Patch Notes - Age of Dracona

08 April 2017 (21:18) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes
Age of Dracona

Upgrade Stones Change:
Upgrade stones are now 5x more expensive to buy from the token shop, however they have a 500% higher success rate. This is to get rid of the repetitive nature, and time wasting of upgrade stone spamming.
Upgrade stones now can get your armor, weapons and wands to +15. Legendary Soil from +16 - +30.
Equipment Changes:
All Equipment now uses a Skill Value Stat. This will appear different when you "look" or equip a piece of equipment based on the vocation you are. Example: If you are a guardian, it would show and give you shielding, if you are a mage, it would give your magic level. Because of this, all sets are now the same for all vocations.
All "PvE" equipment now has a new stat called Monster Essence Find. This stat increases your chance of finding monster essences.
Professions now give a permanent stat boost (this can exceed your stat over the 100 capp)
Stat boost table can be seen here:

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Fishing = Intelligence + Luck
Farming = Vitality + Prosperity
Alchemy = Brew Master + Arcane
Jewelcrafting = Haste + Precision
Smelting = Runemastery + Restoration
Smithing = Strength + Focus
20 Skill = +1 Stats in both categories
40 Skill = +2 Stats in both categories
60 Skill = +3 Stats in both categories
70 Skill = +4 Stats in both categories
80 Skill = +5 Stats in both categories
90 Skill = +7 Stats in both categories
100 Skill = +10 Stats in both categories
110 Skill = +15 Stats in both categories
120 Skill = +25 Stats in both categories

Gold earned from Lootcrates, Dungeon boxes, Fishing have all been nerfed by 50%
Lootrate in general nerfed by 50% (this is to balance out the increased gold/loot from monster essences)

All donation sets have become 1 donation set (Prismatic). You can choose which weapon you'd like on using the donation doll.
One mastercraft set now (Golden Set)

3 PvP Sets added ingame (Obtainable from PvP)

6 Crafting Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Crafting)

4 Dungeon Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Dungeons)

4 Monster Sets added ingame (Obtainable from Monster Essences)

Awakened Armors have been removed. The best armor in the game will be Mastercrafted.

Stats Change:
Three new stat categories added to Archlight:
Brewmaster - Increases health and mana restored by elixirs.
Luck - Increases your loot rate.
Prosperity - Increases your chance of finding monster essences.
All stat categories now yield 50% less benefit, however stat stones are now 2x easier to obtain.
Reconstructed Spells Table (!spells)
All prestige spells will now be shown in their own subsection on the list. This was something very confusing for new players, looking at a mass amount of spells, most which they cant even use for 1 week down the road.
Many class heals now heal a % of their base health pool. This is to allow better proper scaling of healing for all classes to make it more balanced. The amount of % changes based on the class.
Archer Changes:
No longer have Lifesteal
Class Heals boosted by 150%
Druid Changes:
Mass Healing Removed
Bard Changes:
5 of their party heals removed and replaced with Healing Tune.
This spell will heal everyone around them for a small base amount, but then 5% of their max health and 2% of their max mana every second for 5 seconds. Additionally Songwriting Bards can learn Harped Healing Tune (a stronger version of Healing Tune).
Regeneration Hymn will heal for a small base amount on a single target, but then 3% of their max health and 1% of their max mana every second for 3 seconds.
This will not only make bard slightly more challenging, in terms of having to maintain these regen buffs on multiple players as to not waste it by stacking it, but also allow them to serve a more vital roll in AOE healing to combat the new boss and creature AOE mechanics.
Bard Wave aoe size increased.
Auto Loot Added:
/autoloot - to view all commands, simply add,remove,show,clear from your list. Any item (using their item name!) will be instantly looted if they are on your add loot list!
PvP Honor System Added + PvP Vendor
POI, DHQ and Anni have been turned into high level quests and will yield different rewards on launch.

Events - Minimum Level added to PvP events to limit very low levels joining.

Archlight Tutorial Added (Optional, but yields you free stats and upgrade stone)

Tasks now give 20% as much experience as before, however killing creatures gives 500% more experience.

Prestige Rank 1 Now slightly cheaper than before. Prestige Ranks 2+ remain the same.

Over a dozen spawns revampped/expanded.

