July 26th Patch Notes

26 July 2019 (04:06) by Admin Knighter

Added Test of Skill NPC into Monster Hunting Room - This NPC will allow players to do a task every 24 hours to obtain all tiers of upgrade stones, rune upgrades and soul rune upgrades.
Guild Tiles added properly to Guild Profession Islands

Bounty System "Lock Bonus duration" increased from 12 > 22 hours

Quick buttons for Tamer & Gunslinger have been added 

We have applied a change/fix to the battlelist sorting. This should help those who were spuratically getting low FPS/high ping issues from it.

Marketplace will be re-enabled.

Mentor/Mentee Tokens have been added in. They will not be obtained by those who have already completed the quest.

The Gunslinger's soulrune has been reworked to now be an AOE bullet barrage on target location closing in on the target over 0.6 seconds. Every hit will not only apply a 10% slow to the target, but also damage.

The Gunslinger's Soulrune will now scale properly off upgrades.
One with the Gun duration has been increased from 5 seconds to 15 seconds, the damage increase has been lowered from 20% to 10%.
Combo Shot now fires 4 bullets instead of 2, it's overall damage has been increased by 25%.
Gunslinger's Attack Speed has been lowered by 4.5%
We have updated the Outlaw Explosive Shot Animation to be less "intense".

New Bolas Spell available at level 750 - This spell will bounce to 4 targets, slightly slowing each and dealing damage. This spell is an "attack" spell for your pets, triggering their standard attack ability.
All Tamer Pet's Base health has been lowered by 17.5%~ 
We have increased the lategame (7000 power+) scaling of Tamer Pet's Health & Damage by 11.5%
Spirit of the Tortoise resistance has been lowered from 20% > 15%
Tamers pets now scale down in PvP like other summons & players

Pets will now scale 20% lower at lower powers, and 20% higher at higher powers.
Necromancer Pet's have all had their health lowered by 17.5%

Patch Notes July 21st

21 July 2019 (21:15) by Admin Knighter

While many minor bugs have been fixed and loaded in, these are the ones that will be fixed upon the patch in 1 hour.

Bounty Hunt
Bounty Cards can now be purchased through the Arch Store
Creatures will now be selected from 2 tiers below your current tier and your current tier. Creature pools have been increased for better selection

Remove all active summons

Gunslinger Soul Rune
Increased width to 3 from 1 - we will likely further rework this soul rune in the future, for now, this should make it more impactful.

Fixes to Heroes & Voodoos Chest(s) for Tamers and Gunslingers

Rogue clones will now properly taunt creatures

Streamer Stats Token
Those who consume one going forward will keep their stats permanently - We will be pushing new ones to every player, please re-use it, so that the stats are registered to stay permanently.

EU Exclusive Cosmetics

18 July 2019 (00:57) by Admin Knighter

As mentioned in the livestream, we do not plan to do doorbusters anymore, this may change, but we prefer allowing people all season the oppertunity to buy the exclusive cosmetics we introduce for that season. It's common practice by many game developers to have super limited time purchases, but to be honest, I dont like this practice. On launch of EU, players will have access to 2 new limited edition exclusive cross-server outfits. This means these outfits are automatically returned to you at the start of any new season, as well as if you purchase it on EU, you will have it on your NA account. To be clear; these will only be available on our European Server, same as the Aura's were on the North American Server.

We're very excited to share with you all the two new outfits below and even more excited to see them ingame!

These outfits we're an exceptional amount of work for our team. Created and designed by our lead artist, with 8 movement frames making the animation exceptionally smoothe, as well as being animated individually on different layers to make every movement frame look much more natural and smooth than cipsoft outfits (and any outfit we've done in the past as well!).

We have lowered our prices by 25%, meaning usually these would be priced equivalent to 10+ Living Tokens each, however they will have different price tiers based on the amount of work put into them.

The Gunslinger outfit will be 8 Living Tokens, and be a tier 3 skill outfit.

The Reaper outfit will be 12 Living Tokens, and be a rare tier 4 skill outfit.

These will be available on launch, however will remain available for the duration of the season.

Oh... 2 more things... the gunslinger backside has a demon face and the gunslingers weapon orbs change based on your color set....

Teaser #9 - Content Creators, Bounty Hunt System & More

16 July 2019 (19:32) by Admin Knighter

Bounty Hunt System

We have added a new system that will be familiar to you who have played Tibia in recent years. While similar in many ways to Tibia's Prey System, we are releasing a slightly different version called Bounty Hunts. The new Bounty Hunt System will allow players to gain a boost to hunt a specific random creature, either damage, experience, loot, or monster essence find. Everyday all players will get a free Bounty Hunt Roll for each Bounty Hunt Slot they own. The Bounty Hunt System varies from the commonly known Prey System in that you will receive 9 creatures to choose from based on your power tier, rather than simply 9 creatures at complete random. 

