New Content

20 March 2019 (23:12) by Gamemaster Knighter

We are preparing the largest content expansion we have ever done (but a 2-3x margin as well). This will also have many reworks to issues/systems players dislike as well including pvp & quest griefing. To manage expectations, this isn't coming in the next week or two. But we will be working round the clock (quite literally 12-16 hours a day 7 days a week) on this. We will be continuing to drop teasers throughout the process. We are Very excited about this.

Patch Notes

19 March 2019 (19:50) by Gamemaster Knighter

This Patch includes catchup mechanics for: Catch-Up Experience to 66% of the Highest Awakening Level & Catch-Up Pouches by completing dungeons, these catch-up pouches will include catch-up upgrade stones (For Weapons & Armors), catch-up stat stones (For Stats) & catch-up Rune/Soul Soils (For Rune Emblems & Soul Runes).

Patch Notes

07 March 2019 (00:13) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes
Coming March 8th

Furniture Improvements
You can now view an item's unique buff when you look at it

You can now view an item's cooldown when you look at it (applies to all items that uses a cooldown system)
You may only refill your solo/greater dungeon charges twice a day
You are no longer able to stack gold/essence find buffs

Corpse Ownership Improvements

There has been some discussions about whether the corpse owner system is flawed or not due to there being scenarios where a single player can become the owner of corpse if he/or she deals more damage than members from a party (individually).

The damage from each party member will combine with the leader's which in turn will increase the chances of your party becoming the corpse owner.

Misc Fixes
Fixed an issue where it didn't inflict as much damage as it were supposed to do

Minor fixes in regards to IP and Guild checks to better eliminate possible abuse

Fixed an issue where it didn't work particularly well (i.e. wearing soulhunter backpack)

You should no longer be receiving vocation rewards for advancing in a skill
Otherworld Lord

Fixed an issue where their illusionist summons contributed to your task kill(s)

Attack Spell Cooldown boost now applies for Soul Runes as well

Added better randomization logic to avoid multiple runs of same rift 

Many miscellaneous fixes


New smoother and more consistent walk/idle animations (you can view before/after in the discord announcement)
Minor fixes to idle state (i.e. fire elemental's are animated when standing still)
Some fixes to Emoji's

Patch Notes

04 March 2019 (00:20) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes
March 3rd

8 New House Decorations Added To Living Token NPC
These are all Exclusive Items, meaning you will receive them back automatically every Season.
All House Decorations are 4 Living Tokens each.

All furnitures do the exact same thing, the choice is simply cosmetic. 
All furnitures will allow the user, when unwrapped, to select one of the following buffs, this furniture will only provide this buff once the buff is selected. Different furnitures can have different buffs based on which you select to give it. The following buffs are available for selection.

1. Gain 4 solo dungeon charges - 20 hour Cooldown
2. Gain 4 greater dungeon charges- 20 hour Cooldown
3. +10 in a stat for duration of 23 hour Cooldown (Can only receive this buff three times total but unique to each stat)
4. +10% essence find - 23 hour Cooldown
5. +15% gold - 23 hour Cooldown
6. +12 hours stamina 20 hour Cooldown (Can not exceed 36 hours of total Stamina)

Misc patch Notes
Fixed modal logic (Mount/Outfit Items should not be removed if you have all mounts/outfits)

Wild Growth duration lowered from 40s > 30s
Cooldown on Wild Growth increased from 2s > 5s

Patch Notes

24 February 2019 (21:47) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes
Coming Soon - 26th or 28th

Dungeon Rework
Creatures in dungeons will no longer give experience. Clearing Dungeon Creatures however will contribute to the total experience rewarded for completing a Dungeon. If you kill no creatures in a dungeon, the chest will yield 0 experience. If you clear all of them, it will yield the full amount possible of experience. The Total Experience given from dungeon chests has been increased dramatically. 

Randomized Event Schedule
Every 2 hours instead of a set event, a random event will occur instead. This is so that no matter your time schedule, you can participate in any event type. The same event will not happen within 5 events of another. Upcoming event will be displayed still.

Ability To Test Your DPS while Training
Training Knights have been reskinned & renamed. They will now display your DPS when using them.

Pits Inferno Boss Nerf
Pits Inferno Boss will now only spawn a copy 25% as often. Additionally, clones will become weaker as he becomes weaker.

 Creatures will re-spawn instantly upon entering a dungeon

 Bosses with threat bar will select a new target if the "taunter" if it's unable to reach it (either by walking or with its spells)

 Summons will be created upon caster's position (too avoid magic wall removal)
Hemorage damage fixes
Hemorage will stack with Cursed Touch
Fixed Clay Rod (fishing bonus)
Fixed fire AoE for monks (after absorbing their fire-elemental summon) that were attacking players with mana shield

Magic Walls & Wild Growths Changed now have their own global cooldown, and so can be used at the same time as attack spells

Healing Runes can now be recharged without having to wait for 0 charges.

All Soul Runes will now be on their own Global Cooldown and wont interfere with other spells.