PvE - 6 New Dungeons Added in the 1000-2500 Level Range. These dungeons cannot be accessed through the dungeon room, but only by finding the dungeon in respective hunting spawns or through the dungeon finder. (These are not added in the beta)

Raids - All Raids redone to be more interactive, exciting, and teamwork oriented. (These are not added in the beta)

Twitch Livestream

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Open Beta

08 April 2017 (08:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Our beta servers will be live tomorrow 12:00pm PST (21:00CEST) for 24 hours. You can use your existing account, simply create a new character. All characters will be wiped after this in preparing for the release in 7 days. Not all new content will be shown in the beta tomorrow.

Open Beta

08 April 2017 (08:32) by Gamemaster Knighter

Our beta servers will be live tomorrow 12:00pm PST (21:00CEST) for 24 hours. You can use your existing account, simply create a new character. All characters will be wiped after this in preparing for the release in 7 days. Not all new content will be shown in the beta tomorrow.

Age of Dracona - Creature Spot

20 March 2017 (23:44) by Gamemaster Knighter

Age of Dracona - Creature Spotlight
Big Game Creatures

All the big game creatures have been revamped with new mechanics and spells! Click the spoiler button for a teaser on some of the new mechanics!

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Age of Dracona - Boss Spotligh

20 March 2017 (08:17) by Gamemaster Knighter

Age of Dracona - Boss Spotlight
The Forsaken One

As many of you know, the bosses, and many creatures of Archlight are receiving a very large revamp. Not only will they continue and expand upon included mechanics that they already have (such as unique summoning patterns, invincibility when certain creatures are alive, etc) but they will also have powerful/one-hit mechanics that are percentage health based - in other words, even the best players have to keep their heads up on the action! This is a spotlight on the changes made to the Forsaken One and Hardcore Forsaken One.

To go along with her usual healing mechanic, summoning pattern and damage spells, she has also been given 2 new powerful wave spells. One being a flat 3x6 square wave, and the other being a 5 square beam that avoids the middle tile.

These spells have a 2-3 second window for players to avoid them. However, all hardcore bosses, despite sharing similar abilities, have a shorter window for players to avoid their mechanics.

We are very excited about the rejuvenation of all the Archlight bosses, including raid bosses, and the upgrade of many creatures making them more entertaining and exciting to hunt.

Age of Dracona

10 March 2017 (06:24) by Gamemaster Knighter

To View the Landing Page Teaser Click Here

Spring Update and New Era
Archlight Online will be releasing a massive spring expansion and new Era on April 14th. This update will rejunvinate and revamp many features on Archlight. Additionally bringing in dozens of new additions to Archlight Online. Archlight has grown every single Era, and we are excited about a massive Spring Update and a new Era! Our game servers will be going down for maintenance on March 31st to allow us to prepare for the new content. Beta Servers will open for Age of Dracona on April 7th 20:00 CET until April 9th 20:00 CET and Player Creation for Age of Dracona will officially open on April 10th at 18:00 CET.

Spring Hits Archlight!
The Archlight City will receive a Spring overhaul and update! Say goodbye to the snow and christmas trees, and hello to Springtime!

100% of Points Purchased Given Back
One crucial thing for Archlight is that through any Era, we ensure that every player knows every dollar they spend in support of our project will never be lost. We are proud that every single dollar donated for since our first launch in August 2015 is still in the account of the player who has purchased those points. And years from now it will remain as so. All bundles are converted to large point packages based on the value of the bundle. Additionally promotion tokens will be compensated based on points donated.

PvP Sets - Giving New + Weak Players an Edge In PvP
3 PvP Sets - The purpose of these sets is to allow newer and weaker players the ability to have a roll in current pvp. Whether they only play a few hours a week, or are brand new to an era, this gear will allow them to atleast have a sense of affect in PvP combat. Top Tier PvE sets will always be the strongest obtainable gear, however the three PvP sets will allow players to earn these pieces to help close the gap between themselves and top tier players until they catch up with proper PvE gear. Despite the first PvP set being very easily obtained through a small quest line, the last PvP set will be rare, valuable, and powerful catchup tool for any player in PvP.
You see Warlord Armor (Arm:16, PvP Power +22%, PvP Resistance +6%). This item will only increase your damage and resistance in PvP.
PvP Ladder reworked to be more competitive, exciting, automated, and more rewarding.

