Teaser #2 (Of 14)

27 January 2018 (22:21) by Gamemaster Ninja

Teaser #2

It's that time again! Teaser #2 is of another one of the new Solo Dungeons! This being a multi-part dungeon with 2 very different themes. 

The Construction Zone

Teaser #1 (Of 14)

26 January 2018 (08:38) by Gamemaster Ninja

Teaser #1 - Caverns Of The Lost City

The Archlight Team has so much to show for Rise Of The Otherworlds, so we have decided to show off some of the content we have been working on for the expansion each day until the expansion releases. That's 14 days of content teasers! Yea... we got alot of content to show... For our next 14 days, we will be slowly ramping up the teasers. What this means is we will be beginning by teaser a few smaller things, the new solo dungeons, and then moving onto our biggest teasers near the end of the 14 days! 

For the first teaser, we will be showing off 3 images of one of the new Solo Dungeons that players are able to partake on. The 6 solo dungeons will be available for Awakened Players and will scale just like greater dungeons, additionally, they will give the Greater Dungeon Chests at the end of them. These dungeons will not share cooldown with your standard Greater Dungeons but rather have their own cooldown and charges. 

The First Dungeon we are showing off is..
Caverns Of The Lost City

Rise Of The Otherworlds

17 January 2018 (01:10) by Gamemaster Ninja

We're extremely excited to announce why we have been so quiet the last 2 weeks (other than small teaser posts in the discord), the Archlight development team has been recruiting, growing our ranks with 2 new talented mappers (Dhavii and Adasiik) and keeping our heads down focusing purely on development. We are very excited to share with you what will be our biggest content expansion in our now almost 3 years of Archlight!

We have been working extremely hard to present to you, our upcoming Expansion and Fresh Start on February 9th at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 20:00 CEST! 

January 26th - The Archlight Servers will go down on to prepare our database for the upcoming expansion. 
January 29th - Character Name Reservation to Archlight Players Open 
February 2nd - Character Name Registration to the Public + Advertising Open 
February 9th - Archlight Online - Rise Of The Otherworlds is Live! 

Rewarding Players For Their Progress, Their Legacy
On Archlight, Forever
The Archlight Team has put alot of time into deciding how we want to reward players, indefinitly, for their success and progress every single Era. From now moving forward, every Era players will be contributed based on a Legacy Crystal Progress System. Players will receive Legacy Crystals for not only their Awakening Level Progress, but also their overall Power Progress (We feel this is most efficient way to measure someones overall strength progress, from equipment looted, to stats, to upgrades, to gems). In the past, Legacy Rewards have been given out 3-4 weeks after an Era starts, as we changed Legacy Rewards into Legacy Crystals, a system in which you can pick and choose your own rewards you wish to buy, we will now be releasing it at a rate alongside Archlight Coins. 

This will be small amounts, however the vast majority will receive all of your Legacy Crystals by or before you usually would receive the Legacy Rewards. Legacy Crystals earned from Progress however will work slightly differently. These Crystals will be usable AT LAUNCH. These will be sitting and waiting in your account the moment you login to Archlight at the minute of Launch! This will be essentially your available "head start boost" to reward your progress in the previous Era. Additionally, we are excited to announce that these Crystals will be stored to your account forever from any Era. And finally... these earned Legacy Crystals (and only the earned ones) will become a highscores/hall of fame list from Era to Era, showing the most powerful Archlighter who has left the most impactful Legacy. This will all be tracked in our upgraded and improved Hall of Fame.
The amount of Legacy Crystals gained will be based on the following chart, simply add the total crystals from your awakening levels + your power rating. 

Awakening Levels 
From 1-100 = 1 Crystals Per Level 
101-200 = 2 Crystals Per Level 
201-300 = 3 Crystals Per Level 
301+ = 5 Crystals Per Level 

Power Rating (After 2000) 
2000-2500 = 8 Crystals per 100 
2500-3000 = 15 Crystals per 100 
3000-3500 = 30 Crystals per 100 
3500-4000 = 50 Crystals per 100 
4000+ = 75 Crystals per 100 

Our Plans To Extend Era's, For The Better.

