Valentine's House Contest

15 February 2018 (04:40) by Gamemaster Ninja

We will be giving away 300 Roses to 3 houses this Sunday Morning! Your house must be decorated by Saturday Midnight PST to be entered in! CM Finkelz will run around town and take screenshots of all houses decorated and then the winners will be selected!

This contest is valentine's theme! So much sure you show the love in the air on Archlight with your house!

So get to decorating your house and may the best/fanciest house win!

1st Place - 150 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword
2nd Place - 100 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword
3rd Place - 50 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

Valentine's Promo + Raids!

14 February 2018 (06:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patrick has been planning this valentine's week for years. He will finally ask Princess Sophia (AKA The Token Exchanger) to marry him, however, he wants to make it special, a night she will never forget. His plan involves candles, good food, and the pedals of a 1000 roses.. If you help him plan his special evening, he will reward you for your efforts, but only until February 18th, he doesn't want to be too obvious, so he is going to plan the evening for 4 days after Valentine's Day, you have until then to bring him roses in exchange for a handful of rewards.

Raids will occur frequently throughout the 14th-18th in which the creatures will drop Roses. You can then take these Roses to Patrick for the rewards of your choosing. Additionally, if you choose to not have the patience to collect the roses yourself, you can instead obtain them as an extra free bonus for donating until the 18th! Several of the rewards include things many players already are able to obtain ingame through promo tokens/cosmetic tokens, now these will all be obtainable through the raids + valentine's event (Woooot!). 

You can find patrick through the portal in the depot come Valentine's Day!

List of Patrick's Rewards Below
Purple Angel Wings (250 Roses)
Flower Relic - +20% healing from Rune Emblems and Potions (150 Roses)
Valentine's Companions - 
Valentine's Poodle +2 To All Stats (80 Roses)
Valentine's Flaming - +4 To All Stats (120 Roses)
Heart Backpack - +20 Skill Value, +3% Resistance (120 Roses)
Sweetheart Ring - +28 Skill Value (60 Roses)
Valentine's Cake - Hearts Animation and +15 Skills (60 Roses)
Valentine's Cards - Deco (1 Rose Each)

Patch Notes (11.0.3)
Silver Specialist Emblem health and mana % restored increased from 0.25% > 0.5%
Golden Specialist Emblem health and mana % restored increased from 0.5% > 0.75%
Adorned Specialist Emblem health and mana % restored increased from 0.75% > 1.00%
Made some adjustments to game engine to hopefully prevent further crashes (we will continue to compensate the server whenever a crash occurs with experience and energy boosters).
Fixed Sorcerer Legendary Spell from being castable without having completed the Legendary Quest

Apology On Crashes

14 February 2018 (03:34) by Gamemaster Ninja

We want everyone to know, we are very much aware of the current crash issues. This is something that disapoints our team greatly, and not the norm for us. Ninja is working very hard to attempt to solve the issue, however, due to the nature of it being a crash of the server, only so much can be solved at one time, thus resulting in attempts to fix the issue, and hope it properly solved it moving forward. Dont think we are standing idle-by while this happens. We are doing everything we can until the issue is 100% solved. Unfortunatly, due to the nature of bad eggs, we cannot compensate people everytime a crash happens (most dont or barely get affected, as characters frequently save), so we will be using 3 of the Experience Booster + Energy Booster for the 3 hours after a crash occurs (or in the morning if one happens throughout the evening). Again we apologize and it's very frustrating to us when it occurs and is at our immediate attention.

Patch 11.0.2

12 February 2018 (21:28) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 11.0.2 (To Happen Today)

~Item/Balance Changes~
Silver Rune Emblems health and mana % restored lowered from 0.5% > 0.25%
Golden Rune Emblems health and mana % restored lowered from 1% > 0.5%
Adorned Rune Emblems health and mana % restored lowered from 1.5% > 0.75%

~Class Changes~
Rogue now has 2 spells that lower the threat of the boss theyre fighting (They are the only vocation that can lower the threat of a boss without being the actual tank of that boss)
Shiv reduces the threat by 3% per cast
*New Spell* Smoke Bomb - Deals moderate AOE damage on target while also lowering creatures threat by 15% per cast. 12 second spell cooldown with only a 1.5s global cooldown. 

Guardian Changes
Ultimate Challenge Threat Reduction increased from 10% > 15%
Command Attention Threat Reduction increased from 15% > 25%
Challenge Threat Reduction increased from 5% > 10%
Shield Bash Threat Reduction increased from 3% > 5%
Challenge Cooldown Increased from 2 seconds > 5 seconds
Ultimate Challenge Cooldown Increased from 6 seconds > 12 seconds
Shield Bash Cooldown Reduced from 5 Seconds > 4 Seconds.

~New Boss Health Bars~
All bosses now have expanded health bars

~New Berserk Mechanic~
When a boss is berserked it will now increase damage by 50% and also destroy any and all magic walls/wild growths around it.

