Guild: Ticket To Temple

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderDtoo [A. Level: 1290]Noble Guardian (Protector)Online
a Vice-LeaderMemes Mom [A. Level: 339]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (18 days)
a Vice-LeaderNo Name [A. Level: 765]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (1 month)
a Vice-LeaderPang Boom [A. Level: 876]Savage Berserker (Assault)Offline (2 months)
a Vice-LeaderQuited [A. Level: 710]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (17 days)
a MemberAbelone [A. Level: 772]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (15 days)
a MemberAcid [A. Level: 799]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (1 month)
a MemberArchlord [A. Level: 702]Noble Guardian (Protector)Offline (24 days)
a MemberBen Dover [A. Level: 657]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 month)
a MemberFreya [A. Level: 652]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (1 day)
a MemberGodlike [A. Level: 781]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 month)
a MemberHajteer [A. Level: 841]Sinister Rogue (Shadow)Offline (1 month)
a MemberJiren [A. Level: 1000]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberLiann [A. Level: 262]Enlightened Monk (Spiritmaster)Offline (7 days)
a MemberLiyan [A. Level: 238]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 month)
a MemberLoled [A. Level: 870]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (4 days)
a MemberLolman [A. Level: 1045]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (10 days)
a MemberMatisick [A. Level: 763]Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (1 month)
a MemberMazanga [A. Level: 499]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberNitian Erxing [A. Level: 601]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (2 months)
a MemberPleb [A. Level: 958]Enlightened Monk (Brawler)Offline (1 day)
a MemberPumbaa [A. Level: 750]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (2 months)
a MemberSmelly Mercy [A. Level: 1067]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (7 days)
a MemberSuspekt [A. Level: 815]Master Sorcerer (Pyromancer)Offline (1 month)
a MemberSzczelec [A. Level: 1019]Master Sorcerer (Thunderlord)Offline (1 month)
a MemberTroke Smees [A. Level: 638]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (12 days)
a MemberZeze [A. Level: 734]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (1 month)
a MemberZhurk [A. Level: 738]Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (2 months)
a MemberZiore [A. Level: 724]Noble Guardian (Protector)Offline (10 days)