Santa Gild

25 December 2017 (19:36) by Gamemaster Ninja

Christmas On Archlight

19 December 2017 (01:55) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.6.0 (10am PST 12.19.17)

Update From Development Team
As mentioned a week ago, we are exceptionally happy with how this Era has been going, the longevity and future for this Era has been shown strong, and we expect it to last many more months at this rate. To ensure that, we are also making sure to deliver more and more content, and enhancing current content. After Christmas, we will be releasing part 3 of The Otherworlds Quest Chain. Each Otherworld will have a castle that players can lead together, charge through and slay their boss. Each Otherworld castle will have 10 nodes available to their conquers. Additionally, completing all 4 of these Otherworld Castles will unlock access to a very powerful class specific spell (If you voc change, you will receive it on the voc you switch to as well).
Legacy Crystals for In-game Progress

Moving forward, all Era's Gameplay will be rewarded in future Era's in a set way. It will no longer be "X amount of people over X awakening get this outfit or that outfit". Now, all progress will be measured at the end of an Era on everyones character, and they will receive Legacy Crystals (Added permanently on their account) for their progress that Era. This will include (but not limited to) profession levels, awakening levels, total honor earned, late game quests completed, and more. We are very excited about this new system, rewarding all current and future gameplay even in the event of a future Era. We will also be adding more cosmetic outfits to the Legacy Shop in the near future. These crystals earned will be all obtainable on day 1 of any Era.

Depth Added to Armors

We have decided to rework the current armor (helmet, chest, legs, boots) system. There were many reasons for this inspiration and change, the primary being adding a purpose to actually upgrading armors and creating a value to upgrade stones again. All armors have had their Resistance, Monster Essence Find and Skill Values nerfed by 100% (Cut in half). However, now all upgrades to armors will increase their Resistance, Monster Essence Find, and Skill Value boost by 5% per upgrade with a max potential of +40 like weapons.

Santa + Grinch Bags

The Archlight Team has decided we will not be doing Bundles or Booster Packs this Era. We understand many of you will be upset about this, when we removed the Booster Packs a week ago we got alot of anger from it and completely understand that, but we did feel that they were uneccesary and a boring/too strong shop purchase. We also understand that many of you guys may not want points, but still want a way to support us for things you actually need.. we appreciate that as well and have heard you out. Because of that we have added in Santa Bags + Grinch Bags. Santa Bags will be obtainable Ingame (And daily for free) and in the Archlight Web-Shop. Grinch Bags will be strictly in-game. Both Bags have the option to open additional bags (from 2x the bags to 50x the bags). Both Bags will have a set list of items found in them, both having the same list of obtainable items, however grinch bags have a chance to drop burnt cookies - Good deco, but that's about it ;). You can receive 20 Santa Bags for Free with any donation of 79.99, and 45 Free with any donation of 159.99. Additionally, for those who do not need further points, you get them without purchasing points.

Santa and Grinch Bags Loot List
Stat Stones, Large Stat Stones, Legendary Soils, Rune Soils, Soul Soils, Awakened Weapon Stones, Awakened Rune Stones, Awakened Soul Stones, Crystal Keys, Mythic Keys, Bone Keys, Cloud Keys, 2x-50x Santa Bags (only in Santa Bags), 2x-50x Grinch Bags (only in Grinch Bags), Santa Hat (Stores 250 Energy, Limited to one use per 23 hours), All 9 Types of Wings/Balloons, Christmas Beds.

For the week of Christmas and the 26th, we will be running several free bonuses for all players ingame! These three are active all week! Unfortunatly, due to the chance of abuse by players, the free daily Santa Bags are premium locked, however all the bonuses, ability to buy Grinch + Santa bags ingame, and grinch bags in Quest Boxes are obtainable for all. 
1. Grinch Bags will be purchasable for 50 Energy from the Grinch.
2. Santa Bags will be purchasable for 400 Energy from the Grinch.
3. Premium Players will receive 1 free Santa Bag every 24 hours from the Christmas Elf. Non Premium Players will receive 1 extra stat point also from him!
4. Santa will give all players 1 stat point every 6 hours.
5. Multiples of Grinch Bags can be obtained in-game in all Tiers of Quest Boxes.