~Misc Fixes~
Solo Dungeons will now properly scale based on your power (reward and creature/boss difficulty)
Added level requirement (1500) to House Trading Partner (if you have a house on a character <1500, it will be removed and you will receive the purchase price back.
Made it impossible to sell a GH to a normal player
Fixed stairs being unable to go down in Mahdor Island Solo Dungeons
Added No-Logout to Seven Trials Reward Room
Fix improper visual representation of resistance values after equipping/de-equipping items that transforms

Patch 11.0.1

10 February 2018 (08:18) by Gamemaster Ninja

Patch 11.0.1 - Coming Feb 10th

~We will be doing a small patch tomorrow for the following things~
GM Broadcasts + Event Broadcasts will now be "superior" to loot messages, so players can see them despite the spam of loot while hunting.

Global Bonuses will now have 3 "tiers" instead of 2. Currently, Global Potions apply to the entire server, as well as an extra benefit to the user of it, now Global Potions will also apply an extra benefit to the Guild of the player who used the global potion.
Global Experience Potion
Global Bonus - 30% > 25%
Guild Bonus - 35%
User Bonus - 40% > 45%
Global Dungeon/Profession Potion
Global Bonus - 20% (Remains same)
Guild Bonus - 30%
User Bonus - 35%
Global Energy Potion
Global Bonus - 50%
Guild Bonus - 100%
User Bonus - 100% > 150%

Protectors of Archlight event countdown will be fixed so it no longer says outrageous time frames xD
White skull will now properly stay applied to a player for 5 minutes
Fixed an issue where lifeleech enchants we're properly procing
Fixed the level capp tile for Warlord Promotion Quest
Fixed an issue where Monks and Necromancers could summon their summons at a lower level than required

Coins + Legacy!

09 February 2018 (23:24) by Gamemaster Ninja

One crucial thing for Archlight is that through any Era, we ensure that every player knows every dollar they spend in support of our project will never be lost. We are proud that every single dollar donated for since our first launch in August 2015 is still in the account of the player who has purchased those points. And years from now it will remain as so. Additionally promotion tokens will be compensated based on points donated. What this means is even for the players who did not donate 80 euro donations but multiple smaller donations, you will receive promotion tokens for the thresholds you have donated for.

All cosmetic tokens have been added to their respective accounts already.

To prevent flooding of the market we, like in every era, give back points over a spread time. This helps even the playing field for all the new players on Day 1 especially. We have had the opportunity to test this 3 different ways now, and have decided on what we think is the best way for the new incoming player base and the returning one. Essentially, for every 1000 coins you get redeemed, you will receive a promotion token that can be redeemed in game for bonus rewards. 

The time table that coins will be "resurrected" is shown down below! 

1 Hour Before Launch - 2000 Coins Unlocked + 2 Promotion Tokens!
48 Hours(2 Day) After Launch - 3000 Coins Unlocked + 3 Promotion Tokens!
5 Days After Launch - 4000 Coins Unlocked + 4 Promotion Tokens!
8 Days After Launch - 4000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
11 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!
14 Days After Launch - 5000 Coins Unlocked + 5 Promotion Tokens!

17 Days After Launch - 6000 Coins Unlocked + 6 Promotion Tokens!
20 Days After Launch - 6000 Coins Unlocked + 6 Promotion Tokens!
All points after this will be unlocked at an accelerated 150-300% Rate every 4 days.

Legacy Crystals From Last Era's Progress
To Reward players for their progress last Era, players have earned Legacy Crystals based on the table found below. These crystals are forever saved onto your account and will be obtained any new Era/Expansion on Launch Day. Below displays how you can calculate how many Crystals you earned. Additionally, we will be increasing the scaling of this table in the future (even more crystals for high power or awakening level).
Awakening 1-100 = 1 Crystal/Level
Awakening 101-200 = 2 Crystals/Level
Awakening 201-300 = 4 Crystals/Level
Awakening 301-400 = 7 Crystals/Level
Awakening 401+ = 10 Crystals/Level

Power 2000-2500 = 10 Crystals/100 Power
Power 2500-3000 = 20 Crystals/100 Power
Power 3000-3500 = 30 Crystals/100 Power
Power 3500-4000 = 50 Crystals/100 Power
Power 4000+ = 75 Crystals/100 Power

Legacy Crystals Unlocked
All Legacy Crystals will be unlocked on March 2nd. 

New Client Download

09 February 2018 (18:31) by Gamemaster Ninja

Our Rise Of The Otherworlds Client is now available for Direct Download + Through our Launcher! You must have our latest client or you will get debugs ingame. Please update/download the latest client before Launch :)


08 February 2018 (21:47) by Gamemaster Ninja

Door Busters are NOW available for 48 Hours!
Click Here To View

Thanks to all that support us, it goes a long way and allows us to cover the costs of the many people who work hard on this server daily.