Developer Post

10 June 2019 (20:37) by Gamemaster Ninja

Hey everyone! 

Hope you all had a good weekend and enjoyed a few days of 2x Monster Essences! It will remain until tomorrow morning, roughly 13~ hours from now!

We have a few things we want to share with you tonight :)

1. We are super excited to have 2 new members joining the Archlight Development team. The first being M0zzy, who has joined our team to do story & quest dialogue writing for upcoming content & expansions. This is quite exciting as M0zzy has a BA in creative writing from Washington University, as well as alot of fantasy writing experience, we cant wait for the depth he is able to add to our upcoming content. Additionally, Tata has officially joined our Development team as well as a game designer & developer. He will be focusing exclusively on adding more content to Archlight in a steady stream, developing new dungeons (he's already done some), new quests, and essentially consistently focusing on new content while the rest of our team works on other things such as bug fixing, new systems, player support & other various things. Having a dedicated content designer will be huge for the amount of content we can consistently bring once he is fully trained in the position. While we have seen another large growth this season - Thank you so much to everyone apart of that, it's so humbling to us that so many of you partake in this community & adventure we call Archlight - We have huge things in the works currently, we want to bring new life into Archlight for veterans and the new players alike.

2. We have made a new channel called #player_staff_discussion this will be a new channel that Phoenix will primarily lead, however i will be providing the topics for the most part, and also reviewing the feedback and discussion, however phoenix will lead the discussions on my behalf. Topics will be pinned in there and the entire community is able to partake, we encourage you to partake as well, for years Archlight has been a mixture of developer & community feedback. So many of our ideas, concepts, designs have come either directly from the community, or a hybrid from communications or further development process. The more we hear from, the more feedback we have on how to tackle some issues we want to address such as PvP, Guilds & More. We want to hear from all of you, veterans, free 2 play players, new players, all of you! We already have several topics planned, and they'll be shared in there as we feel we have enough discussion to move on to the next topic! This channel will be moderated, so if you go completely insane in there phoenix will mute your discussion in there - I will oversee any issues as needed, but primarily keep it constructive so we can gain productive feedback and help each other grow. The last thing we want is to disable your voice. If you are silenced in this channel, you will have the rank #nosoupforyou added so you cannot talk in that channel specifically anymore.

3. Misty Mountains & Heroic Quests will be releasing this upcoming weekends patch for everyone to enjoy :)

Patch Notes June 7th

04 June 2019 (03:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch Notes June 7th
These will be applied to NA & EU
Throughout the last few days we've been fixing many misc issues here and there but have been able to reload them all in. More patch notes will likely be added before Friday

Damage Number Display Options
You will now be able to display damage & healing numbers in multiple different cleaner ways, Normal, Abreviated or Percentage based. 

Mentor Tokens
The Amount of Mentor Tokens you will receive has been doubled.
Sugar Canes have been added to the Mentor Token Shop for 2 tokens.
Jorus, Otherworlds Seal (required for story progress), Otherworlds Castle (required for story progress), Cooking Up A Storm all now have Mentee Tokens giving 10 | 10 | 10 | 14 mentor tokens each. 
In future seasons, Mentee tokens will not be given until after 2 weeks from Launch.

Test of Strength
Test of strength tasks for Otherworlds creatures have all been reduced by 50%

Vocation Balances
Rogues Base Attack Damage has been increased by 30%
Archers Base Attack Speed increased by 20%

Pokemon Autochess Balances
Rhyhorns ability stun duration lowered from 2s > 1.5s
Rhydons ability stun duration lowered from 3s > 2.5s
Golem Ability Damage Lowered from 600 > 550
Gravelers Ability Damage lowered from 400 > 375
Weepinbell Ability Damage lowered from 450 > 425
Victreebell Ability Damage lowered from 625 > 600
Bellsproute Ability Damage lowered from 275 > 250
Electric Synnergy buffed from 10% per electric type to 15%
Nidorina's Ability Stun Duration lowered from 2s > 1s
Nidoranf Ability Stun Duration lowered from 2s > 1.25s
Nidoqueens Ability Stun Duration lowered from 2s > 1.5s
Nidoqueens Ability Damage lowered from 350 > 300

Instanced Quests
Instanced Quests will now fully reset all mechanics (Levers, Missing Walls, Teleporters, Etc) to avoid abuse of this but primarily to avoid people getting stuck.