Equipment System Rework - Hello New Sets!
All Armors and Equipment can now be wielded by any vocation. Equipment stats will vary based on the vocation you are when you "look" at them, or wear them. For example a golden armor will give Mages +34 Magic Level, but a Berserker +41 Sword/Axe/Club. The amount of skill depends on the value of that skill respectively (IE Magic is harder to train and gain, thus equipment will give slightly less Magic to a wielder than other skills). Additionally equipment will give more fist as it is an easier skill to gain. This has opened up dozens of armor sets for us, allowing us to make the following...

Stats Changes - Breaking the Gap
Stat categories 50% weaker, however stat stones will be 100% easier to obtain. We we're considering going back to the old max of 60 points per stat category. However we would like to keep the */100 as it feels more clean, so we will be making the benefit from each stat 50% of what they currently are, however also making them 100% easier to obtain. The net result simply means a player with 100 stats vs your 0 or your 80 will have less of an advantage than before. Stat stones will not only drop easier from current sources (dungeons etc) but also there will be additional ways to earn them ingame through our Lore Quests.

Dungeon, Raid, Creature Mechanics - Adding more depth to every piece of content!
All dungeon bosses, raid bosses, and many top end creatures redone with boss 1-hit/massive damage mechanics and some based on % health. Something that we're very excited about this upcoming era is the revamp of dungeon bosses and keeping their fights entertaining. All bosses will now have spells or abilities that will display tiles, and hit those tiles in an assorted timeframe dealing massive % based damage. What this means is even top tier players will have to be proactive during boss fights, and even some of the more valuable creature hunts, to make sure they do not drop like the rest. Some spells may not be flat damage, but instead stun you in place for several seconds, or prevent healing for some time, or deal a large damage over time to you.

Health Changes - Making Boss Mechanics More Fun
Health Gain and Mana Gain on level up increased by 100%. Healing remains the same. The purpose of this is to allow for creating more interesting pvp, boss and quest mechanics. Having a larger health pool but still similar healing will allow for a higher need of healers, buffers, and better consideration of utilizing large CD heals (more will be added for several vocations as well). More AOE hitting bosses, with larger health pools, will also encourage the demand for a global healer like Bards. Abilities like Evocation and Lifesteal have been reduced 50% (to balance out with the increase of health and mana pools).

Class Changes
Druids will now only have a mini-mass res heal. (This will be their only AOE heal). Druids will become more focused on their current DPS + Single target healing, whereas Bards will be given new and powerful AOE heals, and focus on group and global healing/buffing. This will give them a more vital roll in the future boss and creature mechanics. Healers and Tanks will find a much more vital roll in Age of Dracona due to the changes to health pools, mana pools, healing and boss mechanics.
Lifesteal now solely for berserkers, Archers have received two damage mitigation abilities.
Bards now have a larger spray on their wave.
Additionally many improved/master and normal spells are being reworked to fit a better role for each class.

Archlight Lore + Story
Lore added to Archlight, coming with many small side quests and activities to further earn stat points (cummulative, as the farther down the story you get the more stat points you will receive per side quest). The Lore on how Archlight came to be will be posted in 4 sections, one each week until release. The first piece of Lore has been released in the post below this one ;)

Tutorial Island
A tutorial has been added to Archlight. This is an optional tutorial however it will reward the player with stat points, upgrade stones, gold and experience for completing it. It will only take 5-10 minutes to complete however will teach players many of the fundamentals of Archlight including harvesting, crafting, tasks, dungeons, stats, upgrading and fishing! This tutorial will help alot of new players who find themselves overwhelmed with things to learn. This will help lighten the learning curve to new players and help make Archlight more easily digestable for a new player!

Loot Rework - Making All Money and Loot Worth A Dam!
Lowering of money/item drops, also lowering cost of many things ingame to adjust accordingly. The amount of money in Archlight can be pretty inflated at times. Additionally, looting some rares doesn't feel like anything (boh, crown sets, etc) as theyre so common and money is so easy to get. We will be reworking our looting to drop less money, and less rares, but increasing the value of that money so that it balances out. Essentially what this will result in is loot will be more valuable to players. Many items value from the NPC will also be revalued to be worth more.

