroic Modes of all dungeons released. We will be additionally adding a Heroic mode ontop of the 3 mentioned for those hardcore players.
Protectors of Archlight Event

More will most likely be added to this~

~Archlight Developement Team~

Developers Notes

11 February 2017 (07:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Developers Notes - February 10th

Hey Archlighters! Thanks to everyone who filled out our most recent survey. We had 243 total responses on our survey! Thats a huge jump from past surveys which only 50-65 people responded to! We're very excited to see the community so active to help give us feedback on how to make Archlight better and better!

We read through every single response, every single poll, and came up with alot of things we want to move forward on! We're going to share some of that with you in this post!

First and foremost, we're going to be changing up our anti-afk system furthermore. Through several trials, and modifications, and plenty of player feedback, we have decided on the following changes to the system. Players will have a talkaction toggle command being able to say !afkon and !afkoff. When you go through a tp, you will go to 1 of 2 locations, depending on if afkon is toggled or afkoff. Both locations will be duplicates of the spawn, however, one will allow players to afk bot, the other will not. The location that does not let you afk (afkoff) will reward you in multiple ways, but also punish you severely for afking. We will break things down simply in a pros/cons point form format.

Afk Allowed Spawns
You can afk hunt here

Normal Experience Rates
Most likely busier with other afks

Afk Not-Allowed Spawns
If you pass the afk checks, you will gain 50% more experience, loot and gold nugget find while manual hunting.
Most likely less busy, as everyone has to be non-afk and attentive/manual

You cannot be afk
If you fail an afk check you are given a 100% debuff to experience, loot and gold nugget find and also receive a white skull.

We decided on this to appeal to both sides of our playerbase. To reward those who decide to manual hunt or to actively hunt. But also allow those who wish to AFK bot (the reason MANY play OTs) the ability to do so.

Duo-Task system
Many have requested this, and we are delivering. Tasks will give credit to 2 party members per kill. So two people from your party can receive credit for killing a creature as long as you are in a party together. This will allow for you to grind out mobs with a friend/random and it be beneficial instead of a negative :)

Protectors of Archlight Event
This event has been completed for a short while, however we wanted everything else that has been added to be fully finetuned and fleshed out before adding this. In the next patch however we will be adding this fun and interactive event for players to band together and fight against the Hordes!

More Scripted Boss Fights and Daily Quests (Not for skills or experience, but a new endgame currency that will unlike copious amounts of content, equipment and modifications)
Ninja has been working on new warning based boss fights (which we will add to most dungeon bosses, and some new harder content creatures for players to team fight) These bosses will give a pre-emptive warning to tiles that will be hit by massive damage spells (some that have a one shot mechanic). These creatures and bosses will require teamwork and problem solving to hunt, and due to their massive damage mechanics will be very dificult to bot/not team hunt. 

So much more to come guys, i'll probably be adding more to this tomorrow, but for now, enjoy!

~Archlight Developement Team


07 February 2017 (21:04) by Gamemaster Knighter


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Changes -
All lootcrates now drop 300% more awakening dusts (until 02.14.17)
Bug Fixes -
Fixed issues with joining dungeons or events from rift.
Fixed ticket issue on two improved spells
Removed a crafting command that reset some players crafting skill
Fixed debug issue in warzone event due to too many creatures stacked
Raise shield now no longer an aggressive spell
Energy regeneration rework (fixing minor issues)
Fixed issue with stat bonuses in events
Afk check fails will now instead of give whiteskull will lower experience and loot gained. (we may revert back in future, this is for time being)

Upcoming Change

30 January 2017 (04:40) by Gamemaster Knighter

Upcoming Change to our Automatic AFK Checker

After some time of trials with our new Automatic AFK checker system. We decided to make some further changes to it. Due to certain players being able to fully afk bot, despite the punishment of the white skull (as no one wants to mess with them, or cant mess with them due to power/strength) we will be changing the system to instead of giving players a white skull if they fail/miss the afk check, they will receive a 50% penalty to experience gained, loot gained and golden nugget gain for 60 minutes.

This change will come into effect soon (next 1-2 days).

~Archlight Development Team

Patch Notes 01.28.17

28 January 2017 (06:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes coming 01.28.17

Stat resets will now work. However, due to a PAST saving issue, you may not receive the full amount of stats back after using a stat reset/stat reset potion. unfortunately this is something we cannot revert history and fix. It will only affect a select handful of people and WILL NOT affect people going forward. The issue was adding stat points to your character was not saving properly sometimes. What this means is when you reset you may not get the full amount you put in. We understand this sucks but it will not be an issue with anything stats you add going forward, and will like I said only affect a handful of people when resetting, not everyone. So reset at your own discretion please.
2 IP Limit for Events. Sorry if you play with roomates, but due to constant abuse on hours staff might not be on, this is the solution
If you are below Prestige 3, you currently get a 400% experience boost to killing creatures, we are now extending that to also a 400% boost for tasks and opening dungeon chests.
Chance of successful upgrades on equipment increased by 100%. (+24-+25 before was 4% chance, now 8% etc)
The amount of energy tasks give has now been restructured. Instead of every task giving 10 energy for completion, Normal + Expert tasks will now give 5 energy. Master tasks will now give 10. Big Game tasks will now give 15. Stronghold tasks will now give 20 and finally Premium tasks will give 25 energy per completion.
This is to further incentivize higher tier players to complete higher tier content instead of grinding our low level mobs for quick task completion.
Rebalanced Warzones event. Now players will either receive a buff or nerf depending on their Kill/Death ratio during a Warzone Event. A player will deal 10% less damage and take 10% more damage for each Kill over Death they have. What that means is a player who is 3 kills - 1 death will deal 20% less damage (3-1 = 2). Additionally a player who is 1 kill - 3 deaths will deal 20% MORE damage (1-3 = -2). We feel this will make the event much more fun for top tier players (add some challenge to the event) and also more fun for newer players giving them a chance to swing the tides of battle.