Monster Fixes
Summons will no longer spawn on invisible tiles
Monsters will now walk on fire/energy/poison fields when they are targeted by a player
Increased population spawn rate boost 

Pokemon Autochess Fixes
Selecting yourself will no longer train your melee/distance/or magic
Rhyhorn & Rhydon's ultimate attack (previously it didn't stun pokemon that stood diagonal)

Pokemon Autochess Enhancements
Added portuguese translation for egg/field popups
Fixed an issue with candies button 

Auto Attacks
Allow players to push creatures (pushable only) while using their auto attacks

Disabled magic wall & wild growth rune

Added new client background
Increased emojis duration

Added no-logout zones to Chimera Lair's boss room
Added teleports too avoid getting stuck behind the gates in Hardcore Hellfire Mountain
Fixed a stairs bug in Gnomevil Spawn (stuck in wall)

Patch Notes May 24th

24 May 2019 (00:16) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch Notes - May 24th

All of these patch notes will apply to NA & EU!

First off, we wanted to thank everyone for the insane attention & hype our new Pokechess game has received! We hear your 50+ pm's a day asking for longer hours, and we are increasing them (And will continue to increase them as we iron out any and all remaining bugs that are found!) 
The Pokemon Autochess hours will be extended from 4 hours a day to 8!
10:00am - 11:59am Eastern Time
6:00pm - 7:59pm Eastern Time 
10:00am - 1:59pm Eastern Time
6:00pm - 9:59pm Eastern Time

Additionally, the Pokemon Autochess will be available for those same hours (however CET) on the EU server!
You can view all the pokemon Autochess Changes & Balances at the end of these Patch Notes!

2x Dungeon Rewards for 72 Hours (24th > 27th)!
From when the patch goes live (Around 10:00am PT/1:00pm ET) until Monday Around (10:00am PT/1:00pm ET) all dungeons will give double the amount of dungeon boxes!
You can see all events/boosts in-game now using the Calendar button on the UI!

Daily Login Rewards Calendar
We have added a new calendar in-game that I think everyone will very much enjoy :) This new calendar can be used once a day by simply logging in and you will receive a soulbound reward based on your power rating. These rewards include anything from Upgrade Stones/Stat Stones (For low power players) to Relic Upgrade Stones (For high power players).

Catch-Up Items Added!
New Player or Low Power Player? Now is the time to login and play! Players now will receive catch-up pouches by completing dungeons! These catch-up pouches include the following
Catchup Stat Stones (Max stats of 500 total)
Catchup Upgrade Stones (Max upgrade of 12)
Catchup Soul Stones (Max upgrade of 8)
Catchup Rune Stones (Max upgrade of 8)
Catchup Bronze, Silver & Golden Regrade Keys

Archlight Store
Poke Candies have been added to the Archlight Store.
Oblation & Reaping Amulets have been added to the Living Archlight Token Exchanger.
Reaping Amulets have been reduced from 6 LAT to 5 LAT.

UI Changes
We have made several significant UI improvements including the following.
New UI for Daily Boosts & Spending Boost Points (Cleaner, makes more sense to new players, better organized)
New UI for Broadcasted Messages from us staff (Easier to read, cleaner, etc)
Event Calender & Reward Calendar is now properly shifted to apply Sunday - Saturday weeks.

Guild Sieges
You are now able to spectate guild sieges from above (without being seen) if you/your guild is/are not participating by taking the guild siege portal or using !travel once the portal has closed.

Corsair Cards are now infinite
"Draw Cards" will now only create 1 card
Fixed Ashen Pistols not properly using cards.