While Bounty Cards can be purchased from our store, you can also obtain them in-game from the daily rewards calendar, and various events on Archlight. Additionally, Bounty Cards can be traded from player to player to allow easier access for those who do not wish to purchase them. All purchases are returned to players in future seasons as Points, Promotion Tokens & Cosmetic Tokens as well.

Content Creators Playing Archlight Europe!
This european season, we looked to make longer term deals with a smaller selection of large streamers, rather than small deals with several small streamers. So you guys can look forward to alot of content from not only these streamers, but also 2 different youtube channels to be announced on launch as well :)

We're very excited to have the current largest English Speaking European streamer playing Archlight Europe - https://twitch.tv/tibiaLee_ !

As well as a new up and coming (but quickly growing and one of the larger english streamers now) https://twitch.tv/avalanche_1!

Unfortunately Zolzastream had to back out last moment this week due to family reasons and wont be streaming during this time, but we're already in talks for her to come stream when she returns! 2~ more streamers will likely be added to this list before launch, but you know how most streamers are, they hate commitments until the day before. 
We are talking with Bubba on the 18th ;) Bubbagame will be streaming the European Server!

Oh... and layzall is streaming too.. 

Further Class Changes
Berserker Spinning Blade type spells will now follow the berserker as they move and no longer remain in the place they were casted.

Frost Grenade damage increased by 10%

Shiv damage increased by 10%
Smokebomb Range increased from 3 squares to 5
Viperfang DOT damage increased by 20%
Jugulate DOT damage increased by 12.5%

New Daily Upgrade Stone Tasks

We have added a new Test of Skill NPC that will allow players to do a daily task similar to Test of Strength that will give them a currency to spend and purchase soulbound upgrade stones for their equipment, healing emblems & soul runes. Higher tier upgraders will cost more - these prices have not yet been set, but an example for you guys to see.

Tamer Class Spells List
Soulrune: Enrages your pet, increasing their damage and attack speed for 8s
Bears - Tank - Taunt
Attack Ability (Low CD): Swipes the three tiles infront of the bear 
Utility Ability (Medium CD): Taunts all targets around the bear 
Rage Ability (High CD): Regens health by 10% per second for 5 seconds. 

Gorillas - DPS - AOE Slams
Attack Ability: Smashes ground around ape dealing moderate damage 
Utility Ability: Shouts buffing all team members defense for 3s 
Rage Ability: Smashes the ground dealing AOE damage every second for 5 seconds 

Wolves - DPS - Single Target DPS
Attack Ability: Scratches the opponent 5 times over 1 second 
Utility Ability: Howl - Buffs all team members attack damage for 3s 
Rage Ability: Increases Wolves Auto Attack Damage for 5 seconds. 

Boars - Off-tank - Charge/Stun
Attack Ability: Rend - Deals damage over 3s 
Utility Ability: Charges at the target stunning them for 1s 
Rage Ability: Break Leg - Slows the opponent for 10s 

Tamer's Shot (Attack)
Hunting Spear (Attack) - Throws a spear for very large damage 
Distracting Shot (Attack) - Lowers the enemies rage 
Crossfire (Rage) - Line of arrows hit making a target dropping 3 times 

Support Spells
Spirit of the Snake (Utility) - Makes your hits deal a DOT for 5s 
Spirit of the Tortoise (Utility)  - Increases your resistance for 5s 
Spirit of the Cheetah (Utility) - Increases your movement speed for 5s 

Beastmaster - Solo Oriented

Tamer's Call - Increases your pets damage by 10% for 10 minutes 
Tamer's Bond - Increases your pets resistance by 10% for 10 minutes 
Tamer's Mend - Heal your pet to full health instantly 

Tracker - Utility/Team
Acute Sense - Increases the damage of your party by 5% 
Nature's Touch - Heals everyone in your party for a % like a weak bard spell 
Spirit of the Eagle - Increases the attack speed of your party by 10% 

Legendary Spell
Unending Bond - Increases the damage of you and your pet for 30s 

Hell - Crossfire will now increase your pet's damage for 5 seconds 
Heaven - Tamer's Big Heal will now also heal you and your pet with a DOT every 1 second for 3 seconds. 