1. Archlight will forever give back every single dollar you have donated to our server on the Event of a new Era. This has not and will not ever change. We know many other servers either dont give anything back at all, rehost under a different name and website, or simply "burn" coins every Era, but this will never happen on Archlight. We are a development team that will always hold loyalty to you guys, the players, and ensure years from now we are still here for you to play and enjoy your contributions to our project. In Rise of The Otherworlds, we wont be "dumping archlight coins" like we have in the past Era's after 3 weeks. In past Era's we have always had a distribution schedule, which once we get to the end of, we simply dump all the remainer coins (or drastically escalate the release time by 4x-8x after 3 days etc), we will not be doing this anymore. The reason being it completely destroys the Archlight Economy. 

To be clear, we will not be slowing down the normal release schedule, this will remain the same, and this is what affects 99.9% of you, this really will only affect 3-4 people - to which we apologize to that you wont get this dump after 1 month. The issue with destroying the economy from this massive dump of coins is a huge part of a shortened Era. We hear it every Era from players upset over their work being very much devalued when this dump comes, and suddenly they dont work for themselves, they work for these donators in return they get coins (that get recycled every era...). This is an extremely toxic situation and one we need to change. We apologise for the fact that we have not changed this earlier, we understand this was a poor way to release coins for the longevity of an Era. This is our #1 focus moving forward. To be very clear once again, this will not affect 99.9% of you players, however this will drastically lengthen the duration of Era's, and will avoid the mass devaluation of currency and items on Archlight after 1 month into an Era.

2. Further re-evaluating the progress speed at certain points in Archlight, naturally smoothening the progress so there are less "awkward gaps" in the leveling and gameplay process. 

3. Plenty, and plenty, of new endgame content. 

Era Hall of Fames
The Top Players every Era will now be recorded permanently in the Hall Of Fame. These will remain forever in Archlight's History along with the Quest Hall of Fame (Guilds). Top Player will be based on total Legacy Crystals Earned. 

Expanding our Marketting

Leading up to Rise Of The Otherworlds, we will also be putting alot of focus into growing our marketting around Archlight, hitting communities that may not have heard of Archlight, and further spreading awareness about our project. New players are the lifeblood of growing the Archlight Community, we are excited to make a larger push this upcoming expansion on not only drawing awareness for new players but also encouraging their early gameplay and experience. 

More Depth Added To Guild System
Guild Earnings System Added. The Guild Earnings System is a way to encourage new up and coming guilds, and people to branch and create their own guilds with their own members. Every guild member in a guild will now contribute (automatically) gold towards the guild leader. This will not cost the player a single thing, essentially everytime gold is dropped in a creature they kill, 10% bonus gold will go to the guild leader (this will not take any of your gold, but rather give the leader a bonus 10% gold from what you killed). This is to reward a guild leader for being exactly that, a leader. It will encourage players to take (for most the good/organized ones) the burden of being a guild leader, and the extra time it can consume. If you have a crappy guild leader, maybe it's time to support a good one ;). Guild Leaders are free to do what they want with the bonus earnings, they're meant to be to reward the leader for their efforts, however they can choose to reinvest them to strengthen the guild through new guild perks, or expand the ranks to bring in more earnings. 

Broadcast as guild leader to your guildmates in Red on their screen using (!b texttexttext) 

Max Guild size is now 15 members. However you can unlock +5 slots at a time through the Guild Perks Panel (This will be cheaper than the other perks..). This will further encourage guilds to work together to expand their ranks, ultimately expanding their resources, and grow the power of their build. 

Guildhall Mining Location Improved, Nodes are now higher rarity base. 

Guildhall Rewards for Levels 23, 26 and 30 have been added. 
Level 23: Expanded Fishing Location 
Level 26: Expanded Free Farming Land 
Level 30: Expanded Mining Cave 

Crafting Enhancements
Each Crafting Profession will now have a perk/benefit to having it, further than just the actual ability to craft XYZ. 

