Launch Party!

29 October 2017 (00:50) by Gamemaster Ninja

Archlight Legends

27 October 2017 (18:52) by Gamemaster Ninja

First off, we would like to apologize for the issues we have faced throughout this Era. These were largely due to our advances we have made in many avenues of Archlight, including more complicated game mechanics, systems, and content, but ultimately the advancements in our ArchClient and ArchBot. These have been massive steps for us as a development team, and with massive steps forward comes a couple steps back. This Era unfortunatly was affected by some of these steps back. This included a period of lag and kick issues, something we have since found the root cause of and fixed permenantly. Our client, performance and aesthetics has made massive jumps from where it started out. We now feel very comfortable in the held ground we have made moving forward after handling these issues that arose.

We additionally would like to respond to a second complaint, one we had more power over than the one above and handled it incorrectly. This past Era we felt alot of pressure from the community to constantly release new and unique content. We felt if we missed 1 week without releasing something new there would be disapointment by the community. We believe this is due to over the past 2 years our increase in productivity and team size has created a snowball affect where if we scaled back, it would be seen as a disapointment by players. However, because of this pressure and "fire under our asses" we put out alot of content that had issues, some hard to forsee (every online game developer has issues post-releasing content) however we had alot of issues we could have easily forseen... and simply didn't as we rushed it out and didn't take the proper time to bugtest it. This is our fault and our responsibility and us failing to deliver quality over quantity. The entire Archlight Team apologizes for this, and we hope you know we did this out of the desire to release as much content (unique content at that) as possible. We handled it wrong, and promise to handle it better moving forward. We have made neccesary changes to our team and protocol to ensure a better handling of this in the future. Our main focus moving forward is delivering high quality content tested and measured to the best of our capabilities.

Additionally, we too long have been a server catering around a small population. This is an extremely poor way of running a company and an online game.. We have been focusing 80% of our effort on catering to the 10% of the player base, instead of focusing 80% of our effort on 90% of the player base. We are taking a 180 degree turn on that. Please dont take this as we want be actively pushing new competitive content for high tier players, we will be, and will make sure this era is structured better that the content we do have in store isn't ran within 6 weeks of launch... But we will be making sure we focus more on the concerns of the average player, and not strictly the concerns of the top tier player.

Going forward we are very excited about the possibilities our client have provided. You guys received a very small taste of what we can do. And we have exciting things to come now that we have handled the big issues that came up with the integration and change to our ArchClient. With our 3 new additions to the Archlight Team we feel enthusiastic and thrilled about the very near future on November 10th and hitting it off with a bang. We apologize for our failures, but we want you to know we are aware of them and WILL learn from them and fix them. The past 2 weeks, and next 2 weeks are completely dedicated towards improving every aspect of Archlight for Archlight Legends! Our Mission Statement this Era is to Under Promise and Over Deliver. We want you to know when we say something is releasing, it will release, and to a higher standard. This is our mission moving forward.

Archlight Legends Expansion and Fresh Start will begin on November 10th at 8:00am PST/11:00am EST/17:00CET. As always, every single dollar you have contributed towards Archlight Online will be re-added to your account as Archlight Coins, Promotion Tokens and now Cosmetic Tokens!

Our full patch notes for Archlight Legends is posted below.

2 New People Join the Archlight Devlopment Team

Please welcome Finkelz and the well known Alejandro to the Archlight Team! We are very blessed to have the oppertunity to have both of these guys join the Archlight Team. Finkelz will be handling all balance related things, this includes our entire rebuild of the loot system, balancing of creatures and progression, and handling many small website edits + game client edits! Finkelz through his experience of Archlight has been very beneficial with our balancing team, and we are excited to have someone dedicated towards balancing the scaling the progression of Archlight now and onward! Alejandro will be handling all of the bot and many client edits moving forward, he is someone who showed great promise in the past, but due to a close friendship we decided to go with someone else, now room has opened and we are happy to have the talented Alejandro joining the team!

