Patch 9.3.0

05 October 2017 (07:30) by Gamemaster Knighter

The Entire Archlight Team has been working exceptionally hard this entire Era to strive for a new level of content delivery. We want to be consistently dropping not only new content for Endgame Players, but also improvements to existing content for current and new players.
This is our massive Patch 9.3.0 Teaser :)

Ingame Store Added
The Ingame Store has been added back to Archlight

New Text Colors
GM Messages will now appear in Green, Premium players text will now appear in a Gold color.

Retro Outfits
12 Retro Outfits (6 male, 6 female) will now be available on Archlight. You can get these Retro Outfits through PvP and also from Raid Bosses (Dracona, Abaldar, Ildar, Kavdros and Avuria).

5 Raids Added + 3 Massive New Zones
We have now renamed "Boss Events" to Raids. Dracona's Lair and Abaldar's Mansion are now 2 of 5 different Raids that will occur on Archlight every 3-4 hours. Each Raid has its own world for players to work together to conquer to face the final boss. Final Boss Rooms will require players to be 1500 to enter, as now players will be rewarded for their participation and then have a scaling chance at more rewards. This is to make sure everyone who partakes is rewarded, but the top contributors still have a chance at a better reward. Everyone will receive a reward for participating.

The Ancient Leviathan has been resurrected.
The Old Awakening Boots Quest has been restructured and repurposed. This tactical and puzzle quest now has been made as a end game quest. This quest will require 1500+ to enter, and completion of this quest will give players access to Iceforged Equipment and Weapons. Additionally, players will receive a Tier 4 Quest Box by completing the quest.

Full New Set and Weapons Released - Iceforged

Livestock to Farming
We will also be adding in interactive livestock to our farming system, you will be able to have Pigs, Chickens and Sheep. Animals will grow from a small baby form (our custom sprites) to full forms where they can be slaughtered and soon also be able to be repetably gathered for materials. Cows will be added in the next minor patch.

Cooking Profession Added
We will also be adding in the cooking profession in this update. Cooking will utilize farming and fishing materials to make many different "meals". These meals will provide many different buffs, including - Passive % based health and mana regen, Increased Stats, Increases Resistance and much more to come.

5 New Fish have been added to fishing - Shark, Squid, Dragon Carp, Bass, Carp. These will be catchable at different tiers and also be used in cooking.

PvP-E System Released
Gain the experience that a player loses
Receive PvP Honor for killing a player, based on if theyre stronger than you or not, Received honor drops the same rate as the experience.
New incentives and uses for PvP Honor including: Exclusive Outfits, Exclusive Equipment/Weapons, Exclusive Titles.
PvP Honor Highscores will have a real meaningful bragging purpose now.
PvP Rating will be added soon after (Each player having their own PvP Rating score)

Only 1000+ are PvP-E
1st kill on a character is 100% exp, 2nd 80%, 3rd 60%, 4th 40%, 5th 20%, 6th 0%
Gold bless disabled for pvp
No Experience for killing party members
No Experience on same IP
No Experience from guild member
No Experience for a character on the same account or recently logged account

We will be adding in the next client patch after 9.3.0 PvP Markers that appear next to your character to display how powerful of an influence you are in Archlights PvP.
Frag Remover removed from shop, Frag removed disabled ingame.
Now you no longer will lose items when you have a red or black skull, Instead you will lose/give 3x/5x more exp when you die to another player.
10 frags to rs, 15 for bs
RS/BS lasts 3 days
Time to lose frag lowered to 5 hrs
You will be able to do Greater Dungeons to lower a frag cooldown by 1 hour per dungeon
BS cant attack others unless attacked
No 50% damage buff against people with black skulls.
Class Balances
Several class balances will occur, those specific notes will be posted before the Patch.
Misc Notes:
Darksteel equipment will now be polishable

Balancing Notes

Damage of Perfect Shot Increased by 5%
Damage of the DOT of Perfect Shot Increased by 125%
Damage of Pinpoint Shot Increased by 30%

DOT of Precision Throw damage increased by 20%

DOT Damage of Chilling Blast (Awakened) Increased by 75%

Back Kicks damages increased by 15%


Shadowfang DOT damage increased by 100%
Death Blossom DOT damage increased by 100%

The DOT formula on all spells has been reworked and most spells will find a 100% increase in their DOT damage (Necromancer's Excluded). Many spells have been edited to adjust for this increase.