Tasks and Experience Changes
Experience from hunting increased, experience from tasks decreased. At high level, after completing several high yield experience tasks, and your dungeons, there is really no purpose to hunting, we want to change that. To accomodate this, we will be lowering the experience yielded from turning in tasks, and instead adding an additional gold reward for completing tasks. Additionally, we will be increasing the experience yielded from creatures by a significant amount. The total experience gained from hunting + turning in task will be similar to how it is now, however you will earn more from the actual hunting itself

New Sets Added For More Content
Creature/Dungeon Boss/Raid Sets - Creature/Boss Farming for endgame gear. Now, endgame sets will have certain pieces that are farmable from top tier creatures and bosses. Bosses at the end of large quests such as Seven Trials etc will also drop very rare and valuable gear including mastercraft equipment. Additionally sets will be added inbetween low tier sets and top tier sets to smoothen the experience so you are more often upgrading your equipment and escalating your power.

Profession Sets + Permanent Buffs
Mining, Fishing, Farming, Blacksmithing, Alchemy, Smelting, Jewelcrafting will now all give you a buff depending on your respective skill. The higher your skill the larger the buff. These buffs can be anything from Health increases, Magic damage increases, Resistance increases etc.
Professions will now also have their own fitting sets that players can earn by mastering their chosen profession.
Furthermore, we will be making dozens of changes to the crafting system currently making it more interactive and exciting.

Additional Changes + Additions!
Events - 2 New CTF Maps added, and 2 New TDM Maps added. These will cycle so each time you join CTF or TDM you will have a new themed map to play on.
Events - Minimum Level added to PvP events to limit very low levels joining.
Prestiging - Prestige 1 cost drastically lowered, prestige 2 slightly lowered, prestige 3+ remains the same.
Upgrading - Amount of upgrade stones needed lowered by 500% (IE chance to upgrade an item from 24-25 before was 2%, now it is 10%) This is to get rid of the repetitive nature, and time wasting of upgrade stone spamming.
Raids - All Raids redone to be more interactive, exciting, and teamwork oriented.
PvE - Over a Dozen spawns expanded/revamped (Dragonlings, Voids, to name a couple)
PvE - 6 New Dungeons Added in the 1000-2500 Level Range.
PvE - 3 New Engagement Quests added (New).

Archlight Lore - Part 1

10 March 2017 (06:24) by Gamemaster Knighter

Written by the servers very own Gild

The Fall Ch. 1
"Man has no control, even over his own will.”

Crusaders were quite a rare site in our town. The last Crusader that had shown up here was over 50 years ago, and would have surely passed his mantle down, posthumously. That made it even more surprising when two of them were spotted headed for our gates. The guard in charge that night, swore they were alone, save for what appeared to be the remnants of a third crusader, being dragged by the other two.

What follows this, is the accounts of the me, and the villagers, compiled and recorded so that the mistakes we made, may never happen again. If we had never let them in, maybe disaster would have skipped over us. We could have stayed out of it all. Well, maybe that’s what I’d like to think. The fact remains it didn’t, it wouldn’t, and it won’t.

Written on the 22nd of Aerra,195 A.R

To understand the present, you have to know our past. Located in a far northern peninsula, Light had always been an out of the way, kind of place. Our town was quiet, peaceful, and the embodiment of all things decent. Parents let their kids roam around the town til late at night, dogs chased birds down the cobblestone streets, and you could always count on Joe and Lib to be down at the docks, casting their lines for the competing fish. Very rarely did we have unknown visitors, as most of the merchants that came and went, were born here. The city was fairly populous, a little over a thousand. The year was 181 A.R, the year of our king, Lord Cross. His                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           family had ruled by divine right, paragons of the gods, chosen by the powers above. His lineage could be traced back to the start of humankind’s stay on this continent. He was a fair, and just ruler. Loved by his subjects, and respected by his enemies. At the time, I was merely a lowly squire of twenty two, to a near infamous knight, Sir Smox. Smox in his own right, was a prestigious Archer, capable of winning any tournament he entered had he so felt inclined to let others compare themselves to him. He was a member of a group of Heroes that were known from western cities such as Piro, to the far eastern ones of Doren and Herete. Led by brave people, such as Ken Right, Smox, and Sid, this group had engaged in countless skirmishes, wars and battles, for the good of our city, to more profitable methods such as treasure hunting and ruin diving. They were used for the good, the bad, and everything in between. An indispensable resource for a city such as ours. Rumors say that their roots can be traced back to the founding of the city, and orders set forth by the founder. They only ever were known as Heroes, as if somehow any other name would inspire people less often.

