Additional Patch Notes!

18 July 2018 (19:52) by Gamemaster Ninja

Limited Edition Cosmetics, Items and Furniture will all have either a purchase limit, or time limit to obtain them, after this purchase limit, or time limit has expired, they will not EVER be obtainable again (no recolors of them either..).
Limited Editions will be bound to your account forever once purchased, and viewable in your My Account Panel (viewable now already)
These will automatically be redeemable on your account on any future Fresh Starts.
We will have 4 Limited Editions available with very limited supply on Launch.
Limited Editions are your way of showing your legacy on Archlight, being able to show off rare and unique cosmetics forever that no one else will be able to again obtain.
2nd Anniversary Backpack owners will have this added to their Limited Editions once received in-game and will automatically receive them back in the future.

Outfit Bonuses!
Each Outfit/Addon Set, Mount and Wings are split into Tiers. Outfit/Addon Sets and Mounts have 4 Tiers of Rarity, Wings have 3.
Based on their tier, they offer a larger passive bonus for owning the outfit, mount or wings!
Each outfit/addon set and pair of wings has a different passive bonus, then the amount is based on the tier. You can view the tiers and amounts below! List of what passives each addons/mounts/wings will be posted on the wiki before Launch.

Wings give a slightly bigger bonus as their value is much higher because of their rarity. They currently offer 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5% hp/mana per pair respectively.
Players are currently able to obtain 28 addons and 27 mounts in game simply by completing different tasks or looting the items from monsters/world bosses loot bags.
Although kill counts on these addon tasks are high, respective addon items can also be looted from the monsters while hunted.
We have also revamped a lot of our currently existing in-game tasks to be more appealing for players by granting them mount taming items. 

*Read more about all the Outfit/Mount/Wing changes below from the initial Patch Notes for War of Gods*
"Something we've always wanted to avoid is forcing players into wearing a specific outfit or mount, for the bonus it offers, this is why inititially we have had a passive system, in which you received 0.5% max health and mana for each addon/mount you had unlocked. This system feels boring and stale to us! We will be slightly revamping this system in the following ways..
1. Outfits, Mounts and Wings have now all been split into 4 different "tiers"
2. Outfits, Mounts and Wings will give their own unique amount of +% health and +% mana, +skill and +profession skill based on their tier!
3. Many outfits previously unobtainable from anything but the shop, are now available by playing!
4. Many tasks will now reward players with products needed to craft outfits, addons or obtain mounts!
5. Many bosses will now drop rare mount or addon items
6. Additionally addons, outfits, mounts and wings will all have a more unique and engaging way of obtaining them compared to before!
7. Mount + Wing speeds will stack - however speed buffs from mounts and wings have been halved."

Store Changes
Heart Backpack moved to Promotion Token Shop.
Craftsman's Backpack, Gatherer's Backpack and Soulhunter Backpack all moved to Promotion Token Shop.
Prices of all outfits and mounts in the same tiers have now been "averaged out" and will all cost the same, as their bonuses are the same across all of them.

Balance Changes
Ocean and Mountain Gems now give 20% the amount of regeneration as before, however, they proc 5 times more frequently. This ultimately doesn't change the balance of them, however it will now apply more like a proper regen rate.
Strength Stat has been buffed back to 0.5% 
Cure Bleed + Cure Curse removed.

Misc Changes
Two Handed Rift Forger Removed
All Weapons Moved to One Handed Rift Forger
Grips Added to One Handed Rift Forger
Players below level 100 will only take 2 hours to be deleted now.
Catchup Experience Disabled for the first week.
Catchup Pouches Removed.

Bug Fixes
Fixed multiple farms that had tiles unable to plant seeds
Fixed a hole location where it would teleport you back to town
Cleaned up a boss room in elemental quest so the boss properly respawns ontime
Added "health and mana" to description of restoration stat
Fixed several immovable bodies
Added creatures to part of possessed spawn that didn't contact any.
Fixed bards being able to summon the legendary spell before obtaining it
Fixed rogues blinking onto stairs
Fixed the order of Reforged/Mastercrafted Claws
You can now properly obtain the daily bonus when you first create a character
Reaping/Shadowfang/Slice and Dice now properly gain 5% effectiveness per awakening point
Necromancers can now properly summon lesser shadowfiends

ArchBot Fixes
Fixed auto spell/rune cooldowns-Fixed healing spells list
Fixed sio configuration list
Fixed some bugs in quick spells
Auto reconnect functionality now works without crashing the client
Added user defined range for the targeter bot, for auto targeting the creatures

Following Items are now stackable
Old Fake Archlight Keys
Dungeon Boxes (anni, normal dungs etc)
Regrade Keys
Fire Swords
Banana Staff
Tribal Mask
Flask of warriors sweat
Vampiric Crests
Damaged Steel Helmet
Coral Comb

Send Us Your Setup!