Bringing value to Gold and making it a primary & valuable currency
One thing we have lost sight of is the power of having a primary currency. Instead over the Era's we have created a "clusterfuck" of currencies and items used in trading/bartering. We have spent alot of time as a team brainstorming how to best solve this issue and through alot of planning, excel spreadsheets, and edits we feel gold will be more useful and valuable than ever. Our primary changes are creating "unlimited" outlets for the use of gold. All of these changes will be posted in a patch notes closer to the date of Archlight Legends.

Removing Currency Items from Shop
Gold, Archlight Tokens, Dungeon Medals, Golden Nuggets and Lucky Eggs all removed from the Archlight Web-Shop, We feel these currencies being purchasable on the shop are streamlining era's and devalueing currencies, we feel removing these from the shop will be very impactful for the power of all currencies but primarily the Gold Currency. Additionally, donation set has been lowered from 15 skill to 11. The Donation Set (Not enhanced set) is meant to be simply a booster set for early on, primarily however for resistance and monster essence find. Monster Essence Find and Resistance have not been changed, only the skill value. Other Items removed from shop - All Elixirs except the Supreme Health Elixir, Ultimate Mana + Spirit Elixirs. All Trinkets. All Monk Summons. 10% Experience Boosters. All 3 Relics (Now found in Archlight Crates instead). Infinite Small Mana Potion and Soft Boots.

Entire Loot System + Currency Overhaul
Our Entire Loot System and Currency System has been overhauled from scratch. This means we literally stripped the loot of every single creature on Archlight and rebuilt it from scratch. We had 2 primary goals with this overhaul. 1. To give a real value to gold again. 2. To make looting creatures worthwhile and exciting. There are very few things that offer a greater feeling than looting your first DSM from a dragon lord back in the old tibia days, or looting a BOH from a Necromancer. We built our loot structure around this idea. We want there to be many unique loot tables that offer a thrill and excitement to hunting and looting each creature on Archlight.

Premium Changes
Account Wide Premium!
Premium will now affect the entire account! However you will now only be able to login to 1 character at a time per account moving forward.
Buy Premium Time With In-Game Gold!
 = !
Awesome. Enough said.

All of the following changes are subject to further change, we very well may remove or add additional perks before launch but this will be posted and notified.
Premium cost has been lowered from roughly 16.00 Euros a month to a flat 9.95 Euros a month.
Premium will now offer only a 10% Experience Boost rather than a 25% Experience Boost.
Premium will offer the ability to reach 10 additional Nodes (Nodes have been changed, read below for additional information)
Premium Area will have skinning and mining added to it, allowing many players to have a more exclusive access to mining and skinning locations.
Supply and Charging Shops will offer a 5% discount (More info on this to come ;) we dont want to overload people in one post)
Selling Equipment and Creature Products will offer 5% more gold (Gold will have a high value to it this era, so will drops from creatures)
Full Time Facebook Support to Join Archlight

We now officially have a full-time facebook + email support rep. She will handle all communications on our Facebook Page and Emails. This has been something we struggled to maintain in the past (responding actively to facebook pms/concerns - usually 10-15 different people message us a day on facebook, and we usually only get through half of them...). We are excited about this as many times the concerns are things we have the answer to but simply are limited on time, now we have someone dedicated to this who will be much more active on responding.
Extreme Packet Limiter Removed from Client
This was put in as a potential fix to our lag issues (we found the correct issue at a later date) so the packet limiter will be brought back to normal (this will fix issues where people feel they're lagging/getting stutters when running around).

Early-Bird rewards based on your awakening level in Dawn of Archlight

Players will be compensated and receive a "head-start bonus" based on their awakening level during Dawn of Archlight. Based on your Awakening Level on November 3rd (When the Archlight Servers go down to prepare for Archlight Legends) you will receive one of the following tiers of rewards, these rewards will automatically be sent to your accounts !shop inbox and be there ready for you on launch! You do not receive ALL reward tiers, as the higher the reward tier the better the rewards are. You have until November 3rd get the highest awakening level you can!
Players Above Awakening Level 200 will receive a Retro Outfit on Launch + Shadow Hart Mount + Red Dragon Companion +2 to all Stats.
Players Above Awakening Level 150 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount + Green Dragon Companion +1 to all Stats.
Players Above Awakening Level 100 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount + Frost Dragon Companion + 5% Essence Find
Players Above Awakening Level 50 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount
Shadow Hart Mounts will be removed from the store and only accessible from awakening rewards in Archlight Legends
Entire Archlight City Remade and Revampped

Monk and Necromancer Summons removed from Shop
You now automatically obtain these from leveling up!
New Creatures and New Challenges!