Necromancer soul rune pvp damage lowered by 50%

Fixed Many Minor Item Descriptions
Finally added the long awaited Piece of Hell Steel task
Made Heroes & POI bosses force respawn to fight people who got trapped inside thier respective rooms.
Fixed an issue with ricochet doing more damage than intended
Mimic Scrolls cost lowered from 50at to 25at

Pokemon Autochess Changes
Pokemon Autochess ranks now shown in leaderboard
Achievements, Candies and Rank obtained from Pokechess is now properly account-wide
You will now have a selection of 5 pokemon per roll instead of 4 - This will help allow for more routes to take, and less dependant on a low amount of RNG possibilities.
Some pokemon are now dual-field or dual-egg type pokemon, meaning they will contribute to 2 different synnergies! Because of this, these pokemon have also been slightly nerfed, as they offer the ability to fulfill multiple synnergies.
To clear up one confusion some have. Shiny's obtained are Exclusive & Bound to that account forever. You will automatically have these every season & on your EU account if the accounts are linked (These will be pushed every few months~).
We have also added 2 new channels to our discord now already, called eng_pokechess_general & pt_pokechess_general for discussion about the pokechess!
We will also be having a "pokemon league" and tournament coming soon, so practice up ;)

Pokemon Autochess Balances
Paras/Parasect is now Grass & Poison Types
Paras/Parasect damage reduced by 10%
Staryu/Starmie is now Psychic & Water Types
Staryu/Starmie damage reduced by 10%
Oddish/Gloom/Vileplume is now Poison & Grass.
Oddish/Gloom/Vileplum damage reduced by 20%
Rhydons stun has been lowered from 4s > 3s
Geodude, Graveler & Golems attack has been lowered by 20%
Mineral Synnergy damage reflected buffed from 20% > 30%
Bellsprout ultimate damage lowered from 300 > 275
Weepingbell ultimate damage lowered from 500 > 450
Victreebell ultimate damage lowered from 700 > 625

Patch Notes May 24th

21 May 2019 (20:10) by Gamemaster Ninja

Many more patch notes will come for non-pokechess related things, but we wanted to tease a few things now already regarding the autochess!

First off, we wanted to thank everyone for the insane attention & hype our new Pokechess game has received! We hear your 50+ pm's a day asking for longer hours, and we are increasing them (And will continue to increase them as we iron out any and all remaining bugs that are found!)

The Pokemon Autochess hours will be extended from 4 hours a day to 8!
10:00am - 11:59am Eastern Time
6:00pm - 7:59pm Eastern Time 
10:00am - 1:59pm Eastern Time
6:00pm - 9:59pm Eastern Time

Additionally, the Pokemon Autochess will be available for those same hours (however CET) on the EU server!

We have also added 2 new channels to our discord now already, called eng_pokechess_general & pt_pokechess_general for discussion about the pokechess!

More patch notes to come this week!

Coins For Clips!

17 May 2019 (21:51) by Gamemaster Ninja

Want to win Archlight Coins, just by watching your favorite streamer play Archlight!? Go get some clips for us of Archlight! Send us clips of exciting moments, funny moments, pvp, high level quests, and we will reward you with up to 1000 Archlight Coins per clip! To be clear, some clips may not be rewarded for any coins, we will only be rewarding good/exciting clips! We have this disclaimer so people arn't sending us virtually anything that happens xD But be sure to watch our common Archlight streamers listed below and send @[Gamemaster] Rufus your clips! (Hard paradox will be streaming the new poke autochess in 3 hours as well - so great chance to get some clips!)Oh, and you can even watch their vods if you missed their stream to get clips!

Some examples of great clips!

Patch Notes May 17th

16 May 2019 (23:35) by Gamemaster Ninja


Pokemon Autochess Released!

