Guild: Laughing Coffin

«Laughing Coffin» (笑う棺桶), frequently abbreviated as LaughCof (ラフコフ), is an infamous Player Killing orange guild, but due to the intensity of their Player killing activity, are dubbed by the players as a red guild

Rank: Name: Vocation: Status:
  Player KillerLeoh [A. Level: 1074]Enlightened Monk (Spiritmaster)Offline (4 days)
 Player KillerXa Xa [A. Level: 813] (Mestre Splinter)Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (2 months)
Player KillerBola [A. Level: 62] (member)CorsairOffline (1 month)
Player KillerBriigadeirao [A. Level: 310] (member)Enlightened Monk (Brawler)Offline (18 days)
Player KillerChaos Lyx [A. Level: 963] (member)Noble Guardian (Protector)Offline (21 days)
Player KillerFreakaholics [A. Level: 1013] (member)Savage Berserker (Rage)Offline (2 months)
Player KillerHarlequinn [A. Level: 100] (member)Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (3 months)
Player KillerLink Fin [A. Level: 524] (member)Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (21 days)
Player KillerNo Fingers [A. Level: 136] (member)Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (2 months)
Player KillerPolly Archer [A. Level: 260] (member)Exalted Archer (Flurry)Offline (3 months)
Player KillerRumplestilskin [A. Level: 741] (member)Songwriting Bard (Spellsinger)Offline (21 days)
Player KillerSlow Fynger [A. Level: 465] (member)Elder Druid (Shaman)Offline (21 days)