Legendary Promotion, Legendary Promotion Quest and Legendary Spells.
A teaser of a couple of the spells descriptions ;) Legendary Vocation Quest, Spells, Hunting Spawns will all be released 2-3 weeks after launch depending on the progress of players.
Monk - Conjure the elements - Receive the benefit from all 4 elementals buffs for a short period of time
Corsair - Call in the military - 4 Blue Coats aid the corsair in damage with rifles from afar
Bard - Summon Banshee to aid the Bard in damage
Removed Trinkets from Shop.
These will only be obtained through Professions, Arena and Promotion Exchanger going forward.

Task Changes
The first time you do a task you will receive 300% the experience!

Recording Legends..
Now the first 3 guilds to complete any Quest will be automatically recorded on a Archlight Legends page. This will be recorded forever.
Crafting/Gathering Changes

The first time you craft each unique recipe from a profession you will receive 300% crafting experience
Fishing now uses 5 energy per fish
Fishing now doesn't have a "miss" chance, to be more comparable to skinning and mining.
Skill Tries Given from farming increased by 225% for lower tier crops, slightly lowered for higher tier crops, energy consumption made a flat 10 across the board. Amount of crops rewarded also doubled. This will make farming less time consuming and less dificult to level due to the waiting time for crops to grow.
Energy needed for mining and skinning increased to 5 per "cast", skill gained increased on lower rocks and skins
Spartan Set, Mastercrafted Set and Goldencrafted Set all now require 5 less blacksmithing skill to craft them.
All Dragon Tools now require 5 less blacksmithing to craft.
All savourey, artisan and gourmet recipes require 5 less skill to craft.
Charged gem recipes now require 2 of the precusor gems.
Overcharged gem recipes now require 5 of the precusor gems.
Crafting spool of yarn added to Tanning

Nodes Changes
Nodes are now only 25 energy to absorb instead of 500. However, nodes will now only give a 0.10% damage increase instead of their original 0.25%. Every quest will now have nodes available in them. There will be 200 available nodes on launch.

Resistance Changes
Resistance will now scale based on current resistance. For example, if you have 40% resistance, and add 1% resistance gem, your new total resistance will be 40.6%.

Dungeon Changes
When you que for a dungeon now, it will que you for all dungeons, you can queue solo or with a party (in which case you will be qued with your party). Greater Dungeon Charges will now be used when ENTERING a dungeon instead of when using the dungeon chest, this prevents people from jumping in and out of dungeons with no repercutions, and also prevents people from jumping out of dungeons they dont like for a different one. You will now receive 1 Greater Dungeon Charge every 3 hours.
The Health of all Greater Dungeon Bosses has been lowered by 50% across the board.
The Damage of Greater Dungeon Mobs has been increased by 40% across the board.
The purpose of these changes are to 1. Make the boss fights shorter than previous. 2. To create more of a challenge to the creatures throughout the dungeon, making the entire dungeon require coordination and precision to complete.

PvP-E Changes
You will now receive 2 frags if you kill someone below 80% of your PvP Power.

Raid Events
Raid Events will now occur every 6-9 hours. Raids will be disabled until after 7 days of Launch.

Gold Nugget Changes
Gold Nuggets have been removed from the Archlight Shop with all other currencies as mentioned. Gold Nugget uses have been removed and replaced with Gold. Gold Nuggets will still be a rare drop from all creatures on Archlight, however will instead be able to be sold for a large sum of gold.
Golden Nuggets can be sold for 100k at Wally (Creature Products Buyer)
Blessing Price changed to 20k
Gold Blessing Price changed to 500k
Cost to enter Arena 500k, Cost to enter Team Arena 1kk
Instead of gaining gold from higher arena rounds, you now gain Archlight Tokens
Rift Weapon Recipe changed - Gold Nugget requirement removed, Gold requirement Increased from 3kk > 5kk and 1.5kk > 2.5kk (for one handers)
Archlight Bar Gold Nuggets Replaced with Golden Ingots (1kk)
Golden Nugget turnin replaced with Gold Ingot turnin at Rare Goods Collector. Awakening Experience given changed from 3500 > 5000.
Golden Nugget removed from Guild Turnin NPC