Our city had been founded somewhere around two hundred years ago. The first stones of the abbey, laid by a warrior known as Matthias. With his own hands, he had slain countless obstacles to seize the land, in order to ensure that no man, woman or child would have to endure the horrors of his youth. Other than a bedtime story for children, not much was ever known about Matthias. He had lived and died in a time that most people thought of as fantasy, and full of wonderment. To inspire all, and provide hope to even the darkest corners of humanity, the city was given a proper name by it’s founder. The city of Light.

The night the Crusaders stood, screaming outside the gates, begging and pleading to be let in, seemed like any other night. The sky was clear, shining alight with the thousand specks that comprised the entirety of our universe. Most people were home, but plenty were still out and about. The city was a peaceful place at night, at provided plenty of time for self thought, or even more carnal desires. I was stuck with guard duty that night, and was one of the first people to help make the decision that killed thousands of people, and nearly shattered our world.

As the lead guard that night, Shin, was charged with making the final decision. He was a fairly capable Hero, and had long ago retired to guard over the city. Looking back, as we all stood and deliberated whether or not it was a trick, a trap, or even something more dubious, I can’t help but feel like it was all a set up. Somehow, someone knew why these men were here. Before most of us could even be swayed over, Shin was jogging down the stairs to the postern gate, intent on finding out for himself. He reached the door, went out and retrieved the Crusaders, and helped to carry the third one. Bringing them into the city was the first, and last mistake that Shin had made. Since I was a squire at the time, I was deemed to be unfit for complicated matters such as this, was given “promotion” of being the messenger to present the situation to the King, and head home upon completion of this task. Grumbling, and saluting to my superiors, I collected my gear and left the Guardhouse. Heading to the King’s manor, I presented the servant with the message, and left. Heading home, entering the house, and falling asleep. All of it happened fast enough, that to this day, after years of thought, I still can’t remember doing it. It was almost like I was in a dream.

The next morning, the screaming had woken me, and nearly everyone else in the city. The cities horns blared and bells crashed, calling for all soldiers and militia to arm themselves, and all bystanders to stay in their homes. As I fumbled around the room, grabbing my helmet, pack, and dagger, I left my longsword on the floor, where I had dropped my belt the night before. I still regret not retrieving it when I left. It may have helped me save more lives. Running outside, I headed to where the commotion seemed to be coming from, the gatehouse I had been posted at. Pushing through the crowd of people, telling people to stay calm, I inched closer and closer to the clearing about a few hundred yards from the gate. As I broke through the gathering of people, a truly horrific sight was presented to me.

Bodies were strewn everywhere, across the clearing, smashed against walls, some nearly ripped in half as if they were parchment. Viscera and gore, only reserved for the depths of a war, on a battlefield, were present in a town where people regularly left doors unlocked. Chunks of flesh, armor and other parts that I could not identify, were oozing blood and other liquids. Near a group of a few soldier’s piled near the main door, a Crusader’s corpse lay. Armor, rent and smashed out, twisted at angles that no human could have endured. Something told me that whatever killed the Crusader, was a true monster. Several loud thuds from inside the gatehouse signified that this battle was not yet concluded. For a brief moment after the thuds, silence echoed across the clearing. The courtyard was virtually at a standstill. Without warning, a roar shattered the silence, piercing the veil of everyone’s thoughts. It felt like a hot iron, sliding slowly through your head, as if every inch threatened to kill, yet you remained.
As if suddenly a switch was flipped, whatever group of people had accumulated, quickly dispersed. The crowd of bystanders was suddenly, and quite amazingly, gone.

Had I been smart, I might have followed them. Most humans have gut reactions to situations, a flight or fight response. Upon hearing, seeing, or smelling a predator, most choose to be wary, and retreat. Unfortunately, driven by curiosity, and a duty to my fellow soldiers, I instead did the opposite. I inched closer and closer to the door, preparing for whatever I may have needed to do. As I passed the Crusader, I peered down at his body, or what was left of it. The closest thing imaginable, is viewing a corpse with a cannonball wound, as if the entire chest area had been vaporized in an instant. Reaching down, and picking up a sword, I pushed the door to the building open, slowly. As if it was a joke, the hinges screamed out, grinding and creaking, making a noise similar to a drunk Barbarian. Every instinct in my body was slamming through my head, telling me that whatever was in here, wouldn’t hesitate to turn me into the mess I was standing in. As the door groaned open, it seemed to move of it’s own will, and finished opening with barely any effort.