25% Off, Heirloom Points & Acc

08 November 2018 (22:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

All Donations on Archlight NA & EU will be 25% off!

This will last from November 10th > November 17th 10:00am PST! 

Heirloom Points & Account Linking Explained
We are excited to announce our Heirloom Point System as well as future Account Linking! 

In the near future, we will be adding a way for everyone to "Link" their NA account to their EU account, or vice version. What this will do is SHARE your heirloom points & heirloom rewards from one server to the other to enjoy from both accounts! Please note: these are two seperate pools of Heirloom Points! If you spend points on one server, it wont prohibit you from spending those points on the other! You can spend the equal amount on both, as well as earn Heirloom Points on both!
Heirloom Points will in no way be able to be purchased or obtained via donating, now, or ever in the future.

How do I get Heirloom Points?
At the end of a Season on Archlight, our way of rewarding those for their progress, giving them an edge in the future, is through Heirloom Points. You receive 1 Heirloom Point at the end of a Season for each Achievement Point you obtained during that season! (Reminder, you will also receive Achievement Points based on your Awakening Level & Power as well near the end of a Season). So if you have 300 Achievement Points, you will receive 300 Heirloom Points to your NA & EU account!

Heirloom Progress Rewards!
Heirloom Progress Rewards are our new progression based reward system! These will be rewards that you will unlock based on the amount of Heirloom Points you have projected to earn. This means YES, you will receive Heirloom Rewards DURING a season based on your Achievement Points! Heirloom Rewards will be Season & Server Specific! And all exclusive! Meaning you can only unlock them on that Server & Season, and not again in future seasons through Heirloom Rewards! All Heirloom Rewards will be available on BOTH your EU & NA account if they are linked! Meaning you can enjoy the rewards on both your accounts! These rewards are not purchased with Heirloom Points, they are obtained automatically once you meet their requirement of Achievement Points!

Archlight North America will have Nation Wings as a 500 Achievement Point Reward! While this may seem tough to obtain to some, remember, you will also receive Achievement Points based on your awakening level & power! Once achieving this, you will receive an item that can be used to pick your wings of choice! While we currently are showing off only 4 country wings, more will be made to include other popular countries that play Archlight!

Other rewards will remain hidden for the time being ;) 

500 Achievement Points

750 Achievement Points

1000 Achievement Points

Other than Heirloom Rewards, what else can you get with Heirloom Points!?
Heirloom Points will allow you to access 11 Heirloom Mounts, 13 Heirloom Outfits, 6 Pairs of Wings, Random Character Enhancers (Stat Stones, Legendary Soils, etc), as *New* Heirloom Perks!

Heirloom Perks will be perks you can buy that will benefit your character for an entire season! These will be available the minute a new season starts for you to enjoy! Heirloom Perks will be random, however their benefit is very valuable. While you will only be able to have 1 of each individual perk on a character, you can have multiple perks! Perks will not be tradable, same as any Heirloom Point Rewards, this is to prohibit abuse with MC's throughout a Season. If you receive a perk you already have, you WILL be able to reroll it for one you dont have! :)
A few examples of some of the more basic Heirloom Perks below, however we will have unique ones being added as well ;) Again, these perks will benefit your character for the entirety of a Season.

**All Numbers Subject To Change**
+7.5% Faster Dungeon Charges
+7.5% Experience
+6% Crafting Exp Bonus
+5% Monster Essence Find
+5% AT Find
+4 to all Stats
+3% Chance for Enchantments to Proc
+3.5% Critical Chance

Single Client For NA & EU!
We are excited to announce that our client will support NA & EU, simply by toggling a button before logging in as shown below! As well, Your character settings will be saved based on that specific character! The new client will be released likely later today otherwise early tomorrow in preparation for Archlight North America Launching in less than 2 days!

Our Entire Wikipedia has been translated to Portugese! Simply select the Portugese translation on the left panel on the wikipedia to read everything in Portugese :)

Creature Balances
Voids, Vexclaws, Dragonlings and Draptors have all had their loot drops lowered by 15%
Aquatics have had their gold drop lowered by 40%
Otherworld Spawns have had their density lowered by 15%

Map Fixes
Fixed multiple stair bugs around the map.
Fixed multiple locations where tiles made you "invisible" due to having too many tile sets ontop of eachother.
Fixed several house bugs in town
Fixed multiple hole locations where players couldn't go up/down properly.
Fixed many house walls that didn't properly save hangable items
Added No-Logout Zone to Heroes Quest
Remove the stacks of poison fields at Eternal Tomb Quest which was causing huge FPS drops for players.
Fixed size of monster arena so players cant avoid creatures
Fixed events that didn't spawn their access portal at the proper location
Removed a few gems that spawned around the map on bootups.