Guild Changes

Guild Formula Adjusted to start higher for low levels but scale 50% lower than originally.
Guild Perks - Guilds will no longer receive passive benefits from leveling up their guild, but rather can pick and purchase different skill trees of passive guild perks. Guilds can purchase the following perks each having 5 ranks total. Guilds can either choose to purchase one of each, and slowly work up, or dedicated themselves to a specific guild type possibly catering to a specific player type to join your guild.
Global Experience - 2% , 4%, 7%, 10%, 15%
Crafting Experience - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
Energy Regained - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
Loot - 3%, 6%, 10%, 15%, 20%
All tasks now give Royal Feathers (Feathers that give experience towards guild level)
Amount of feathers earned per task shown below
Normal Task - 1 Feather
Expert Task - 2 Feather
Master Task - 3 Feather
Big Game Task - 4 Feather
Stronghold Task - 5 Feather
Raid Boss Bags will now give participants 1-10 Royal Feathers as well as the other rewards.
48 Hour Quest Boxes now give 10 Guild Experience when opened, Greater Dungeon boxes give 3 and Dungeon Boxes give 2

Bragging Halls (AKA Guild Halls)
We will be adding in many Guild Halls to Archlight Legends. These Guild Halls will be unique in the way they operate. They will no longer simple be a big house... they will have dynamic abilities to them not only functional ones but bragworthy ones. Different Guild Halls will have unique bonuses to owning them, additionally different areas of them to unlock through your guild level. Guild "Trophy" Banners will also be available to display on your guildhall to the rest of the server. These are obtained by being among the first 3 guilds to complete specifics quests/achievements. These will be displayed by Gold, Silver and Bronze. Guildhalls will also unlock unique areas by advancing your Guilds Level Including Guild Farmland, Guild Fishing Locations and Guild Tasks.

Skill Changes
We will be removing Sword, Axe, Club, Fist, Dagger, Shielding and instead making them all "Melee Fighting". This will allow Berserkers to use any of the weapon types (club axe and sword) freely. This will virtually have no impact other than streamlining it for you guys and allowing you to choose more freely what you use. Vocations are still limited based on their weapon type though (guardians shields, rogues daggers, monks claws, etc). This will mean we will have the following Skills - Magic, Melee and Distance

Class Balances
Soul Rune Nerfed by 20%
Run the Barrel nerfed by 12.5%
Dead Eye, Gauss Barrel, Explosive Shot, Quick Draw all nerfed by 6%
Cannon Barrage + Second Wave nerfed by 10%
Flask and Bottle of Rum Nerfed by 15%

Damage of Slice and Dice and Reaping Increased by 20%

Goldencrafted Gear Skill Value Increased from 24 > 28
Goldencrafted Staff now properly 2 handed.


15 October 2017 (06:03) by Gamemaster Ninja

Announcement From Archlight Development Team

First off we would like to thank everyone for their patience the past week. We understand the lag has been extremely frustrating for all players. We want you guys to know this is not related to our dedicated server, this is related to what we believe an issue with our game client, or possibly the ArchBot. I know to many of you you may be thinking "wow, why are these kicks still occuring, this is so annoying" and maybe feeling like we're not prioritizing it. But I can assure you we are working round the clock right now to solve this issue...

I think it would be beneficial for us to run through our process thus far, so you players can be informed and perhaps more understanding on our process. The client that was released today was a new client that limited the amounts of packets sent by the client, this tied with lowering the max allowed packets from the server will hopefully lower the amount of lag the server actually builds up. IE it would prevent the server wide lag that has been occuring for the past 10~ days in which the server becomes essentially unplayable after 12 hours without a reboot. We believe and hope this new client will fix that issue, and the server wide lag that was occuring will be a thing of the past. These limitations however have increased the chance for some players (about 6-7%) to get kicked when playing or have odd stuck issues. This is now what we're looking into solving next. We are aware this is not ideal, and I hope you guys understand we cant foresee every issue, but simply work with what we're handed sometimes, and this is one of those situations. Ninja will additionally be looking at re-writing some bot functions that may be causing these kicks for that 6-7%. 

