Guild: The Misfits

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderNapto [A. Level: 334]Enlightened Monk (Spiritmaster)Offline (20 hours)
a MemberAntrance [A. Level: 0] (member)BerserkerOffline (11 hours)
a MemberDa Lila [A. Level: 219] (member)Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Online
a MemberDobry Blant [A. Level: 93] (member)Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (13 days)
a MemberGoddly [A. Level: 274] (member)Demonic Necromancer (Demonic)Offline (15 hours)
a MemberInsan Lalila [Level: 1066]BerserkerOffline (4 days)
a MemberKing Mark [A. Level: 187] (member)Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (8 hours)
a MemberLalila [Level: 1005]BerserkerOffline (4 days)
a MemberWibbly Woobly [A. Level: 321]Plundering Corsair (Demolitionist)Offline (5 days)

Invited characters