Legendary Keys Promo!

14 November 2017 (21:03) by Gamemaster Ninja

The doorbuster is over! Many have been asking if we will do another promotion, so we have answered the call! If you have purchased either a 79.99 or 159.99 tier in the last 24 hours we will also compensate you the promotion :)
Any donation of 159.99 Euros will receive 7 free New Legendary Archlight Keys!

Any donation of 79.99 Euros will receive 3 free New Legendary Archlight Keys!

Legendary Crates drop a higher amount of gold, a guaranteed chance at an upgrading soil, and then a random chance between charged gems, enchantment scrolls and large stat stones.

PvP Video From Last Era!

14 November 2017 (19:35) by Gamemaster Ninja

Click Here To Watch On Youtube

Patch Notes

13 November 2017 (01:30) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch Notes 11.13.17 - To come tomorrow
Beds will now serve an actual function in houses. Beds will now store energy in them, and be usable to redeem this energy. Beds will regain 10 energy every hour and can hold up to 24 hours of energy. Only houses will have beds. This obviously creates a massive benefit to owning a house (whether 1 bed house or more..). Houses, Guild Houses and Farms all have a 7 day rent period in which the full amount is required in your bank every 7 days. We planned to lower the rent cost but with this addition we feel it is well justified as a house with 2 beds can earn you 3350+ energy a week. 
Fixed GH's not being properly buyable by the Guild Leader
Lowered loot essence chance (one of the 4 essences) to 10% and increased all others to 30%. Loot essences will now only drop Tier Gear and not other items.
Fixed many small mapping bugs
Lootrate increased from 0.5x > 1x - We completely redid the loot system around a balanced formula, we forgot to remove the loot nerf we set in place in the past, now this has been removed.


10 November 2017 (16:44) by Gamemaster Ninja

Coins Ressurected!

10 November 2017 (16:42) by Gamemaster Ninja

One crucial thing for Archlight is that through any Era, we ensure that every player knows every dollar they spend in support of our project will never be lost. We are proud that every single dollar donated for since our first launch in August 2015 is still in the account of the player who has purchased those points. And years from now it will remain as so. Additionally promotion tokens will be compensated based on points donated. What this means is even for the players who did not donate 80 euro donations but multiple smaller donations, you will receive promotion tokens for the thresholds you have donated for.

Additionally, all cosmetic tokens will be added to their respective account within 24 hours from Launch.

To prevent flooding of the market we, like in every era, give back points over a spread time. This helps even the playing field for all the new players on Day 1 especially. We have had the opportunity to test this 3 different ways now, and have decided on what we think is the best way for the new incoming player base and the returning one. Essentially, for every 1000 coins you get redeemed, you will receive a promotion token that can be redeemed in game for bonus rewards. 

The time table that coins will be "resurrected" is shown down below! 

1 Hour Before Launch - 2000 Coins Unlocked + 2 Promotion Tokens!
48 Hours(2 Day) After Launch - 3000 Coins Unlocked + 3 Promotion Tokens!
5 Days After Launch - 4000 Coins Unlocked + 4 Promotion Tokens!
8 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
11 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
14 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!

All points after this will be unlocked at an accelerated 2-4x Rate

Legacy Rewards Unlocked
All Legacy Rewards will be unlocked on December 1st. Two Eras ago we introduced Legacy Rewards about half way through the Era. The reason we are releasing all the legacy rewards at one time on the 1st like last era is due to the fact that it is an added boost of items that was more balanced in the middle of an Era, not on launch day. 

Hall Of Fame

09 November 2017 (21:31) by Gamemaster Ninja

Guilds will now be recorded and forever remembered in the Hall of Fame. This will remain forever in Archlights History Books. Guilds will be ranked in 1st 2nd 3rd in completion of each quest. Mark your Legend on Archlight Forever. - https://archlightonline.com/halloffame.php

Returning Player Rewards

04 November 2017 (05:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Did you play Archlight New Dawn? Here are some free kickass rewards you get in Archlight Legends - Live on November 10th at 9:00am PST / 12:00pm EST / 17:00pm CET / 18:00pm CEST
Players Above Awakening Level 200 will receive a Retro Outfit on Launch + Shadow Hart Mount + Red Dragon Companion +2 to all Stats.
Players Above Awakening Level 150 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount + Green Dragon Companion +1 to all Stats.
Players Above Awakening Level 100 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount + Frost Dragon Companion + 5% Essence Find
Players Above Awakening Level 50 will receive a Shadow Hart Mount
Shadow Hart Mounts will be removed from the store and only accessible from awakening rewards in Archlight Legends

Server Prep

03 November 2017 (18:39) by Gamemaster Ninja

We will be turning the Archlight Servers off earlier than expected being tomorrow instead of Sunday. This is due to us wanting proper time to also test the new map on the primary server. Thanks all for your understanding. 7 Days until Legends :)