We really do appreciate those of you who are being patient, this is the first time we've had a situation like this in nearly 2 years. It sucks. And we're doing the best we can to resolve it as fast as possible.

Please remember that with growth, comes growing pains. 

~The Archlight Team

3x Rewards Patch 9.3.1

09 October 2017 (23:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 9.3.1

08 October 2017 (19:34) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 9.3.1
Raid Events have been disabled until tomorrow for us to fix why not everyone is receiving loot from the bosses.
Raid Event Bags will now drop 2 items, 1 rare (or Very/Extremely Rare), and 1 guaranteed Awakening Experience Wand. This Wand can be turned in for 20,000 experience at the rare goods collector.
Every player who helps in a Raid Event Boss is guaranteed one Raid Boss Bag, the more you contribute (tanking damage, healing or dpsing) the more bags you can earn per Raid Boss (up to 3).
The Raid Event Bosses will now no longer retarget off a tank. This is a simple quick change to allow melee dps vocations to participate without getting eviscerated on a re-target. We will be adding in more ranged and random placement mechanics to make ranged dps + healers be on their toes during boss fights as well.
Ores will now reset after 30 minutes instead of 60.

All paralyzes from creatures have been disabled till we get a chance to go through 458 creatures and modify each of them.
Paralyze durations and %'s have been reworked for the following spells
Perfect Shot (Cooldown Increased to 10 seconds)
Perfect Shot Damage and DOT Damage Increased by 20%
Perfect Shot (awakened) paralyzes at 15% for 1 second.

Berserker Rune - 25% for 2 seconds

Gauss Barrell (awakened) - 20% for 1 second.

Chilling Blast - 30% for 1 second
Druid Rune - 10% for 1 second
Frozen Tundra - 10% for 1 second

Retribution - 30% for 1 second
Shield Slam - 20% for 1 second

Unholy Shackles - 30% for 1 second

Shiv - 15% for 1 second

Kamakazi Punch (awakened) - 30% for 1 second

Sustain Balances

Evocation cooldown reduced from 26 seconds to 24 seconds.
Strong Evocation cooldown reduced from 52 seconds to 45 seconds.

Crimson Vial - Healing increased by 17.5%
Soothing Darkness - Healing increased by 65%

Prayer - Healing increased by 21.5%
Quick Prayer - Healing increased by 67.5%

Patch 9.3.0 Paralyze Change

08 October 2017 (02:00) by Gamemaster Ninja

Now Paralyzes will be In-Curable by healing. Paralyzes will now behave much more like in other MMORPG's such as WoW or Guild Wars. Paralyzes will have a short duration and a lower paralyze rate than before. Each spell and creature has it's own paralyze amount. These will be modified and balanced as we see fit.

Patch 9.2.7 Fix

06 October 2017 (00:25) by Gamemaster Ninja

show spoiler
We have located and fixed the rogue dagger bug. Now stronger daggers will properly deal more damage.
The following items now properly apply lifesteal Mastercrafted Hammer
Mastercrafted Heavyaxe
Mastercrafted Heavysword
Rift Hammer
Rift Heavyaxe
Rift Heavysword
Goldencrafted Heavysword
Goldencrafted Hammer
Goldencrafted Heavyaxe
Reforged Mastercrafted Hammer
Reforged Mastercrafted Heavysword
Reforged Mastercrafted Heavyaxe

Patch 9.3.0

05 October 2017 (07:30) by Gamemaster Ninja

The Entire Archlight Team has been working exceptionally hard this entire Era to strive for a new level of content delivery. We want to be consistently dropping not only new content for Endgame Players, but also improvements to existing content for current and new players.
This is our massive Patch 9.3.0 Teaser :)

Ingame Store Added
The Ingame Store has been added back to Archlight

New Text Colors
GM Messages will now appear in Green, Premium players text will now appear in a Gold color.