Feat Changes

02 November 2018 (00:03) by Gamemaster Knighter

Feat Changes
Attunement - +4% chance to proc enchantments > 3% chance to proc enchantments


Stoneskin - 2% Resistance > 4% Resistance.
Mana Drain - Regen 0.25% of your mana pool anytime a cast a spell > Regen 0.5% of your mana pool anytime you cast a spell
Cursed Touch - Attacks have a 10% chance to hemorage the target - Damage dealt increased by 300%.
Giantism - +10% Health > +20% Max Base Health
Ancient Knowledge - +10% Mana > +20% Max Base Mana
Fleetfoot - +50% speed for 10 seconds, 3 minutes cooldown  > This can now push you above the max movement speed capp and you also cannot be paralyzed while fleetfoot is active.
Peace of Mind - Regen 2% max mana every 5 seconds > 2% max mana every 2 seconds.
Clarity - Regen 2% max health every 5 seconds > 2% max health every 2 seconds.

Character Reservation!

27 October 2018 (19:41) by Gamemaster Knighter

Account & Character Creation/Reservation are now available on Archlight North America! 
to go directly!

Archlight North America

22 October 2018 (22:14) by Gamemaster Knighter

A New Age of Archlight has begun
Archlight North America will open on November 10th 2018
10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST / 20:00 CEST.

We are extremely excited to announce that will be opening a US East Based Archlight Server in less than 3 weeks time. 

There are many reasons we are finally doing this, something most projects would have done much earlier on, and I wanted to share those primary reasons and why it's exciting for Archlight's long term :)

Also - Our team will be doing a Discord Q&A sometime next week to respond to any questions anyone may have! I'll be posting the date/time for this later this week, anyone who cant make it, i'll be uploading a recording of it as well!

1. A true fresh start & cutting down p2w
For over 2 years now, we have had a massive part of the playerbase, but also potential playerbase, wanting the ability to play on a server that didn't have a majority of the playerbase receiving coins back from previous Seasons. A true even fresh start for everyone across the board. Additionally, we will be cutting out alot of the most deemed p2w stuff from our shop, promotion tokens and living tokens shops. A huge goal of ours is to make the non-spending or minor spending experience much more productive and friendly to players. We have other changes coming as well, however, the current list of store changes you can see down a bit :)

2. Large unsatisfied South American Playerbase
The first and foremost reason we are doing this is due to our very large south american playerbase that we have that currently has crippling ping. This is for not only the current South American playerbase that suffers through the ping, but for the massive market the South American playerbase is, that decided the ping wasn't worth it and never played at all, for years (but much more often over the last 6 months) we've gotten a constant stream of emails from South American's asking us to make atleast a North American server. For you all, your welcome! :")

3. Missed North American Potential Players/Community
We are excited to offer soemthing local to the North American playerbase that previously passed on Archlight due to it being European exclusively. 

4. Growing Archlight 
And finally, as I like to be very transparent when I can with the playerbase, revenue is very important to continueing a project of our size and futher growing it. What started as a fun hobby nearly 4 years ago, has turned into a game that thousands from around the world play & enjoy each and every Season. We have done things that we didn't think we could do, we've been growing unique content at a still growing rate, however, all of that costs money. Opening a North American server, while continueing to maintain and patch together with the European Server, will bring in a large influx of new Archlighters from North America and South America. As our playerbase grows, our community grows, and ultimately the Archlight World grows. 

Set Season Lengths, Alternating Servers, and Server to Server Achievement Points/Heirloom Points
Era's on Archlight, which we will commonly call Seasons now, will now have set 6 month lifetimes. This means that every 6 months a server will start a new Season. When a season ends, players will obtain Heirloom points based on how many Achievement Points they have earned! These Heirloom points can be earned on both Servers, accumulating to one total that can be used on both servers to unlock special outfits, mounts, wings & misc items for your character when a new Season starts. Ultimately, progress on either Server will benefit your progress on the other Server as well! To be clear, Seasons having 6 month time frames applies to EU Archlight as well. EU Archlight will not be resetting until February 2019.