Tamer Awakening Spells
Hunting Spear: Now also slows target 
Crossfire: Hits 5 times instead of the 3 times.
Healing Petal: Restores additional health after a brief delay.
Tamer's Mend: Heals your pet an additional 5% of it's life every second for 5 seconds.
Spirit of the Eagle: Attack Speed gained increased

Gunslinger Class Spells List
Soul Rune: Shoots an empowered bullet in a straight line from the gunslinger piercing threw all targets, dealing damage to anything hit. 

Combo Shot: Fires 2 shots at once at the target
Concussive Shot: Hits a target for damage and slows them
Unload the Chamber: The gunslinger holds their ground, firing faster than usual, however once they move the spell is broken.
Phantom Apparition: Makes a second copy of self, that shoots at 25% damage done.

Support Spells
3 Ammo Type Spells that changes what type of shots you're making with 10s cooldown between switching.
Explosive Rounds - Bullets now explode on impact dealing an AOE
Splitter Rounds - Attacks apply a DOT to the target
Piercing Rounds - Attacks deal higher overall damage
One With The Gun - Increases Attack Speed for 5s 

Disengage - Hits opponent slowing them and increasing the tricksters movement speed for 2s.
Phantom Expertise - Creates 2 copies of self that shoot the target for 25% the damage of the Gunslinger.
Clear Shot - Increases the damage of teammates 

Explosive Rounds AOE size increased 
Splitting Rounds DOT now also slow targets
Piercing Rounds Damage amplified 

Legendary Spell
Creates 5 copies of self that shoot target for 25% the damage of the gunslinger for 5s.

Hell Artifact - when you use unload the chamber, you will also slow the target while the spell is in effect.
Heaven Artififact - when you use Phantom Apparition you will also gain increased attack speed for 3 seconds. 

Gunslinger Awakening Spells

Concussive Shot: Now also applies a DOT that deals damage over 2.5 seconds
Phantom Apparition: When a clone disapears from this spell only, increases the Gunslingers attack damage for 5 seconds. 
Shadows Blessing: Restores some additional health after a brief delay.
Clear Shot: Damage gained increased by an additional 4%  
Outlaw Ammo: Increases the effectiveness of all ammo type passive benefits (that you get from having outlaw spec - not their normal passive from the ammo) by 5% 

Teaser #8 - New Expansion Content

15 July 2019 (02:54) by Admin Knighter

The Council of Marius Content
4 New Largescale Quests, 5 New Boss Fights each with their own mechanics, Over half a dozen missions, 4 new sets of equipment, house furnitures and more. The Council of Marius Content is following a very similar design philosophy that we put into Shadows of the Ashen and we cannot wait to share it with you!
The Council of Marius Content will be placed as a successor to Shadows of the Ashen content, and will have 4 new sets of equipment for players to access. Additionally, through missions and quests, players will be able to obtain special furnitures for their house, that not only boast pure royalty to the house itself, but also can be used to temporarily increase the owners stats. We have placed it directly after The Shadows of the Ashen content in quest progression as we want virtually everyone to be able to experience this content and what it has to offer!
Because of how early on the content is available, it will be available on the launch of EU, but will require completion of the last Ashen Quest. Once the content is reached on the EU Server, it will be opened on the NA Server as well!

New Town Revamp
The town has received a significant revamp to it's one-dimensional feel. The North East and South West parts of Archlight have been revampped on hillside, dont worry, you will still be able to fish in these areas and from the hilltop :)

Teaser #7 - Misc Changes & PvP Base Damage

13 July 2019 (01:09) by Admin Knighter

Misc Changes & PvP Base Damage

Misc Changes
Healing Ritual heaven artifact bonus now heals 3 times instead of 2.

Runes (including soul runes such as berserker or sorcerer) no longer scale off of Inferno Gems and the Arcane Stat. They were never intended to originally.

Doubled Loot Values
Lorial and Guild Lorial prices for items have been doubled (which means player earn twice the gold for items obtained from killing creatures).

Gem Changes for More Build Variety
To promote a wider variety of build viabilities, we have reworked the diminishing returns from gems to apply to 11+ of the same rather than 16+ of the same. Additionally, we have increased the diminishing return values by 5% each tier.

Achievements Changes
The Amounts Required for each tier of the following achievements have been lowered by 50%
Lord Rituals
PvP Honor

PvP Base Damage - Balancing PvP For the Masses
Currently the pvp system is very lackluster, unsatisfying, and extremely lopsided. To the point that 20+ average players sometimes cant take down a single player. While this may feel fun to that single player for awhile, eventually it gets dull and unsatisfying. While they may not immediately notice, it will eventually cause a lack of interest when there is virtually no threat. And obviously, to the average player this is very unfun. It ends up with an unhappy majority, and eventually a bored and dissatisfied minority. Being virtually invincible is only fun for a short time, being strong & skillful is fun for a long time.