Fishing Rods Skill Boost Changes
Clay Rod 2 > 3
Iron Rod 3 > 5
Copper Rod 5 > 7
Steel Rod 7 > 10
Gold Rod 10 > 15
Mythril Rod 15 > 20
Dragon Rod 20 > 30

Patch 9.2.6 Notes

03 October 2017 (23:38) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 9.2.6 Notes - Went Live Yesterday

Fixed several weapons to be enchantable
Fixed Dungeon Chest Storages (Quest Boxes no longer hold storages)
Changed Level Up Rewards to give you new gathering tools
Fixed Precision Slice
You now receive skill tries when harvesting a crop, not only watering it
Magic Wall + Wild Growth can now be used in PvP Events
Edited Heroes Quest Signs
Few other small fixes here and there.

No Ping Partnership

03 October 2017 (22:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

Archlight Online is now officially partnered with NoPing Proxy Service. This service has been tested and developed to work now with the Archlight Online Client and can offer exceptional ping reductions, but better yet you can try it 3 days free to see if the benefit is worth it! Additionally, if you sign up with our partnership link you will be entered automatically every month to win a $160 Archlight Coin Package! If you are already subscribed to their service you can cancel it and resubscribe using our partnership link (costs nothing extra to you) to enter into the monthly draw!

Archlight Signup Link:

Patch 9.3.0 Teaser

03 October 2017 (20:24) by Gamemaster Knighter

3x Week!

30 September 2017 (21:00) by Gamemaster Knighter

3x Week begins TODAY and will last until our massive 9.3.0 Patch on October 6th!! (More teaser to come about this)
Cough Cough - Livestock Farming, PvP-E System, Abaldar, Dracona, and other boss events, Retro outfits... ;)

Also, Upgrade Stones are 66% off on the shop!


30 September 2017 (00:00) by Gamemaster Knighter

Congratulations to the first team to defeat The Darksteel Halls

New PvP Sets

29 September 2017 (01:48) by Gamemaster Knighter

Bloodforged Sets

The PvP Items now have their own set sprites. Old PvP Items can be exchanged by using the blacksmithing station. It requires 0 crafting to exchange them.
PvP Sets were renamed to Bloodforged Equipment.
Come next patch you will receive the Tier 1 Bloodforged Set by reaching level 1000.
PvP Tier 3 and 4 are not in the trader yet as they require being fully added in the next client build.
PvP Tiers 3 and 4 will require the tier below as well as the points to create them, this is to prevent the feeling of having to skip the middle tiers and wait straight for the highest tier not to simply waste pvp points.
Once our PvP-E system comes out there will be additional ways to earn PvP Points other than just events so it wont take as long as it does currently.
PvP Set Stats have been reworked to be as follows
(Each Piece has the following stats for it's set)
Bloodforged Set (Given at level 1000)  - +1 Skill Value, +8% PvP Power, +4% PvP Resistance, Tier 1 Equipment
Soldiers Bloodforged Set (750 Points)  - +5 Skill Value, +11% PvP Power, +6% PvP Resistance, Tier 3 Equipment
Commanders Bloodforged Set (5000 Points)  - +9 Skill Value, +13% PvP Power, +8% PvP Resistance, Tier 4 Equipment
Warlords Bloodforged Set (10000 Points)  - +15 Skill Value, +15% PvP Power, +10% PvP Resistance, Tier 6 Equipment


28 September 2017 (20:07) by Gamemaster Knighter

Livestock is coming to Archlight Farming