Teaser #6

01 February 2018 (00:53) by Gamemaster Ninja

Teaser #6 - Crafting Changes + Enhancements
Scaling of Crafting has been lowered by 40%. This will roughly equate (as example) 95 blacksmithing to be around 70~ currently. Making professions significantly easier to level up at higher tiers. 

Crafting Goldencrafted, Mastercrafted and Reforged Mastercrafted has now been removed from Blacksmithing and is now apart of a quest and task chain.

The Experience earned from crafting quests have been significantly increased.

Each crafting profession will now have a special Perk to it, as well as a transmuting feature.This transmuting feature will allow players to turn certain unused items, into more powerful or even completely different items. Certain perks are obviously stronger than other perks, as well as certain transmuting, even certain professions, this means some crafts may have a stronger perk, but perhaps a weaker transmuting vice versa.

List of Perks + Transmuting Added To Each Crafting Profession
Skill Level 60/70/80/90 (remember, it now takes the same time to get to skill 90 as it did to get to 68 before).
Using these Soulbind the gear to you until the duration is over

Food Buffs Last an Extra 10/15/20/25% as long
Rune Soils > Legendary or Soul (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)
Rune Soils > Awakened Rune Stones (6>1,   5>1,   4>1)

All Rune Emblems and Potions (Elixirs) heal an additional 5/10/15/20%
Stat Stones > Large Stat Stones (10>1,   9>1,   8>1)

Ability to add one bonus gem to each piece of gear. This will last for 24 hours. 1 piece of gear/ 2 / 3 / 4
Legendary Soil > Soul or Rune (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)

Enchant your boots giving you additional 10%/15%/20%/25% movement speed for 24 hours
Soul Soils > Legendary or Rune (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)
Soul Soils > Awakened Soul Stones (6>1,   5>1,   4>1)

Sharpen your weapon, increasing it's damage by 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5% for 24 hours
Upgrade Stones > Legendary Stones > Awakened Stones

Teaser Livestream!

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Teaser #4-5

31 January 2018 (02:39) by Gamemaster Ninja

Teaser #4-5 - Deadstone Stronghold + Otherworlds Armors

The Last Line of Defense against the Otherworlds is the Deadstone Stronghold. This stronghold is the last barrier between Archlight and the invading Otherworlds Creatures. The Deadstone Stronghold will be a massive point of content in Archlight - Rise Of The Otherworlds, having over 10 quests, many repeatable quests, access to many locked areas, and a constant siege of Otherworlds Creatures from 4 different angles of the Stronghold, it is your job to defend the stronghold and ultimately defend Archlight. 

By doing various things around and outside Deadstone Stronghold, players will earn Otherworlds War Points, which can be used to obtain powerful equipment from the Deadstone Smith. This equipment includes some of shown below in the teaser. This equipment is also used in chain to obtain part of the Goldencrafted Armors.

Character Creation Open!

30 January 2018 (00:58) by Gamemaster Ninja

Character Creation Is NOW OPEN For Rise Of The Otherworlds -
Launching February 9th! Reserve Your Character Name Now!

Character Creation Open!

30 January 2018 (00:55) by Gamemaster Ninja

Character Creation Is NOW OPEN For Rise Of The Otherworlds -
Launching February 9th.

Weekly Patches/Content

29 January 2018 (02:23) by Gamemaster Ninja

Weekly Patches/Content Moving Forward

Moving forward, The Archlight team has decided to be more structured in terms of how we will release new content, fix current content and balance current content. After some discussing within our development team, we believe it would be very beneficial for not only us as a team (for better achieving deadlines and releases) but also for players (to know when to expect what and when to look forward to what) to start having planned releases and patches.

We somewhat tested this this past Expansion/Era by releasing patches virtually each Friday. Whether that was balance, new content, or fixing bugs. Moving forward, we will be continueing to do weekly patches on Friday's (Unless otherwise noted). Every week these patches will occur to fix up bugs (a primary focus), work on balance, and basic database backups etc. Once a month (Every 4th week/patch, so slightly more often than once a month) we will release a new content patch. This means new quests, dungeons, systems, expansion content, etc. There will be some times that we filter little things in here and there, but generally they will now be lumped into 1 large patch.

This not only allows us to plan in deadlines better, but it also allows us to put more focus into bug fixes and balances after a content patch, rather than moving onto next weeks new content etc. As well, it also allows us to have a more structured time to test content for bugs pre-releasing (something I feel we have gotten much better at but still have some room to improve).
We are excited about this moving forward and just wanted to tell you players right away so you guys are also in the loop

Teaser #3

29 January 2018 (02:02) by Gamemaster Ninja

Teaser #3

Teaser #3 is the third of the 6 new Solo Dungeons! This dungeon is called Enchanted Mire and is displaying several new creature sprites, including the boss and her "pet" ;)