The Pokemon Autochess will only be available twice a day, for 2 hours at a time (eventually we will increase this to 24/7!)
You can play the Autochess in these timeslots on NA only (to minimize queue times)
10:00am > 11:59am - Eastern Time (Server Time)
6:00pm > 7:59pm - Eastern Time (Server Time)

To play, simply click the pokeball Icon on the top left of your UI and Queue!
Everyone should give the mini-game atleast 1 try, as by playing once you will receive 30 Free Heirloom points and 20 Free Poke-Candies :)
55% More Instances have been added for Dungeons
This requires a good deal of time adding more instances, but with our growing active playerbase, we need to get more in! This should hopefully handle the increased player demand, we will work on adding additional ones in the near future as well.
New In-Game Calendar
We have added an in-game calendar! This will track event times (such as sarandiel event for example, 2x dungeon days/weekends, etc!), patch days (most atleast) and more!
Minor rework to avoid possible abuse outside dungeons/ramparts/rifts/events (consider this a nerf since it shouldn't select their highest power throughout their gameplay but their current)
Summon Scaling
Fixed scaling in dungeon/ramparts/rifts (they shouldn't be affected by their fixed scaling, led to either more/or less damage)
Heroes Cave
Fixed improper stone position
Rei Dos Coins
Fully Automatic! No need to PM me about the bonus items anymore - you will automatically receive them!
Fixed faulty probability for a specific tree ID which ultimately led it not to regenerate
Magic Walls/Wild Growths
Display the caster upon looking at them
Allow player to re-enter as many times as they want although they will not be able to receive bags from creatures as long as they've got cooldown (quest log entry will be added)
Upgrade will be re-applied upon equipping in case there has been an increase/decrease in attack.
Progression Tokens
You can no longer use them if you are at your current boost points cap (500 for non premium 750 for premium)
Miscellaneous fixes (dungeons/spawns)

We're Hiring!

10 May 2019 (07:56) by Gamemaster Ninja

Due to the growth of our playerbase and the increasing desire for our team to create more unique content such as Shadows of The Ashen, we have opened two new positions in our team for anyone interested in a Junior Game Design position And/Or Junior Story Writer position! This position would be half pay half apprenticeship. We have a short apprenticeship period, in which after you would be fully paid for the position. Monthly pay will be discussed once/if your application is chosen, however, this is not a high paying position, we are looking for someone who has drive, passion, and motivation towards Archlight and is interested in Game Design or Improving their story writing. While this position is far from a full time position, we do want someone who feels they can commit to a position in which we will invest alot of our time training you in.

What will you receive
1. Experience with a fully operational and veteran team.
2. Consistant feedback and help improving game design and/or story writing abilities.
3. Monthly Wage & Archlight Coins (If you want these)
4. If we are feel you are fit for it, a full time job with our team

What the position entails
Game Design Position
Designing future content, which often will involve working with a mapper/artist/programmer.
Improving current content depth and flow.
Working with other staff on game design aspects.
Helping with misc small tasks for the team.

Story Writing

Writing new quest dialogues, NPC dialogues & misc dialogues.
Writing short stories (3-5 paragraphs) for new expansions

You are able to apply for both positions if that's what you feel equipped for, or just one of the other.

If you are interested in either of these position, please send in an application to including the following:


Since when have you played Archlight (season or month & year if possible):
Why do you feel you would be fit for this position:
What do you feel you would contribute to our team in the Junior Game Design And/Or Story Writer Position:
Any relevant experience if any, if none, simply put N/A:
List of MMORPG's you have played in the last 5 years, and roughly how long on each if possible/you remember:
(For Design Position) If you have played another MMORPG other than Tibia/OTs, what was one of your favorite things that the dev's of one of those MMORPG's did in their design choices?
(For Writer Position) Please write an intro to a short story about a Dwarf in the Fantasy Setting in under 250 words (Minimum 150).
Hours a week you would be available for the position:

Also after you apply, shoot me a PM on discord that you did :)

Additional Patch Notes!

26 April 2019 (02:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Doorbusters & Cross-Server Aura's!

Not only are all prices reduced by 25%~ on NA & EU moving forward. But for the first 48 hours of NA's Launch, any donation of
$71.99 (59.99euros) will come with 5 FREE Archlight Keys!

