Teaser #11

06 February 2018 (00:22) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #11 - Protectors of Archlight Event

This New Event joining Archlight on Launch is a "hordes" event in which waves of Otherworlds Creatures will attack from 4 different angles. All you the players will work together to protect the center of the event, if creatures enter the center protection zone, they will disappear and remove 1 life from the life total (20). Waves will progress more difficult and more creatures as the event goes on. This map is just a prototype map and is being re-skinned before Launch.

Less than 4 Days

05 February 2018 (20:06) by Gamemaster Knighter

The Archlight Team working with less than 4 days until Launch.

Teaser #10

05 February 2018 (00:01) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #10 - Outside The Walls of Deadstone Stronghold

As each day goes by the monsters of The Otherworlds slowly take over the outskirts of Deadstone Stronghold. Lord Crimson knows their stronghold cannot continue to hold off The Otherworlds. Sooner or later the Stronghold will be overthrown and thus giving The Otherworlds access to all of Archlight. Take up arms from within the Stronghold, and push the Otherworlds Creatures back to the hell they come from.

Teaser #9

04 February 2018 (01:53) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #9 - The Last Solo Dungeon

Teaser #8

03 February 2018 (00:35) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #8 - Solo Dungeon #5

Teaser #7

01 February 2018 (23:06) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #7 - Craftable Bed Kits

The Tanning Profession will now be able to make Bed Kits. These kits will be used to enhance your houses bed and the energy it can store and how quick it restores that energy. Now all houses will start with just a base tier bed, that can hold 120 energy (less than before) however you are able to create beds that hold up to 360 energy now.

The 5 Tiers of Beds are:
1. Base Bed - 120 Energy
2. Green Bed - 180 Energy
3. Yellow Bed - 240 Energy
4. Red Bed - 300 Energy
5. Canopy Bed - 360 Energy

All recharge times for each bed are the same duration, thus a bed that holds 50% more energy, also gains energy 50% faster. Once you use a bed kit on your bed it will remain permanently. The material costs to create these bed kits is reletively high due to them being permanent, however they are a very good investment in your house.

We plan on adding more enhancement options for players to make to their houses in future patch.

25 Hour Livestream!

01 February 2018 (02:40) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #6

01 February 2018 (00:53) by Gamemaster Knighter

Teaser #6 - Crafting Changes + Enhancements
Scaling of Crafting has been lowered by 40%. This will roughly equate (as example) 95 blacksmithing to be around 70~ currently. Making professions significantly easier to level up at higher tiers. 

Crafting Goldencrafted, Mastercrafted and Reforged Mastercrafted has now been removed from Blacksmithing and is now apart of a quest and task chain.

The Experience earned from crafting quests have been significantly increased.

Each crafting profession will now have a special Perk to it, as well as a transmuting feature.This transmuting feature will allow players to turn certain unused items, into more powerful or even completely different items. Certain perks are obviously stronger than other perks, as well as certain transmuting, even certain professions, this means some crafts may have a stronger perk, but perhaps a weaker transmuting vice versa.

List of Perks + Transmuting Added To Each Crafting Profession
Skill Level 60/70/80/90 (remember, it now takes the same time to get to skill 90 as it did to get to 68 before).
Using these Soulbind the gear to you until the duration is over

Food Buffs Last an Extra 10/15/20/25% as long
Rune Soils > Legendary or Soul (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)
Rune Soils > Awakened Rune Stones (6>1,   5>1,   4>1)

All Rune Emblems and Potions (Elixirs) heal an additional 5/10/15/20%
Stat Stones > Large Stat Stones (10>1,   9>1,   8>1)

Ability to add one bonus gem to each piece of gear. This will last for 24 hours. 1 piece of gear/ 2 / 3 / 4
Legendary Soil > Soul or Rune (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)

Enchant your boots giving you additional 10%/15%/20%/25% movement speed for 24 hours
Soul Soils > Legendary or Rune (4>1,   3>1,   2>1)
Soul Soils > Awakened Soul Stones (6>1,   5>1,   4>1)

Sharpen your weapon, increasing it's damage by 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5% for 24 hours
Upgrade Stones > Legendary Stones > Awakened Stones