Retro Outfits
12 Retro Outfits (6 male, 6 female) will now be available on Archlight. You can get these Retro Outfits through PvP and also from Raid Bosses (Dracona, Abaldar, Ildar, Kavdros and Avuria).

5 Raids Added + 3 Massive New Zones
We have now renamed "Boss Events" to Raids. Dracona's Lair and Abaldar's Mansion are now 2 of 5 different Raids that will occur on Archlight every 3-4 hours. Each Raid has its own world for players to work together to conquer to face the final boss. Final Boss Rooms will require players to be 1500 to enter, as now players will be rewarded for their participation and then have a scaling chance at more rewards. This is to make sure everyone who partakes is rewarded, but the top contributors still have a chance at a better reward. Everyone will receive a reward for participating.

The Ancient Leviathan has been resurrected.
The Old Awakening Boots Quest has been restructured and repurposed. This tactical and puzzle quest now has been made as a end game quest. This quest will require 1500+ to enter, and completion of this quest will give players access to Iceforged Equipment and Weapons. Additionally, players will receive a Tier 4 Quest Box by completing the quest.

Full New Set and Weapons Released - Iceforged

Livestock to Farming
We will also be adding in interactive livestock to our farming system, you will be able to have Pigs, Chickens and Sheep. Animals will grow from a small baby form (our custom sprites) to full forms where they can be slaughtered and soon also be able to be repetably gathered for materials. Cows will be added in the next minor patch.

Cooking Profession Added
We will also be adding in the cooking profession in this update. Cooking will utilize farming and fishing materials to make many different "meals". These meals will provide many different buffs, including - Passive % based health and mana regen, Increased Stats, Increases Resistance and much more to come.

5 New Fish have been added to fishing - Shark, Squid, Dragon Carp, Bass, Carp. These will be catchable at different tiers and also be used in cooking.

PvP-E System Released
Gain the experience that a player loses
Receive PvP Honor for killing a player, based on if theyre stronger than you or not, Received honor drops the same rate as the experience.
New incentives and uses for PvP Honor including: Exclusive Outfits, Exclusive Equipment/Weapons, Exclusive Titles.
PvP Honor Highscores will have a real meaningful bragging purpose now.
PvP Rating will be added soon after (Each player having their own PvP Rating score)

Only 1000+ are PvP-E
1st kill on a character is 100% exp, 2nd 80%, 3rd 60%, 4th 40%, 5th 20%, 6th 0%
Gold bless disabled for pvp
No Experience for killing party members
No Experience on same IP
No Experience from guild member
No Experience for a character on the same account or recently logged account

We will be adding in the next client patch after 9.3.0 PvP Markers that appear next to your character to display how powerful of an influence you are in Archlights PvP.
Frag Remover removed from shop, Frag removed disabled ingame.
Now you no longer will lose items when you have a red or black skull, Instead you will lose/give 3x/5x more exp when you die to another player.
10 frags to rs, 15 for bs
RS/BS lasts 3 days
Time to lose frag lowered to 5 hrs
You will be able to do Greater Dungeons to lower a frag cooldown by 1 hour per dungeon
BS cant attack others unless attacked
No 50% damage buff against people with black skulls.
Class Balances
Several class balances will occur, those specific notes will be posted before the Patch.
Misc Notes:
Darksteel equipment will now be polishable

Balancing Notes

Damage of Perfect Shot Increased by 5%
Damage of the DOT of Perfect Shot Increased by 125%
Damage of Pinpoint Shot Increased by 30%

DOT of Precision Throw damage increased by 20%

DOT Damage of Chilling Blast (Awakened) Increased by 75%

Back Kicks damages increased by 15%


Shadowfang DOT damage increased by 100%
Death Blossom DOT damage increased by 100%

The DOT formula on all spells has been reworked and most spells will find a 100% increase in their DOT damage (Necromancer's Excluded). Many spells have been edited to adjust for this increase.

Fishing Rods Skill Boost Changes
Clay Rod 2 > 3
Iron Rod 3 > 5
Copper Rod 5 > 7
Steel Rod 7 > 10
Gold Rod 10 > 15
Mythril Rod 15 > 20
Dragon Rod 20 > 30