House Contest #2 Winners!

26 February 2018 (00:06) by Gamemaster Ninja

Congratulations to the 2 house contest winners!
Be sure to decorate your house for our next house contest this Saturday! 1st Place Winners from a house contest cannot win in the following week.

1st Place - Roff Raff - 1000 Coins + House Decoration Contest Sword

2nd Place - Puff - House Decoration Contest Sword

Regen Gem Balances

25 February 2018 (22:25) by Gamemaster Ninja

Regen Gem - Balances

Regen Gems will now scale off your MAX health and mana, instead of your Base health and mana.
Regen Gems have been overall nerfed by 65% (This is partially to account for it now scaling off your MAX health and mana, but also because we felt they needed a decent sized nerf to be more balanced).

If your gem values are displaying weird, simply relog to fix the displayed values.

We may further balance gems in the next 1-2 days based off what we feel.

War Breakout!

25 February 2018 (22:04) by Gamemaster Ninja

War Breakout Between Suicide Squad & Conspiracy + Alt Guilds

House Contest #1

20 February 2018 (20:16) by Gamemaster Ninja

For the month of February and March we will be selecting 1 house each week to win 1000 free Archlight Coins, and also a House Contest Winner Blade in Stone (Can be used as Deco to show you have won the house decoration contest)!

Additionally a Runner-Up will also be chosen each week who will earn the House Contest Winner Blade in Stone.

You do not need to submit your houses for this contest! Finkelz + Council will go around town at the end of each week and judge the 2 nicest houses in their opinion. Please note, it's not about what's inside or the items worth, but the decoration of the house itself! Clever themes and ideas are always taken highly into account!
Winners will usually be chosen every Saturday late night and posted on our website by Sunday.

Get to decorating and goodluck!

Legendary Keys Promo!

20 February 2018 (00:29) by Gamemaster Ninja

Legendary Keys Promo!

Many of you have been asking me constantly what the next promotion will be with valentines over, so here it is!
Any donation of 159.99 Euros will receive 10 free Legendary Archlight Keys!

Any donation of 79.99 Euros will receive 5 free Legendary Archlight Keys!

Legendary Crates drop a higher amount of gold, a guaranteed chance at an upgrading soil, and then a random chance between charged gems, enchantment scrolls and large stat stones. They're essentially very valuable Archlight Keys

Valentine's House Contest Winn

19 February 2018 (02:58) by Gamemaster Ninja

Valentine's House Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the following 3 winners!
Our next house contest will be announced in the next 2-3 days :)

1st Place - Xander Babcock
150 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

2nd Place - Dandelion
100 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

3rd Place - Cilie Mooney
50 Roses + House Decoration Winner Sword

Please Contact Gamemaster Knighter on Discord for your rewards :)

Protect Your Account

17 February 2018 (06:53) by Gamemaster Ninja

We have caught word that another server has sold their database to "hackers" for money. This is just a friendly reminder that you should never. ever. use the same account name OR password on Archlight as you have on another server. Unfortunatly there are some really shitty OT owners out there who will sell off player passwords/account numbers for a quick buck. Please remember this has come from massive server owners as well as small ones. Please if you are using the same account number or pass to make sure to change it as soon as possible.

Patch 11.0.3

15 February 2018 (21:19) by Gamemaster Ninja

Fixed Crucial PZ bug
Rifts now break into 4 different instances, one for non-awakened players, then awakening 1-150, 151-300, 301+
Increased base experience earned from solo dungeons by 65%
Cooldowns of Challenge and Ultimate Challenge will no longer share the same CD
Corsair Cannon Barrage, Corsair Rune and Second Wave now deal physical damage instead of fire damage.
Amount of Skill Experience lowered by 40% for Fishing, additionally, the experience gained from turning in Fish lowered by 15%.