We feel doing set Season lengths will clear up plenty of questions, guesswork, and overall confusion of when a Season is ending, starting new, etc. As well, we feel that this will foster to both types of players we have. For the more short-lived and high intensity player who only enjoys the first 8-12 weeks, they have the ability to play the start of a Season, every 3 months, rather than only every 6, as well as unlocking achievement points at a 2x rate. For the longer lived player, who prefers to complete everything and anything he can do, and fully max out his character, or simply enjoy all of the endgame, they will be able to enjoy that character for 6 months without a wipe. 
We are also happy to say we will now be making exclusive Achievement Point cosmetics that players can UNLOCK rather than purchase with heirloom points, by achieving certain tiers of Achievement Points in any season they will automatically unlock these exclusives. More details to come on this. 
To read more about how Heirloom points work, read at the bottom of this post.

Ping Improvements!

After running some tests, we found the following ping results, which will excite NA & SA players the same, while being extremely managable for EU players.
Ping times to Host from location;
Washington, D.C. > Host - 11ms (Currently to Eu Server 100+ms)
Brazil > Host - 121ms (Currently to EU Server 200+ms)
Sweden > Host - 93ms 

P2W's Removed & Shop Changes

The Following Items have been removed from the Point Shop
Profession Crates
Upgrade Stones
Skill Potions
Coins Dolls (Because you can simply transfer coins instead)

All of these items have been removed from the game for US Archlight
All Skill Buff Effects
Yalahari Figurine

Elven Brooch
Black Pit Demon
Valentine's Buff
Anniversary Backpack
Golden Hyena Amulet
Sweetheart Ring
Moon Backpack
Heart Backpack
Inspiring Light
Refreshing Ring

The Following Items have been removed from the Living Token Shop for US Archlight
Green, Blue, Red, Pink Orb Aura's all removed
Sheep Outfit
Reaping Amulets
Oblation Amulets
Anniversary Companion

Character Boosts Removed From Shop
At first we really liked the concept of the Character Boosts, we felt it was a great middle ground addition to the store, however with more thought, we currently dont like the place that they hold, and feel they dont naturally fit in and thus will be removing them from purchase.

Global Boosts Removed From Shop
While these are not very strong later in a Season, early in a Season/Launch, these are very powerful for giving a group of players an edge, because of this we will be removing them from US Archlight.

Celebrating US Server Launch
To celebrate the first week of our North American Server Opening, the entire shop will be 25% off on the North American Server & the European Server!

2x Referral Rewards!
Additionally, for our first week, all Referral Rewards will be DOUBLED! Want to recruit a buddy to play Archlight? Earn Free Archlight Coins for each friend's progress and support to Archlight! The more friends you refer, the more Free Coins you can earn! These are coins that are account bound & you will receive back in any Season!

Multiple Large Online Personalities Hyped & Playing Archlight US!
Several Larger US/SA streamers and youtubers will be playing Archlight US on it's Launch. We will be announcing/teasing about these personalities on our website in the week leading up to Launch, but we cannot wait to see the influence and reach they provide to the new age of Archlight!

How Heirloom Points Will Work 
(Copied from a past post - if you already know, you can skip this)

Achievement Points will be the major indicator of a players progress moving forward for any End-Of-Season Account Rewards. At the end of a Season, Achievement Points will become account bound Heirloom Points. These Heirloom Points will simply replace the past confusion of Legacy Crystals - In which players earned them from donating, as well from progressing in past eras. We are simply splitting the two, so it's more clear which comes from which. Legacy Crystals will continue to come from donating, and Heirloom Points will be rewarded based on your Achievement Points (1:1) at the end of a season, in which players can spend those in the event of a New Season for a Head-Start Boost & Buy some Limited Cosmetics only buyable with Heirloom Points. 
Heirloom Points shop will be setup virtually identical to the Legacy Shop in terms of offers, however will have a few more additional unique offers including exclusive outfits, mounts, wings, companions and more!
Legacy Crystals - Earned from reaching new legacy tiers when donating to support Archlight
Heirloom Points - Obtained 1:1 based on your Achievement Points at the end of a season. 50% of these points will remain on your account forever, adding up every season of Archlight you play, giving you a unique edge the longer your history on Archlight.
Achievement Points - Obtained by completing Achievements
Please note; the existing achievements players have earned, and the ability to earn them, will remain until a new season occurs

US Archlight Patch Notes & Changes

Max Upgrade Changes!

