Archlight Featured

09 May 2018 (19:56) by Gamemaster Knighter

Over 2500 views in 2 hours, very cool to be featured on MMORPG PL >
"ArchLight Online (better Tibia) is experiencing a siege. Everyone wants to play this MMO"
"Tibia is experiencing a second youth and the same can be said about its spin-off, or ArchLight Online. "
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Patch 12.3.0 (Expected Teaser)

08 May 2018 (23:41) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 12.3.0 (Massive Content Patch)
Friday, May 18th

*Additional Teaser Images to be added May 9th*
**More will likely be added to these patch notes prior to release**
***Things may be added/removed before patch based on if we have delays on something***
Sarandiel has left and betrayed us... she regained her power based on a book of lies, acquiring goddess herbs to increase her power. She has begun preparing for her siege on the Forgotten Islands. The Sarandiel Event NPC will be available until this patch goes live at which time she wont be available anymore. 

New Endgame Content Added
(We will be delaying the release of one of the forgotten islands and it's world boss/weapons to add more unique and less repetitive content to it due to high level feedback - everything else will still release)
2 New Forgotten Islands added, 30 New Creatures, 2 New World Bosses, 2 New Weapon Sets (Forgemaster), 4 New Solo Dungeons, 2 Awakened Quests (Sharptooth and Amazon Hideout), Tier 2 Soul Runes, and Multiple Puzzle Quests (Primarily on the two new islands)

Client Windows Overhauled
(We will be delaying this till the next patch, as we plan to do a full client overhaul and feel it would be better to release it all at once, rather than in chunks at each time, we plan to release this by end of month of next week in depending on development times for the rest of the windows)
We have put alot of time into making more aesthetically pleasing in-game windows for commonly used windows such as Dungeon Finder, Stats, Highscores, Menu, and will be adding more functionality to the Quest Window, as well as adding a large and functional Guild Management Panel. For this patch, we will be attempting to have all in and configured, however our main focus is in order of how we listed them and some may not make it until a patch after. 

Quest Broadcaster Added
We have recoded the quest broadcaster, it will now be 100% functional and more seamless. This will allow players to broadcast to recruit additional players either to help with their quest, or as a paid quest service.

New Boss Mechanics Added (that target ranged players) To:

Awakened Cassandra, Awakened Sharptooth, Darksteel Cryptlord, Sharptooth, Cassandra (Voodoo Quest).
This is something we wanted to add for awhile now, but essentially we have added ranged boss mechanics that will target "outer circle" players such as Archers and Casters, forcing them to also dodge boss mechanics like melee players.

Quality of Life Changes
You can now start a conversation with an NPC simply just right clicking them (This is actually already live).

Misc Changes
Kraken Tentacle health buffed by 800%, Kraken Tentacle Spell Radius' increased by 50%. 
Kraken armor will now be used similar to a prismatic token to enhance reforged mastercrafted equipment into Kraken Armor, keeping it's regrade and rarities.
Lord of the Elements rift removed from rifts.

5x Legacy Crystals!

07 May 2018 (20:33) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #4

07 May 2018 (20:32) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #3

04 May 2018 (19:50) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scroll #2

04 May 2018 (01:22) by Gamemaster Knighter

Lore Scrolls Discovered

03 May 2018 (03:38) by Gamemaster Knighter

5 Lore Scrolls have already been discovered, one will be released each day for the next 5 days forward, but many are yet to be found, will you be the one to find them in the future on the Forgotten Islands?

May House Contest!

02 May 2018 (03:36) by Gamemaster Knighter

For the month and may, we will have one large house contest. We will be selecting 10 Houses to win 1000 free Archlight Coins, and also a House Contest Winner Blade in Stone (Can be used as Deco to show you have won the house decoration contest)! That's 200 Euros of Points!

You do not need to submit your houses for this contest! CM's + Council will go around town at the last day and pick 30~ houses, from there, staff will all have a chance to vote, with Knighter having the final say. Please note, it's not about what's inside or the items worth, but the decoration of the house itself! Clever themes and ideas are always taken highly into account!

Houses must be finished decorating by Saturday May 12th!

Winners will be chosen on Monday May 14th posted on our website!

Get to decorating and goodluck!