& any donation of
$143.99 (119.99euros) will come with 10 FREE Archlight Keys!

These will not run out over the 48 hour duration, but after that will no longer be available.

In the past, we would do cosmetics as doorbusters, that had a limited supply and once out were gone! Many have addressed that they would much prefer we did Season/Era exclusive's, instead of a limited supply, and we have listened!
On Launch, 5 New Aura's will be available on NA! These will be one of the few promotions we do on NA, and thus they will be available all season/era long! Meaning you dont need to full rushed to buy 2 on day 1 if you wanted 2 of them! We feel this is better than having them for a brief limited time and instead players can pace themselves how they choose, or splurge and treat themselves ;)

In order the aura names are 
Faith Guard | Sin | Mystic | Static | Illumination

Each of these Aura's are T4 Health & Mana Aura's (Highest Tier) giving the user +1.5%/1.5% health & mana (All cosmetics were lowered due to the Health/Mana Buff)!

Additionally; all of these are Limited Edition Exclusives & CROSS-SERVER! Meaning you will receive them back automatically every season, on your NA & EU accounts! And lastly, we will be pushing these to your EU heirloom account a few days after NA's launch, meaning you can enjoy it on your EU account shortly after as well!
Each will be 8 Living Tokens (which are now 25% cheaper)

Content Creators Playing Archlight North America!
We are excited to announce Hegal has also signed on as a content creator! He will be making youtubes & livestreaming on twitch on Archlight with his nearly 20,000sub channel! You can check him out here -
Below you can see a full list of all the content creators playing Archlight Online! (however, 2-3 more are likely to be added before launch) ;)

Ashen Content Placement!
We spent a good deal of time deciding where we wanted to align the Ashen Content and if or if not we want it to be apart of the Story Quest Progression. Our primary goal in mind was we wanted to #1 make sure that everyone who plays gets to experience the Ashen Expansion (This was by far our favorite expansion to make, and has alot of really fun & unique boss fights & quest mechanics) and #2 we wanted it to release to EU relatively soon. 

Thus, The Shadows Of The Ashen Expansion Content will be available right after Iceforged! There is a portal to access it in the depot, that will take you to Necropolis where you will start your first Ashen Quests that are able to be done solo or with others, and then through the Quest UI you will be able to access 4 of the Main Ashen Quests.
Because of the placement of the Ashen Content & Ashen Weapons, we have further adjusted the attack of several weapons (This is based on 2h weapons)

Ashen Sword (T1) - 1 Attack
Refined Ashen Sword (T2) - 10 Attack
Greater Ashen Sword (T3) - 20 Attack
Superior Ashen Sword (T4) - 30 Attack
Maledict Ashen Sword (T5) - 41 Attack (But each weapon has +20 to a stat of your choosing)
Maledict Ashen Weapons will also be required for later weapon progress ;)
Goldencrafted Weapons - 41 Attack
Iceforged - 42 Attack
Mastercrafted Weapons - 43 Attack
Reforged Mastercrafted - 45 Attack
Forgemaster Weapons - 48 Attack

Keep in mind, these are all base attack rates, and weapons scale higher from upgrades if they have a higher base.

Rei Dos Coins Promotion Items!
South American Players Rejoice! Now any coin purchase from Rei Dos Coins will come with the Promotion Items that paypal users get as well! In the near future, the amount of coins you get will slightly lower because of this, as Rei Dos Coins takes a large portion of the payments that paypal does not.

Increased Party Size For Tasks!
We have increased the amount of party members that receive contribution towards a task from 2 to 4! I know many of you will be very excited about this change :) we may one day change this back, but we will see how it goes with 4!

Max Party Size Increased
Max Party Size increased to 40 as many mentioned they run large PUB runs, however it remains limited to 20 for Heroic Quests & Ramparts.

House Bid Duration has been lowered from waiting 48 hours to 24 hours.

You can now see your full shop transaction history!