Corsair Spotlight

10 August 2017 (02:14) by Gamemaster Knighter

Corsair Spell Spotlight - Corsairs Gamble

Level: 1500
Spec: Gambler
Cooldown: 5 minutes
Duration: 5 minutes
Description: The Corsair rolls his dice, on a 1, 2 or 3 he receives no buff. However, on a 4, 5 or 6 him and his party receive the following buff for 5 minutes:
4 - +10% Resistance
5 - +10% Experience Gain
6 -  +8% Damage Dealt

Patch 8.0.4

09 August 2017 (18:58) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 8.0.4 (Live 8.09.17 - 11am PST)

Rare Goods Collector Added
Awakening/Specialization NPC Added
Awakening Spells for Corsair and Rogue Added
Shadow Step Added Ingame
Rogue - Smoke Bomb, Shadowfang, Blink Step, Death Blossom, Jugulate, Slice and Dice
Corsair - Extra Shot of Gin, Extra Shot of Vodka, Gauss Barrel, Second Wave, Explosive Shot, Corsair's Gamble

Congratulations To New Tutors

07 August 2017 (03:02) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to our 3 New Tutors!

Hahstudios, Grino and Straight Tank. Feel free to poke these guys for information about Archlight!

Sharptooth Isle

04 August 2017 (00:00) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 8.0.3 and Sharptooth Isle Release
(Coming 8.04.17)

Ready to test your luck with Sharptooth?

Patch Notes
Sharptooth Isle Added, 8 new custom creatures added as well as several custom sprites.
Sharptooth Quest added.
Sharptooth weapons added (custom sprites).
Second Promo Item Added to Token Exchanger for 200 Tokens
Added NPC to exchange items from crates that are unusable in the season back into new keys. NPC is located on the depots rooftop.
Fixed a tile in 500 quest where you could steal one of the weapons
Rebalanced a few creatures
Added a new spawn with 2 new creatures - Elder Oasis Hydra and Enraged Oasis Crocodiles
Fixed an issue with the Voodoo Staff
Fixed many launcher issues and client startup issues (This has been our focus over the past couple days).
Fixed an issue with events
Fixed awakening achievements
Fixed a couple NPC dialogues
Corsair Cannon Barrage buffed significantly, using a poorly scaling formual before.

Client 1.0.6

02 August 2017 (19:40) by Gamemaster Knighter

A new version of the ArchClient is now available (1.0.6) This has many fixes to the ArchBot including what is causing the crashing with it. Please close your client, reopen the launcher and update to 1.0.6. Direct Download is also available, but first attempt to update from the launcher, as we fixed the previous issues and this is the best source to update from.

Patch + Client Build

01 August 2017 (19:16) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 8.0.2 & Client Build 1.0.5

Seasonal Highscores Added (Ingame Window - Seasonal Badges, Awakening Level, Level and Power)
Seasonal Achievements Viewable. These should be a high priority and focus for all players, as seasonal badges are a very valuable currency and will be used to buy custom spell animations, outfits, equipment, unique enchantments and upgrades.
Awakening Levels now properly add experience and scale
Spelllist now properly filters

Berserkers spinning blade damage lowered by 8%
Berserkers strong spinning blade damage lowered by 4.5%
Berserkers fierce berserk damage minimum raised by 10%, maximum lowered by 20% (more consistant)
Attack Speed lowered by 9%
Berserkers Charge now has a 8 second cooldown instead of 2, it now lasts for 4 seconds. However, while charging, the berserker is immune to paralyze

Rogues Melee Damage Buffed by further 10%
Rogues Fan of Knives buffed by 45%
Clone Jutsu will now properly taunt creatures off you.
Clone Jutsu duration increased from 3s > 4s
Rogues will additionally soon be getting a new mechanic similar to corsairs called venoms. Venoms can be equipped in the arrow slot and will modify rogue attacks based on the venom equipped. We will introduce a Enhanced Single Target Damage Venom, A Healing Venom, and a Splash Damage Venom to increase Rogues monster clear rate. We hope to have this in within the next 3-4 days. Rogues, please bear with us on your lack of AOE clear as this will solve that issue.
Rogues have received a spell called Dip and Weave which dramatically increases their movement speed for 6 seconds. While weaving, the rogue is immune to paralyze.
Rogues have a new spell called Cunning Blades which increases their dagger skill for a short duration.

Corsair's Dead Eye buffed by 12.5% and animation changed.
Corsair's Dead Eye cooldown reduced from 12s to 9s
Corsair's Run The Barrel cooldown reduced from 8s to 7s

Client Changes
Chat, Skills, Inventory Windows, Health Window, and many more windows can now have their transparency changed.
Panels will now Scale based on your monitor size (People with smaller monitors see very little of their game as the panels don't scale, now they will, this will be a massive difference for people who play on a smaller screen)
Complete UI overhaul, now using a much sleeker, lighter and less bulky UI

Bot Fixes
Redone UI for SD Options.
Redone UI for Auto spell options.
Added some more auto spell options.
Fixed an error in Combo Heal Rune.
Fixed various errors in Spell Shooter.
Fixed an error in ComboSD.
Removed Fishing option till later fixes are provided.
Fixed a minor bug to just use some auto spells if not in pz.
Added distance for Spell Rotation.
Fixed a bug where a module was droping fps sometimes.
Added Dragon fruit to auto eater.
Disabled completely AutoLooting for now.
Added a Basic bard healer (working in a more advanced one).
Added a Reconnect option.
Fixed a minor issue with Heal & Mana windows.
You can now correcty save settings in Spellshooter.

Developer Q&A Livestream!

01 August 2017 (02:19) by Gamemaster Knighter

On August 2nd at 11am PST (20:00 CEST) we will be doing a Twitch Developer Q&A Livestream. This is your chance to hear your questions answered by our development team! If you cannot make it, there will be a VOD of it posted on our youtube channel! Any questions you wish to have answered, please post them clearly in the Livestream Q&A Channel in our discord! You can also ask questions in the chat during the livestream!

Additionally, we will be giving away 2500 points (500 to each person) to 5 people during the stream!

Give the stream a follow so you don't miss it!

Quick post

31 July 2017 (19:32) by Gamemaster Knighter

I get asked this alot, so i'm going to make a clear post. Anything donated for on Seasons you will never lose. Every single point and token. They will always be reinstated on a new season or era to that account.