The Max Upgrade on Armors and Weapons will now be +40.
Upgrade tiers will now be;
Upgrade Stones: 1-10
Legendary Stones:11-20
Awakening Stones 25-40
Soul Runes will now max at +20
Soul Stones: 1-15
Awakened Soul Stones: 13-20

PvP/PvP-E Changes!
Now, if you die within 10 seconds of taking player damage to a creature, it will still count as a PvP Death. This is so players can no longer purposfully die to a creature to avoid the PvP death penalty.
Increase exp lost from player kill death by 3x.
Increase exp lost from player kill when you have a white skull by 3x.
Increase exp lost from player kill when you have a red skull by 5x.
Increase exp lost from player kill when you have a black skull by 7x
Since Archlight is PvP-E, the experience gained will also be multiplied by the amounts above.

Frag Removers have been added back! 

A Frag Remover will remove 10 frags (If you have a black skull with 15 frags, you would drop to 5 frags and your skull would be removed.)
However, you can only use 1 Frag Remover per 23 hours.

Store Outfits & Mounts Obtainable In-Game!
On US Archlight, all mounts and outfits from the store will be obtainable in-game for 10 (outfits) or 12 (mounts) Minor Cosmetic Tokens. 
These tokens will be obtained via Siege Wars as well as World Boss Raids.
Our goal is that an average player can obtain 1 free store outfit or mount per week from average participation in siege wars / some raids. These will be additional/extra rewards to the already standard Siege and Raid rewards :)

Class Balances
Health Gained Per Level
Corsairs; 85 > 90
Rogues & Monks; 75 > 80
Archers & Necromancers; 65 > 70

Necromancer Buffs
Death Wave damage increased by 20%
Mind Seizure Range increased from 3 > 6

Marketplace Added Back & Revamped!
The new and improved Marketplace will be available to all players at the start of the US Server opening. It will include the ability to post/buy items for Archlight Tokens & Gold. Many uneeded buttons (Voc requirement, level, etc) all removed to clean up the UI. Several categories have been replaced to include relevant Archlight Items.

Casino Max Bets Lowered!
We understand that the Casino was a love/hate to most, many loved it as a great way to burn time while hanging out or waiting on someone, others hated that they felt some people would get lucky with really big bets and get a big boost. So to address this, we have lowered the max bet for all Casino games to about 1/10th and 1/20th. 
Max Bet changed from 10 Black Chips, to 1 Black Chip for Blackjack & Dicer.
Max Bet changed from 10 Black Chips, to 50 Blue Chips for Roulette & Slots.
AT Betting in Casino disabled for first month.

Outfit/Mount/Wing Bonuses Lowered!

We feel the amount of health/mana and skills gained from the accesory bonuses was and is too high. Our bigger concern is lowering the Health, Mana and Skill Gained by shop tiers of outfits/mounts, rather than in-game obtained ones. They will be lowered accordingly to below.

Skill Buff Values Based on Tier
Tier 1 - 2 
Tier 2 - 4 
Tier 3 - 8 
Tier 4 - 15
Tier 1 - 2 
Tier 2 - 4 
Tier 3 - 6 
Tier 4 - 10

Health and Mana % Values Based on Tier
Before (Addons / Mounts / Wings)
Tier 1 - 0.25 / 0.25 / 1.00
Tier 2 - 0.75 / 0.75 / 1.50
Tier 3 - 1.50 / 1.50 / 2.00 
Tier 4 - 3.00 / NA / 2.50
After (Addons / Mounts / Wings)
Tier 1 - 0.20 / 0.20 / 0.5
Tier 2 - 0.50 / 0.50 / 0.75
Tier 3 - 1.00 / 1.00 / 1.25
Tier 4 - 2.50 / NA / 2.00

Legendary Quest will now give Three Quest Boxes! 