Summons will no longer randomly walk through players and objects.

 Miscellaneous Fixes & Improvements (Modal Dialog, Battle List, and Loot Chest)

Class Balances
Flask of Rum & Bottle of Rum Healing Lowered by 18%.
Necromancer shadowfiends are now on a 4 seconds cooldown

Quick Poll

21 February 2019 (04:54) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes

19 February 2019 (22:01) by Gamemaster Knighter

Patch Notes February 20th
  - Merged a public contribution to the Market System (mainly Offer History)
  - Fixed an issue where hotkeys and chat wouldn't fully load because the battle list module were disabled
  - Disabled underground colorization since people complained about the ambient light setting
  - Awakening Level will now be sent to the guild window

Guild window
- Allowing closing the window with the escape button

- Ability to kick yourself out of your guild (to leave the guild) from the guild window
- Fix the issue of guild icon not being shown properly

- Fixed hotkeys not properly saving

- Fixed where certain shortcuts didn't work (numpads, bot window)
- Fixed where the keystrokes registered multiple times to cause the player to be kicked out of the game
- Stability improvements

  - Progress Tokens will now properly work  
  - Fixed energy regeneration (identifier issue)

  - Fixed a regeneration issue (force life enchant to reset ticks)
  - Solo & Greater charges that are bought with boost points will be spent instantly when you purchase a charge while being inside a dungeon already (only if you aren't entitled to retrieve reward from the available chest(s))
  - Heirloom Crates are now properly soulbound
  - Moved the application of equipment bonuses after your other bonuses upon logging in, this generally leads to less health/mana for your character but an accurate representation of what you should have had from the beginning.

Class Balances
Monk Changes
- Water Spirit Attack Speed changed from 25/30/35/40% to 15/20/25/30%
- Fire Spirit Aoe changed from 15/25/35/50% to 25/35/45/55%

Berserker Changes
- Relentless Rage cooldown changed from 8 seconds to 10 seconds.

- Fleshfiends healing nerfed by 15%~
- Shadowfiends Damage buffed by 15%~
- Underling buffed by 10%~
- Underling will now stack on the target before exploding.
- Shadowfiends are now able to crit based on the casters precision stat
- Fleshfiends have a 10 second cooldown between each summon
- Necromancer soul runes previous change reverted but damage buffed by 30%
- Unholy Shackles paralyze duration buffed from 1 second to 2.5 seconds
- Doomlords healing nerfed by 15%~
- Ravenous Fiends Damage buffed by 5% aoe buffed by 10%
- Ravenous Fiends will shoot slightly faster and more consistently however their hp has been nerfed by 10%~
- Witchs Hourglass buffed by 25% but cooldown increased by 2.5 seconds.
- Fixed Mind Seizure paralyze

- Soothing Darkness buffed by 25%~ (To match archers healing but be a bit stronger)
- Crimson Vial buffed by 110% (To match archers grace) Cooldown increased by 2 seconds (14 > 16)
- Fan of Knives Bleeding (awakened DoT) buffed by 85%~
- Fixed the Rigged Dagger dealing less damage than the assassin dagger.

- Fixed the forgemaster gun not using cards
- Bottle of Rum buffed by 90%, cooldown increased by 2 seconds (14 > 16)
- Flask of Rum buffed by 32%

- Hemorage damage readjusted from Player power * 2.5/5/7.5 to player power * 1.75/3/5

- Cursed Touch damage readjusted from Player Power * 3 to Player Power * 2

- Changed weight of most heavy items such as archlight loot crates or cooking ingredients.

Fixed the ability to throw magic walls and wild growths simultaneously


15 February 2019 (10:32) by Gamemaster Knighter

European Doorbusters

Limited Editions / Exclusive Products are registered to the account forever and given back to those who buy them automatically at the start of every Season.

These below are all Cross-Server Limited Editions, meaning you will obtain them on BOTH our European & North American Server by only purchasing them once.

There is a limited supply of 25 of each of these.

They will be available in-game at the Living Token Exchanger, once 25 are gone, they are never available again. If you are unsure if they are still available, simply go to the Living Token Exchanger and check if he has any left, if he does, they are still available! Combo Packs will take from the 25 total of each, so if someone purchases a combo pack, there will be 1 less Flying Dragon Wings, Dragon Knight Outfit, and Bluescale Dragonling Mount available.

Flying Dragon "Wings" - 8 Living Tokens

5 Different Color Sets, however having multiples of these wont give you multiple accessory bonuses
+2.5% Max Health & Max Mana 

Dragon Knight Outfit - 8 Living Tokens

+15 Skill Value

Bluescale Dragonling Mount - 8 Living Tokens

+2.5% Max Health & Max Mana

Dragon Combo - 20 Living Tokens

Receive the Dragon Outfit, Bluescale Dragonling & Your Choice of Flying Dragon "Wings" 

Additionally, we have changed the European Promotion & Living Token Shop to be similar to NA, in where we removed all of the passive skill buffs (valentines, flames, etc) as well as many other things.