Season 1 - July 28th

13 July 2017 (22:30) by Gamemaster Knighter

Season 1 Releases July 28th. 9AM PST / Noon EST / 18:00 CEST

Here are some teaser screenshots to wet ur beak ;)

Pirates Teaser

14 June 2017 (02:15) by Gamemaster Knighter

Subscriber Mailing List

12 June 2017 (23:21) by Gamemaster Knighter

We have added a new Archlight Subscriber List!

This is free, and can simply be done by going to Manage Your Account, Settings, and checking the box Subscribe.

We will not be sending any spam through this, emails will be infrequent, and when they are sent, they will have a purpose. We plan to use this strictly for big announcements, promotions and free giveaways to Subscribers. You can unsubscribe at anytime.

So if you wanna win free shit, Subscribe Now!

Hotfix patch 7.3.1

04 June 2017 (02:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Hotfix patch 7.3.1

Fixed the awakened bard aoe size
Awakening Witch's Hourglass now properly applies 1 more dot
Levitate fixed
Healing Ritual Fixed
Strong Evocation Fixed
Issue with trinkets and their gems fixed
Issue with refreshing amulets/rings fixed.

Additionally, remember awakening spells are new, they may be nerfed, buffed, based on what we feel. Please do not spam us with "OMG this one SUCKS, I HATE MY VOC NOW CAUSE (INSERT VOC HERE)'s is BETTER. We will do our best to make sure they are all balanced with time. But we don't change things instantly on the fly, we like to gather adequate information before we make changes.

New Companion Bonuses

03 June 2017 (23:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

~*~Free Donation Bonuses~*~

From June 3rd - June 24th all donations of 159.99 receive a FREE

Grim Reaper Companion (+2 to ALL stats - this can go above the max stat capp)


Penguin Companion (+25% gold nugget find)

+ PLUS +

a FREE 1 month of premium

Patch 7.3.0

02 June 2017 (11:04) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 7.3.0
goes live Saturday 12pm PST (21:00 CEST)

Awakening Tomes Released
Awakening Tomes we're added to make the spell upgrade version of prestiging a bit more interesting and customizable. Everytime you prestige you will be given one Awakening Point. This can be used to "Awaken" a spell. Every spell can hold up to 5 points. Each point will increase its performance by 5% (to a total of 25%). Once a spell has been fully Awakened (5/5 points) it will also have an additional ability change. An example of an awakened spell for berserker is strong spinning blades, once fully awakened it will spin a second time dealing 50% extra damage, pyroblast awakened will apply a burning flame on the target for 2 seconds dealing a % of the spells damage. We have decided to keep the actual amount and exact numbers secret for awakening spells, however they will have a description of roughly what they do.
For now we will be releasing 5 awakening spells for each vocation, one for each spec, one healing, and two misc ones. In the future we plan to add more awakening spells so each vocation has 7-10 they can awaken.
Players will be given one awakening point per prestige level they are.
Players will earn one awakening point pet prestige level they achieve.
Awakening Tomes will not be sold or in lootcrates but strictly in game.
Awakening Tomes will be purchasable with an in-game/non-shop currency being explained and released in the near future.
Awakening Reset Potions can be purchased from the store if you screw up.
Spec related awakening spells will be able to be reset for free so when you change specs you can reallocate those freely.

2 New Companions will join the Archlight Family 

these will be bonus donation items - Info to be released on Saturday.

3 New Companions to be released next patch through in-game quests + content.

Near Future Release
Just so everyone knows, after this patch we may be slightly quiet for a week or max two week period. This is to prepare a massive upcoming update for Archlight. We will be putting together two videos explaining the future, what's to come, and ultimately hype trailers for it. We could do a simple text teaser about it, but to be honest, it is such a big step for Archlight that we really want to fully explain it in a video. Just know, we're cooking something up.... and you should be fuckin stoked.

Archlight Merch!?

31 May 2017 (08:12) by Gamemaster Knighter

Archlight Merch! Take a vote -


31 May 2017 (00:10) by Gamemaster Knighter

Welcome to our new Lead Game Client Developer Jasminko to the Team -

Little tease of what's coming up ;) more info to come in a video.