Scaling of Crafting has been lowered by 40%. This will roughly equate (as example) 95 blacksmithing to be around 70~ currently. Making professions significantly easier to level up at higher tiers. 

The Experience earned from crafting quests have been significantly increased and they now scale. 

Dungeon Changes + New Solo Dungeons

One big concern by many players was wanting an ability to do dungeons solo, and not having to always queue with a team, especially when they're busy throughout the day and have a small oppertunity to login and do a few dungeons. We have listened and we will be introducing 5 Solo Dungeons (For now, many more will come) for Awakening 1 and onward. 

Dungeon Charges (Team) max lowered from 12 > 6, Dungeon Charge time increased from 2 hours to 4 hours. 

You can now store 6 charges of Solo Dungeon entrances (to compensate for the 6 lost from team dungeons). Dungeon Charge time is also 4 hours (to match Team Dungeon Chargetime, but both charge at the same time, leaving with a essentially the same amount of dungeons (every 2 hours a new charge total). 

Solo Dungeons will have the exact same rewards (experience and loot) as team dungeons. 

Storyline Progress

We have added a "Progress Line" to Archlight. What this means is all of the main progress quests will now be tied together in a campaign style in which you will be required to do the previous quest before you can access the next quest in the line. The Quest Line will tell you what you can access next in the Quest Panel 

7 New Progress Quests Added + 6 New Dungeons
7 New quests have been added to Archlight, 3 of which are more puzzle focused, and 4 of which are combat focused. Additionally 6 New Dungeons have been added. 

Otherworlds drastically expanded and revamped
The Otherworld Lords have risen in power and are waging full war on Archlight. The Otherworlds zones and quests have grown by 300% and have had an increase on mechanics and challenges. There are now many expansive areas to search, explore, challenge and battle. Additionally, Otherworld content has been nerfed heavily, and scaled more accurately to be apart of a natural progression on Archlight instead of a massive jump in dificulty from all current content. 

Legendary Spells
All 10 Legendary Spells have been released and are rewarded by solving the Rune Puzzles Quest. This is a new lategame quest (content before the otherworlds, but after leviathan). The legendary spells were originally planned to be the reward from the Otherworlds Castle quests, however, due to poorly scaling this content, and the progress of the average player base , we feel it was not worth releasing as we didn't feel the content was up to par or engaging enough. As mentioned, otherworlds have been very much so revamped in terms of dificulty scaling, however, we have other plans for the rewards from Otherworlds. 

Monk - Conjure The Elements - Absorb the power and strength of all 4 of your elements, enhancing your attack speed, resistance and giving you an elemental attack. 

Corsair - Call In The Militia - Call 4 Blue Coats to your side to help you fight for 15 seconds. (These scale like all summons). 

Rogue - Mimic Pod - Creates 8 illusions around a target, snaring them for the duration and hitting and exposing the target's weak spots 8 times. 

Druid - Icy Exterior - Surround your target (Allied player or self) with an icy exterior, dealing damage to targets who attack the target. 

Archer - Focused Mind - Heighten yourself to a focused state, making you unable to move but increasing your damage dealt by 40% for 6 seconds. 

Berserker - Berserker Smash - Smashes the area infront of the berserker, causing a ripple to spread out infront of the berserker growing in size, enemies hit by this are paralyzed and take massive damage. 

Guardian - Holy Spirit - Summon a Holy Spirit to aid you in your combat, healing yourself and dealing damage to enemies around you (Scales like all summons). 

Necromancer - Shadowform - Creates a Shadowform to aid you in combat, casting similar spells to the Necromancer, this can be used with your other summons (Scales like all summons). 

Sorcerer - Arcaneblast - Harness the power of energy to release a powerful blast on your target offering extreme kill potential followed after pyroblast. 

Bard - Summon Banshee - The bard uses their inner dark side, summoning a banshee to roam with the bard making up for what the bard lacks. 

Upgrade "Stacks"
Now whenever you fail an upgrade on an item, that item will hold a upgrade stack, everytime you fail an upgrade, it gains another stack, each upgrade stack will increase the chance of you successfully upgrading your item by 10% (Multiplicative, Not Additive). IE if you have a 10% chance to succeed the enchant, the first fail would make it have a 11% chance to succeed, then 12.1%, then 13.21% and so on.