18 July 2018 (17:31) by Gamemaster Ninja

With 2 days left until the launch of War of Gods, we will be giving away a $50 coin package to the best pre-launch setup! Show us those energy drinks / food prep for War of Gods power gaming, have the Archlight Client in the background, and Send your picture in to our facebook @ for a chance to win!

Class Balance Notes

17 July 2018 (20:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

Balance Patch Notes
- Wand Basic Attacks damage lowered by 15%

Time to bring back to life some spells that have been overlooked. Also reviving the Longshot spec that has been long forgotten since many eras ago.
- Exori Gran Con damage increased by 30%
- Mega Exploding Spear damage increased by 25%
- Focused Shot damage increaed by 20%
- Skyfall damage increased by 15%
- High Velocity Shot damage increased by 15%
- Perfect Shot damage increased by 5%
- Pinpoint Shot damage increased by 25%

Bard is mainly a utility class, used to buff other party members with mild heals while still viable solo. After recent testing, bards have been far too strong for their role.
- Enchant Party 5 has been fixed to give the right amount of buff from awakening it.
- Soul Rune effect lowered by 10%
- Bard Wave damage lowered by 20%
- Music Strike damage lowered by 15%
- Sound Explosion damage increased by 70%

For Berserkers, while being an off-tank class, they still wield a heavy weapon and should deal out more damage than they have been so far.
- Basic Attacks damage increased by 45%
- Soul Rune damage increased by 15%
- Exori Gran damage increased by 35%
- Strong Spinning Blades initial hits damage increased by 25% (Bleed damage stays the same)
- Spinning Blades initial hits damage increased by 20%
- Relentless Rage damage lowered by 10%
- Precision Slice damage increased by 20%
- Precision Throw damage increased by 35%

Adding a some spice to the Gambler specialization and also making the filler attacks more noticed while still keeping their overall damage in a good place.
- Gauss Barrel damage increased by 35%
- Quick Draw damage increased by 10%
- Run The Barrel damage decreased by 5%

A utility class that should have a little less burst, but a little more solo play ability.
- Soul Rune damage decreased by 5%
- Exevo Gran Mas Frigo damage increased by 10%
- Exevo Gran Mas Tera damage increased by 10%

Some damage increases to allow Guardians to try out some enchantments other than Enflmaing to compensate for their missing damage.
- Sunfire damage increased by 10%
- Shield Slam damage increased by 35%
- Shield Bash damage increased by 80%
- Holy Retribution damage increased by 50%

Monk is a damage dealing class with two specializations, one more focused on PvE or AOE damage, and the other on single target damage. Monk has been weak long enough!
- Basic Attacks damage increased by 25%
- Death Back Kick damage increased by 35%
- Electric Back Kick damage increased by 35%
- Flaming Back Kick damage increased by 35%
- Frozen Back Kick damage increased by 35%
- Nature Back Kick damage increased by 35%
- Strong Flurry Of Punches damage increased by 35%
- Knockout Punch damage increased by 55%
- 1000 Fists damage increased by 20%
- Kamakazin Punch damage increased by 15

Keeping the same damage overall around the necro, while increasing it's farming AOE abilities. Also making summons more of a core part of the Necromancer's gameplay.
- Necromancer will receive its long missing 5th awakening skill, that will increase the health and damage of all summons by 5% per point (Coming in the first patch of War of Gods)
- Gathering Fear Cooldown from 12s -> 8s
- Gathering Fear damage decreased by 5%
- Death Wave Cooldown from 8s -> 6s
- Death Wave damage decreased by 10%
- Witchs Cauldron damage increased by 20%
- Demonic Shadowfiend base damage increased by 165%

Not too much explaining needed. A little buff to an overlooked and underused spell, bringing down the Rogue's overwhelming damage a little bit.
- Base attack speed lowered by 10%
- Smoke Bomb damage increased by 35%

Making the Sorcerer a little less bursty, but have a little more area damage, keeping it around the same sweet spot it was on.
- Soul Rune damage increased by 5%
- Dragon Breath damage reduced by 10%
- Vortex Breath damage reduced by 10%
- Exevo Gran Mas Vis damage increased by 15%
- Exevo Gran Mas Flam damage increased by 15%

Livestream Q&A!

16 July 2018 (19:41) by Gamemaster Ninja

Passive AT's Removed!

15 July 2018 (03:37) by Gamemaster Ninja

After alot of careful planning and decision, we have decided to remove Passive Archlight Token gain from Archlight!
More details will come tomorrow :)

Apply to be a Tutor!

14 July 2018 (02:55) by Gamemaster Ninja

You can now apply to become a tutor for Archlight War of Gods at You can find the tutors application details by pressing the "Manage Account" after logging in. We are currently looking for 10 tutors (old ones can re-apply) to start the era with and possibly more to come later during the next 2 months.

Character Creation Now Open!

13 July 2018 (20:20) by Gamemaster Ninja


13 July 2018 (18:15) by Gamemaster Ninja

New Challenges Await