We feel the current repeating reward is simply not worth the time for the Quest. We feel this will further encourage repeat runs of this Quest, helping people who are stuck finding a group later into Era's for this Quest.

Community Poll!

16 October 2018 (18:44) by Gamemaster Knighter

Community Poll

As a team, we have been giving a new concept a great deal of thought and discussion, and currently, we're somewhat torn, and would like to leave the decision up to the community. Ultimately, we have always been a community project. Many of our major influencers in the direction of Archlight have been from Archlighters themselves. 
What we would like the community to vote on is whether or not seasons (or era's) should have a set time limit like how Path of Exile and Diablo 3 do them. What this means is instead of players guessing and passing (often false rumours) of new Era's/Seasons, there would be a set duration that would be public knowledge and available to everyone.
The truth of the matter is, "New Era" rumours become a snowball in themselves. What we mean by that is, often we will be 2-3 months into a Season, and 1-2 people will say "NEW ERA!?", despite our player activity being at an exceptional high... however, 1-2 people saying this, generally will spread to 4-5 saying it, until ultimately, 10% of the playerbase is spamming it and new players have no idea what to think and we have to 10 times a day say that we have no current plans on a new Era. Ultimately these often have shortened Era's by a large margin, as suddenly once everyone is saying it many returning or new players will simply stop playing until this false timedated New Era actually comes, often waiting 1-2 months longer than they expected based on player spam.

This lead to a vicious circle where these things are exceptionally accelerated, and we believe a better route to take would start time-dating Eras but further rewarding Era progression. As many of you have seen, we have made a massive change in the way Era progress is measured with Achievement Points (now tracking dozens of progression factors, as well still Awakening Level and Power, rather than simply those factors & profession skills).

We would like to further improve the way players are rewarding for their progress, forever to their account. We already have mentioned we are doing this forward, that every Era/Season you play, you're account will permanently have special perks and cosmetics based on that, similar to Diablo 3 and POE. We will also be further diving into the Heirloom Points hall of fame, tracking the most influencial Archlighters in history, rather than just Season to Season. We have several plans on how to further reward players on their progress, and a detailed list will come in the future.

So now we want to hear from you guys, would you prefer us doing -
You can cast your vote by clicking here.

1. Set 6 month Seasons/Eras, as well as further rewarding player progress Era to Era
2. Continuing to use a random time frame based on our discretion and decision instead of a set time frame.

Patch 14.1.1

05 October 2018 (05:21) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch 14.1.1 

Character Boost Coupon
In the past, we have mentioned our intent to stay away from Bundles in the future, despite the purpose of these bundles generally being for newer players/weaker players to have a quick catchup to be relevant and enjoy later game content, it generally ends up being a further power spike for top tier players as well. 
Thus we are introducing Character Boost Coupons instead :)
Character Boost Coupons will be 99.99 in the ArchShop, and will allow a player, whether current or new, to boost their character up to a relevant strength, and quickly dive into the later content and skipping most of the early catchup content. 
A character boost coupon will include a long list of catchup coupons, including the following;
(You will receive everything listed below from a Character Boost Coupon)

1 Awakening Boost to 650 Coupon
1 Primary Skill to 140 Coupon
1 Instant 50 Gathering Profession Coupon
1 Instant 50 Crafting Profession Coupon
8 Instant +90 Stat Coupons (To get 8 stats to +90)
Quest Progress Unlocked up to & Including Legendary Spell
500 OW Reputation
500 Forgotten Island Rep

Iceforged Set - Pick Your Voc
Refreshing Amulet
Prismatic Ring
6x Instant +25 Upgrade Coupons (To get your weapons, and armor set to +25)
6x Instant Regrade 4 Coupons
4x 6 Charged Gems of your choosing Coupons (Total of 24 gems)

1 Vocation Change Scroll
1 Instant +10 T3 Rune Coupon
1 Instant +13 T1 Soul Rune Coupon
7Trials (T3) Rune
4 Goldencrafted Shards (You will not be able to obtain goldencrafted shards from the quest boxes after this)

5 Free Outfits of your choosing Coupon (Does not include Cosmetic Token Outfits or Limited Editions)
5 Free Mounts of your choosing Coupon (Does not include Cosmetic Token Mounts or Limited Editions)