Unlike many other mmo's (Tibia, Runescape, Maplestory), on Archlight, healing continues to scale and there is very few "fixed" amounts of healing in the game (like potions, or food in tibia/runescape). Majority of your healing comes from hard scaling, which we like, for PvE. For PvP, this can make PvP get wildly out of control where a single player can take on 20, 30, heck even 40 at times players and simply shred through them. While we do not want to devalue past donors, or those who actively support Archlight (without all of you, we wouldn't be standing here in the first place), we do want to improve PvP for everyone as it will only make things more fun for everyone. 

PvP Base Damage Change
We have changed all damage spells on Archlight to deal In addition to their normal damage a base % health/mana damage (if mana shield is on) in PvP only. Essentially spells will scale based on their already scaling damage. Stronger spells have a higher base % damage. The base damage ranges from 0.2% > 2% based on the spell. Still a minor amount, however, the intent behind this is to give the average player some relevancy in PvP, creating a much more engaging PvP experience on Archlight, where small groups, average players, non-donors can also be relevant in all PvP. This means for example, a spell while doing its normal damage, would also deal a base % amount that would make anyone engaged in pvp somewhat relevant, while stronger players would steal deal more damage and have more survivability. Additionally this would not disturb any PvE balance and still give players their progressive the edge in PvE. We will likely further fine tune this in the future, but this is how it will be for launch.

Cosmetics Cost Reduction
We have lowered the price of many cosmetic token items by 33% > 75%. Because of this drastic lowering in cosmetic pricing, we have also lowered the accessory bonus of all cosmetics lowered by 25-35%. Ultimately, they are far cheaper than their passive benefit lowered, but this will allow those who currently have most the cosmetics, the ability to instead sell/trade off some of their cosmetic tokens, and those who have none, an easier time trading for them.
Everblazing Companion - 3 CT > 2 CT
Sharpwings Companion - 2 CT > 1 CT
Sheep Bed Kit - 3 CT > 2 CT
Paladin Outfit Token Outfit - 2 CT > 1 CT
Diamond Mount Diamond - 4 CT > 1 CT
Inferno Outfit Token - 8 CT > 3 CT
Inferno Mount Inferno - 6 CT > 3 CT
Immortal Outfit - 4 CT > 1 CT
Forsaken Hunter Token - 4 CT > 1 CT
Diamond Outfit - 4 CT > 1 CT

Character Name Reservation Open!

12 July 2019 (20:23) by Gamemaster Ninja

I see 100 characters have already been made for EU  but character name reservation is now OFFICIALLY OPEN for our upcoming European Season on July 19th! Our advertising goes live in a few days, MMORPG is publishing their article on us in 5 days, and streamers will be announced (and telling their communities) around then as well, so if you

Want your name? Get it FAST! Today's teaser will be coming out later this afternoon (PT)

Teaser #6 - Gunslinger & Tamer

10 July 2019 (22:43) by Gamemaster Ninja

New Classes - Gunslinger & Tamer 
On release of our new season & expansion, 2 new classes will be available on EU & NA. The first of the two, is..

The Tamer

The Tamer is a long ranged variable class that wields bows, while letting their pet of choice do their work. The Tamer can have one pet out at a time, choosing between a Wolf, Bear, Gorilla and Boar. Each pet has a different strength, the wolf being single target damage, the bear with the ability to taunt & toughen itself against opponents, the Gorilla with area of effect damage, slamming the ground around itself, and the Boar for hemoraging and charging the Tamer's opponents to stun them and slow them down. While having less abilities than most vocations, the Tamer is unique in which each of it's abilities will command their pet to use an ability of the same type.

Tamer's have 4 type's to their abilities, attack, defensive, support and rage. Pet abilities have no cooldowns, but are reliant on The Tamer's ability usage. The Tamer decides what their pet's do and when based on what they choose to do.

The Gunslinger

The Gunslinger is a mid-range dps class that wields dual pistols, while manipulating the battlefield with illusions. While the Gunslinger is able to create illusions of itself to assist in their damage, mimicing the Gunslingers attacks and skew the numbers in their favor, they also have incredibly fast attack capabilities and disengage abilities. 
Here is a VOD where you can watch some game play of both classes by Drumbomb, as well as Me & Him talking about all the class abilities and more in depth about how each work!