Quick Target System (Hotkey switches to your closest targets)
We have added a new "tab targetting" system. This will allow you to use a designated hotkey or key to change your target to the closest target near you, this will be very convienent when hunting or running quests/dungeons. This will not target players, this is to avoid accidentally targetting players constantly. 

Diminishing Returns from Gems
One thing that we wanted to fix this Era was the forcing of players into stacking up to 35 resistance gems in their gear. Other gems being virtually useless in comparison. Unfortunatly, it doesn't matter how much balancing we do, one will always be slightly better than another. So we have decided to add diminishing returns to Gems. Essentially how this will work, is it will count all the gems you have equipped on your equipment, if there are 15 or more of any of the same gem, the one's after the first 15 will suffer from diminishing returns (to confirm, the first 15 will not be diminished at all). The more of the same gem you have equipped, the higher the diminishing return will be. 
15 - 20% for each further one 
20 - 30% for each further one 
25 - 40% for each further one 
30 - 50% for each further one 

Goldencrafted, Mastercrafted and Reforged Mastercrafted Armors Reworked Entirely
Mastercrafted Experience added to Goldencrafted Gear. Goldencrafted Gear is now obtained from a Quest Chain. Goldencrafted Gear can be "leveled up" by wielding it while you earn experience, after the goldencrafted gear has achieved the required experience it will become Mastercrafted Armors. The same occurs for Mastercrafted Armors to Reforged Mastercrafted Armors. 

Threat Meter Mechanic Added
All Bosses on Archlight now have a threat meter under their health bars. Threat Meters will have a similar mechanic to several other MMORPG's but with a small Archlight Twist. Bosses will gain 20% Threat for every 1% of total damage they receive. If their threat meter hits 100%, they will go berserk for 5 seconds, in which they will be untauntable and will attack any target they so choose. After these 5 seconds, their threat meter will have gone back down to 0% and they can be retaunted. To mitigate the chance of them going berserk, a tank (only the one a boss is currently targetting) can use certain attack abilities to slightly lower the bosses Threat, and actual taunt abilities to drastically lower the bosses Threat. Because of this, certain taunts will be reworked to be more of a utility and non-spammed spell. This should add alot of depth to tanking, and even dpsing during a boss fight. 

New NPC and Boss Health Plates
NPC's and Bosses will now have their own Unique Nameplate to show their role. This will also show if they give quests, have a quest you can turn in, and for bosses will provide a larger health plate to more accurately see their remaining health. 

Health/Mana Arc's Option Added
You can now view your health and mana bars as Health Arcs (these will also have transprency options). 

PvP Trader Changes
Only cosmetic rewards will be purchased with PvP Points. 
All PvP Sets Removed from game. 
Retro outfits from PvP Trader lowered from 2000 > 1500 
Devil Wings (Red, Black, Blue) now all buyable from PvP Trader for 2500 Honor/PvP Points. 
You will now lower your dungeon cooldowns (Solo + Team Dungeon Cooldowns) by 2 hours each for any event you participate in. 

Rotating Maps To CTF and TDM
Now all CTF and TDM events will spawn players on 1 of 3 different themed maps. 

Legacy Shop
Wings price lowered from 7500 > 2500 
Devil Wings removed from Legacy Shop and Added to PvP Trader 

We will now be accepting payments in Ethereum and Litecoin. 