We are actively looking at unique new ways to introduce ways to further support and fund our production and development on Archlight, while also keeping the balance as close as we can. This idea was inspired by Character Boosts in WoW, which we tried to closely mimic, we feel this not only will be a nice available boost for newer/weaker players, but also it will only further increase our later game community and relevancy and further benefitting all player groups of Archlight. These will never be available early on an Era, we will follow a similar model of how WoW introduces their character boosts to ensure late game players are not devalued for their progress.
Like any other donation, every dollar spent on these will be refunded as points + promotion tokens + cosmetic tokens (5 promotion tokens, 1 cosmetic token per).
Yes you can purchase these for a friend from your account, and simply give them the coupon ingame, however the points, promotion tokens and cosmetic tokens will be refunded to the account that purchased the coupon.

Achievement Points Perks Shop Open
Includes ability to purchase +monster essence find, +all stats, +speed, +exp, +token and more!

New PvP Event & Siege Event Player Scaling
(Giving weaker players a better chance during these events)
Characters will now scale health, mana and equipment upgrades, as well as Stats.

Solo Dungeon Scaling Changes
Solo Dungeons now scale more accurately at higher power tiers, making them less of a snoozefest and more interactive - we will be continuing to slightly tune this moving forward.

The categories 'Players' & 'Guilds' have both received a new subcategory called 'Achievements'

Information Panel
Attack Speed, Health & Mana Regeneration

- The ring slot has moved back to its original location

Gold Bless
Added bank support

Added bank support (for crystal coin offers)
Extra health & mana from equipment
More consistent distribution upon login compared to before (no need to de-equip for best result)

NPC Trade
Fixed an issue where players with a lot of money were unable to purchase anything from shops

Auto Attacks
Smoother transition to next attack after boost vanishes

Fixed an issue that occurred for first-time crafters

Misc Changes
Ancient Stat Stones added to Forgotten Gold Shop.

Mana and Health Regen added to Character Information Panel
Magic Walls & Wild Growths disabled in World Bosses (to prevent people from griefing in these events)
Defense disabled and removed from weapons (this will visually only show up when your weapon is upgraded from it's current upgrade rank, however all defenses have been disabled). This is due to the rampant scaling on weapons, ruining creature auto attack mechanics (making many creatures below X damage hit 0 any attack).
Active Guild Perks now display.
Search Function added to House Auction UI so it's easier to find a specific house if you've located it ingame

Class Balances

Archers Auto-Attack Damage Lowered by 27.5%.
Exura San Awakening Enhancement Buffed by - 33%.
Archers Grace - Buffed by 300% stronger, Cooldown Increased from 14s > 17s.

First Ban Wave

30 September 2018 (22:25) by Gamemaster Knighter

We just put through our first full "Ban Wave". 64 Accounts have been permanently banned from Archlight for Buying or Selling in-game items / points for Real life money, or any currency off of Archlight. These were all tracked through logs over the past couple weeks, many times we will catch players real time, but now we have the ability to look back and catch people retroactively as well. Roughly 50 of these accounts were from the same player, attempting to split the items over many accounts, unfortunately for them it's easy for us to track this now.

Over $2000 of value of points as well as MANY items were seized on these accounts. Please understand, generally what these scammers will do is donate when they find a buyer, and offer to either sell the points cheaper, or buy items and sell them with the points, ultimately knowing that when the Era ends, they keep that money, and get ALL of their points back that they donated for. This is why we STRICTLY PROHIBIT buying/selling of items/points for real life items. It's very sad the lengths some will do to scam a few less educated people. 

Heaven & Hell Limited Editions

29 September 2018 (20:51) by Gamemaster Knighter

Heaven & Hell Limited Edition Outfits

From now, until all limited edition outfits run out, players will receive Faith Tokens, instead of Cosmetic Tokens, which can be used to purchase any of 2 Limited Editions outfits (as well as Male or Female). Each outfit is 2 Faith Tokens.

For those who dont know how limited editions work, after purchase, these limited editions are stored on your MyAccount Panel, forever, and will be given back to you in the event of any future new era's. 

Each outfit is only available for the first 20 people to purchase them, at which time they will never be available again.

Both outfits will passively reward the player with;
+50% Artifact Experience Earned (From any source that provides Artifact Experience) (Applies for both Factions)
+1.5% Hp/MP
+5 Skill Value