Bonus Days
7 Days of Christmas, 8 Days of Celebration, Everyday Free Rewards!
19th - All Dungeons have 2x The Reward Boxes!
20th - All Quests have 2x The Quest Boxes!
21st - All Ritual Lords will now drop 50% MORE Lord Bags without increasing the gold sacrificed.
22nd - All Dungeons have 2x The Reward Boxes!
23rd - All Quests have 2x The Quest Boxes!
24th - All Ritual Lords will now drop 50% MORE Lord Bags without increasing the gold sacrificed.
25th - We will be TRIPLING this weeks house contest. There will be 6 total winners, all who receive 10 Santa Bags each. This weeks house contest is a Christmas Theme. We will be more aggresively picking Christmas Themed Houses.
26th - All 3 Christmas Bonuses (Ritual Lords, Quest Boxes and Dungeons Bonuses - 2x Quest Boxes, 2x Dungeon Boxes, 50% Additional Lord Bags!).

House Contest Winners #4

18 December 2017 (03:19) by Gamemaster Ninja

Congratulations to the House Contest Winners for our Week 4!
For those of you wont don't know, every 7 days (on Sundays) the CM's go around town, pick their favorite 30+ houses, and we do a large vote on which we think the nicest house is that week! We will be doing this each and every week for November and December! First and Second Place this week receive a free Christmas Bed Additionally 3rd place receives 500 coins. All 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th places receive a Blade in Stone (House Contest Winner Deco). If someone won one week, they cannot win the next week, however they can win the weeks after again! (This only applies for 1st and 2nd Place)

1st (Tie) - Skip - Christmas Bed

1st (Tie) - Dhavii - Christmas Bed

3rd - Imperial - 500 Pts

4th - News Archive

Patch 10.5.0

15 December 2017 (23:04) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.5.0
Awakening Spells Further Expanded

Players can now Awaken Spells past 5/5, all spells can now be Awakened up to 10/10. Once 5/10 spells still gain their awakened benefits/perks, however now at 10/10 they receive double this awakened benefit/perk. Additionally, every upgrade into an awakened spell further increases its strength. 

New Legacy System and Legacy Crystals.
1. There is 100 total Legacy Levels
2. The amount of Legacy Experience needed per level has been drastically lowered, additionally the escalation rate by going up levels has been drastically lowered (this will mean there are less massive gaps between getting your next rewards).
3. Instead of getting flat items when you hit a Legacy Level, you will get Legacy Crystals. 
4. Legacy Crystals are now a database stored currency (not an item in-game) that can be spent on a separate shop panel of the Archlight Shop
5. Legacy Crystals can be used to purchase anything you want from a specific list, and as much as you want of each. This means now instead of getting things you may not care about, or need, you can buy specifically what you want and need, or what has the most trade value.
6. The shop includes things such as Legendary Soils, Large Stat Stones, Mythic Regrade Keys, Outfits, Mounts and Even Wings.
7. Legacy Crystals are structured in which, despite larger gaps in earning crystals, the amount of crystals consistantly scales up (meaning higher legacy levels will earn even more crystals per legacy experience than lower levels).
8. In the event of a future Era, Legacy Crystals will be given out like Archlight Coins, in which you get them already day 1, instead of having to wait until 3-4 weeks in to receive any.

Additional Changes
Now when you receive a PM it automatically opens a window for it, this way you wont lose PM's in the default log when afk or just spammed with messages.
The betting NPCs will no longer react to your spell casts.
You can now hide creature icons (skull, emblems et cetera) in Options.
Regenerative spells will now work in protection zones.
Fixed improper looktype for a few mounts (Horses) and Female season pirate.
You can now kick members from your guild while they are online. However their guild status ingame will not disappear until they logout or die.

Released Logins

14 December 2017 (01:26) by Gamemaster Ninja

Released Unique Daily Logins
We generally don't do this, as we feel releasing numbers is unnecessary and we don't want to feel in a position where we are expected to release our login numbers, however, as we did show them to players in our discord the other day, we feel it should be shared with everyone. We will not show specific numbers, however we will show our trend graph of this Era. This is something we monitor in the back end through our database, and export it to a graph to monitor how certain content is received by the community.To give everyone some perspective, we usually find our highest unique daily logins is on launch, usually staying close to the same for the first week or so after launch, then seeing a decline after 1 week, while sometimes a spike 2 weeks in. This Era has been very unique in which our unique daily logins are higher than ever 5 weeks into an era, we usually see roughly a 30% decline after 5 weeks of a launch, however this Era we have virtually the same (if not some days higher) unique daily logins than launch day. We're not completely sure yet on what to pinpoint this onto, we feel the main reason for this however was the restructuring of the loot system, giving value to gold, and ultimately creating better and more involving content. 