Tutor Icons
Tutors will now have an Icon on their character to show their role and that they are available for questions 

Misc Changes
Dozens of Client Visual Enhancements (Quest Log, Stats Window, and more) 
Rune Emblems now heal a % of your base health and mana. This is to allow them to scale to the very lategame. 
Awakened Versions of Voodoo Quest and Heroes Quest added. Both of these quests were slightly nerfed as well. 
Mana and Health Regen Gems are now % based instead of a flat rate. 
Resistance Gems nerfed by 25% 
If you had house decorating contest items - mail to gamemaster knighter ingame for next era recognition 
Experience Bonus from First-Time completion of tasks lowered from 200% to 50% bonus. 
Guild Tasks base experience given nerfed by 50% (these we're far too high) 
5 New Ritual Lords Added (To make total of 10, for variety) 
Token Exchanger - Upgrade Stone lowered from 30 AT > 10 AT

Heal Friend heal over time increased by 20%Healing Tune Health and Mana Regenerated increased by 20%
Harped Healing Tune Health and Mana Regenerated increased by 25%
Chain Heal minimum heal amount buffed by 30% (Max remains same)

Quest Service Run

06 January 2018 (22:42) by Gamemaster Ninja

Quest Service Run Today By a CM, Unfortunatly I couldn't get all the members of the service in the screenshot!

2x Points!

03 January 2018 (09:33) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.6.1 and Catch-Up Bags

02 January 2018 (04:33) by Gamemaster Ninja

Catch-Up Bags Available
Santa Bags Promotion is now gone! They have been replaced with Catch-Up Bags. These are meant to help newer/mid tier players catch-up in character strength. Items available in these bags include - Archlight Tokens, Legendary Stones, Stat Stones, Large Stat Stones and Charged Gems. These we're selected by the CM's on which Items would be beneficial to low/mid tier players to best advance.
Catch-Up Bags can be obtained through our Donate Page.

Patch 10.6.1 Live
Now when you transfer house ownership the rent period transfers as well (to prevent players from transferring houses to dodge rent costs).
You can now use Utamo Vita "On"/"Off" to toggle Mana Shield on or off. Or simply using Utamo Vita will do the default duration of it.
Guild Lorial will now give 1% extra gold PER guild level after level 10. For example, if your guild is level 18, you will receive an 8% bonus amount of gold for any items sold to the NPC, if your guild level is 24, a 14% bonus.
We believe we have also fixed the age old tibia issue of Rune Use stuttering your walking, we will see after this patch.

Class Balances
All Rogue Damage Abilities have been buffed by 11.5%
Rogue Melee Attack Damage has been buffed by 9.5%

Rune Changes
Silver Fighter Emblem - Healing Lowered 25%
Silver Mage Emblem - Min Mana Increased 10%, Max Mana Lowered 30%
Health Increased from 1 to 35 Average
Silver Specialist Emblem - Min Health Increased by 10%, Max Health lowered by 10%, Min Mana Increased by 10%, Max Mana lowered by 25%

We will be releasing 4 Large Castle Quests (Continuation of The Otherworlds) in our next content patch.

Christmas House Winners!

02 January 2018 (02:25) by Gamemaster Ninja

Congratulations to the House Contest Winners for our Week 6! 
Due to Christmas, The house contest was delayed, however 6 winners have been selected! Congratulations to the 6 recipients of 10 Free Santa Bags! Your bags will be mailed to your character within the next 12 hours!

1st Unix

2nd Dhavii

3rd Pojkvaske

4th - News Archive

5th The Hex

6th Whereis Shiner

Patch 10.6.1

28 December 2017 (08:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 10.6.1 (Coming Soon)
Now when you transfer house ownership the rent period transfers as well (to prevent players from transferring houses to dodge rent costs).
You can now use Utamo Vita "On"/"Off" to toggle Mana Shield on or off. Or simply using Utamo Vita will do the default duration of it.
Guild Lorial will now give 1% extra gold PER guild level after level 10. For example, if your guild is level 18, you will receive an 8% bonus amount of gold for any items sold to the NPC, if your guild level is 24, a 14% bonus.

Class Balances
All Rogue Damage Abilities have been buffed by 11.5%
Rogue Melee Attack Damage has been buffed by 9.5%

Rune Changes
Silver Fighter Emblem - Healing Lowered 25%
Silver Mage Emblem - Min Mana Increased 10%, Max Mana Lowered 30%
Health Increased from 1 to 35 Average
Silver Specialist Emblem - Min Health Increased by 10%, Max Health lowered by 10%, Min Mana Increased by 10%, Max Mana lowered by 25%