This has been very exciting and guiding for us in the way we want to continue to steer our future content. You will notice the spikes are generally on weekends for player logins for obvious reasons. This Era has gotten us very ambitious on the future(more so than ever before), the way we develop, and the significantly increased longevity of the Archlight Legends Era.

All Points Packs 10% Off!

13 December 2017 (10:00) by Gamemaster Ninja

As it's Knighters Birthday Today (December 13th) All Point Bundles Will Be 10% Off For The Next 24 Hours!

We have decided to remove the Christmas Booster Packs as none of them have been disperesed yet. To anyone who has purchased one, please contact me and you will have the option of a full refund or it to be used as credit for our shop (preferable as we take a $15 penalty from paypal for refunding a payment), but it's your decision. All points bundles will be 10% off for the next 24 hours during my bday. To replace the booster packs, any donation of 79.99 or 159.99 will come with 4 / 10 awakened stones as a free bonus (You are still able to choose wings if you prefer). Additionally, Awakened Stones + Christmas Beds will now be obtainable ingame through Tier 3 or higher Quest Boxes and Tanning. These additions and changes will go through in an hour or two, as I want to enjoy a birthday breakfast before I get back to work on Archlight for the day <3

Patch 10.4.0 + Christmas Boost

13 December 2017 (02:23) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.4.0
(Live Now)

Weapons, Rune Emblems and Soul Runes Max Upgrade Increased
Weapons and Armors can now be upgraded to +40 max by using Awakened Stones. Additionally Soul Runes can be upgraded to +25 and Rune Emblems to +15 using Awakened Stones as well. Awakened Stones can also upgrade Weapons, Armors, Soul Runes and Rune Emblems will upgrade these with a 100% success rate from +25-+30, +15-+20, +8-+10 in order. After that their success rate drops.
Awakened Stones can be obtained through Tier 3 or higher Quest Boxes. 
Additionally, in replacement of the booster pack promotion, any donation of 79.99 or 159.99 will come with 4 / 10 awakened stones as a free bonus. You are still able to choose wings or a christmas bed instead if you prefer. 
Additionally, Christmas Beds will be added ingame from Tanning.

Santa Claus (Free Gifts To All)
Also, for the holidays (rest of December) we have added a Santa Claus NPC in the Depot. He will give players 1 stat point every 6 hours on Archlight. Additionally we will be working on adding some christmas raids/events in the next few days :)

Weapon Exchange + Rune Exchange Tokens Added to Store + Blacksmithing/Alchemy
Weapons can now be exchange after a voc change with a Weapon Exchange Token for 0 blacksmithing at the Blacksmithing station. Additionally, Runes can be exchanged at the Alchemy station. These are sold separately from vocation changes (the reason vocation changes we're made 50% cheaper).

Class Balances
Berserker Changes
The health scaling of Exura Ico for Berserkers has been increased from 1% to 2% (for lategame zerkers, this is virtually a 100% healing buff)

Monk Changes
Monk Summons have been further buffed by 75% based on your power scaling. What this means is they will scale 75% harder based on your characters power.

The buff from absorbing earth spirits have been increased from
5% > 15%
10% > 20%
15% > 25%
20% > 30%
This is to increase the tankiness of monks during boss fights and large scale pvp.

The buff from absorbing water spirits have been increased from
10% > 25%
15% > 30%
25% > 35%
35% > 40%
This is to improve Monk's DPS.

We are currently preparing a rework for Fire and Energy summons + absorption.

Patch 10.3.0 Additions + Promo

07 December 2017 (10:02) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.3.0 Additions + Promo
Beds will now charge 1 energy every 6 minutes instead of 10 every 60 minutes.
42 Boss/Creature Mechanics using all new custom sprited animations have been added to all the new creatures.
Automatic Vocation Change Scrolls have been added to the game. This will allow you to purchase the scroll, and vocation change by yourself whenever you want (must be out of combat) instead of waiting for a staff to change.
Vocation Change Scroll Cost lowered from 2730 points > 1750 points. 
You will now no longer be able to enter a Lord Ritual if you died during the fight.

All donations of 159.99 will now receive their choice of Balloon "Wings" or a Christmas Bed Mask! These Balloons add the same Movement Speed buff that wings do. Float on off do so in a comedic style!

The Christmas Bed Mask can be applied to your Bed to double the rate it regenerates energy, additionally increasing the amount of energy the bed can hold from 240 > 480!